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54th Meeting

Report of the Board

Treasurer Report

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Necrology for 1870-1

Madison University

Hamilton Theological Seminary

Courses of Study

General Remarks






Of Board of Baptist Education Society of the State of New York.

1. The Sessions of the Board shall be opened and closed with prayer.

2. The following shall be the Order of Business

1. Reading of the minutes of the last meeting.
2. Reading of the Constitution and By-Laws.
3. Report of the Executive Committee.
4. Report of the Corresponding Secretary. 
5. Report of the Theological Faculty of Instruction.
6. Reports of the Treasurer, Agent, Steward and Accountant.
7. Reports of the Standing and Special Committees.
8. New Business.

3. All Committees shall be nominated by the presiding officer, and the first named on each Committee shall be Chairman thereof.

4. No resolution shall be discussed unless it be moved and seconded; and any resolutions shall be reduced to writing at the request of any member of the Board.

5. Any member desirous of giving his views on any question before the Board, shall rise and address himself to the presiding officer.

6. During the session of the Board, it shall be the duty of each member to devote his undivided attention to the subject upon which it may be deliberating. No member shall leave the room without permission from the presiding officer.

7. At the first meeting, the Board shall appoint an Executive Committee of not less than seven or more than nine, consisting of the President, the Secretaries, the Treasurer and other members of the Board, five of whom shall be a quorum.

8. The Faculty of the Institution shall present, at each stated meeting of the Board, a written report, giving a faithful view of the internal condition and prospects of the Institution in its varied departments.

9. The Corresponding Secretary shall at each stated meeting of the Board, make a written report on the general interests of the Society, and present such subjects for the action of the Board as he may believe its welfare demands.

10. The Treasurer, Agent, Steward and Accountant, shall present written reports of the condition of their individual departments at each stated meeting of the Board.

11. The reports of all committees shall be presented in writing.

12. All orders given by this Board on the Treasury shall be signed by the Recording Secretary.

13. The stated meetings of this Board shall be held in the Society's building at Hamilton on the third Wednesday in June; and on the Monday before the third Wednesday in June.

14. It shall be the duty of the President, or presiding officer, to enjoin the observance of all rules of order in these By-Laws; and no rule shall be suspended, or amendment made in them, but by a vote of the Board.

15. These By-Laws shall be read at each regular meeting of the Board, with the Constitution.

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