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Founded 1819.

Under the Care of the Baptist Education Society of the State of New York.

HISTORY.-This Institution has now entered the second half century of an honored history, and ranks among the oldest Theological Seminaries in the land. Established and sustained by Baptists. It has remained true, alike to the great doctrines held in common by evangelical Christians, and to the distinctive principles of our denomination, and has ever given them an unfaltering, decided expression. The number of its graduates already exceeds six hundred, among whom are many of the most eminent Ministers of Christ in the home and the foreign field.

LOCATION.--Hamilton, located in one of the healthiest and most beautiful regions of Central New York, in the midst of an intelligent and cultivated community, offers to the student the advantages of a quiet and congenial retreat for study, exempted from the interruptions necessarily incident to life in the city; while, by its ample railroad facilities, it is in direct and speedy communication with the great centers of commercial activity. As a chief centre of Ministerial Education, large numbers of young men, in various stages of preparation for the ministry, are always gathered there, giving an elevated tone to the general religious life, and furnishing associations eminently conducive to a high religious culture. Fifteen hundred ministers of the Gospel have gone forth to their work from Hamilton, and over one hundred and twenty ministerial students are now pursuing studies there.

INSTRUCTION.--The names of the officers already given sufficiently guarantee instruction of the highest order, not surpassed in any Seminary of the denomination.

Dr. DODGE, Professor of Christian Theology, indisputably stands in the front rank among Baptist Theologians. Broad and profound learning, and an intimate acquaintance with all modern and most recent phases of theological and scientific speculation pre-eminently fit him for the training of a ministry that shall be fully abreast with the age. His marked originality as a thinker, rare power to state and systemize truth, thorough loyalty to evangelical doctrine, together with a truly catholic spirit of inquiry, render his instructions rich in suggestion, scientific in method, and orthodox without dogmatism. The relation of the Seminary to the University is such that Dr. DODGE's duties as president of the latter do not conflict with full attention to the chair of Theology.

The chair of Ecclesiastical History is ably filled by Dr. BEEBEE, who unites to an unusual degree ripe culture, varied and critical scholarship and eminent ability as a teacher. To powers of keen and discriminating analysis, is added a broad sympathy with the religious movements of the day--qualifications which give the highest value to his instructions in this department, and particularly in the History of Christian Doctrine. Besides special and extensive historical investigations, rare general attainments in the chair of Belles Lettres formerly held by Dr. BEEBEE in the University, find their mature fruit in the duties of his present position.


Dr. HARVEY, Professor of Biblical Interpretation and Pastoral Theology has achieved a success with which the friends of theological education are, familiar. Exact and thorough Hebrew and Greek scholarship, and an extended range of exegetical and critical learning, constitute an unusual adaptation to the work of Biblical Exegesis, while the method of instruction, by the character and amount of original work required, is specially suited to make the Student a scholarly and independent exegete. Mature and successful experience in important fields of the active ministry, and high ideals of ministerial character and duty, give peculiar worth to the lectures in Pastoral Theology.

In conclusion, it may be said that the object of instruction in this Seminary has been, not to impress a common stamp upon the minds of its students, but to secure the best development of individual power, consecrated to Christ. The spirit illustrated and inculcated has been in harmony with the sacredness of the ministerial calling, and with that unselfish devotion to spiritual results which "covets earnestly the best gifts" for the best usefulness.

It is proper to say, in this connection, that the whole system of education at Hamilton, in the University as well as in the Seminary, is under the control of Baptists, the instructors in both belonging to that denomination, and all the influences surrounding the student are such as especially commend the Institution to our churches as a ministerial school, finding its completeness in the Theological Seminary.

COURSE of STUDY.The regular Course of Study is designed for Graduates of Colleges, and others whose attainments may enable them to pursue it with profit. It is completed in two years. It embraces, however, a thorough investigation of all the topics usually pursued in the more extended period, and is compressed within two years only as the result of special advantages provision being made in the University for the study of the elements of Hebrew, and of the Christian Evidences, and the favoring circumstances of the location enabling students to prosecute their work with less interruption. It includes the following departments:

1. BIBLICAL LITERATURE AND INTERPRETATION; Sacred History; Biblical Criticism; Principles of Interpretation; Translation and Interpretation of Select portions of the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures.

2. CHURCH HISTORY, including an examination of the Apostolic, the Patristic, and the Medieval Periods, and the Age of the Reformation, together with the History of the Christian Doctrines.

3. CHRISTIAN THEOLOGY; Lectures, Discussions, Essays on all the Doctrines of Revealed Religion, together with an investigation of Christian Ethics.

4. PASTORAL THEOLOGY; The Christian Church; The Ordinances; Pastoral Duties.

5. HOMILETICS AND PRACTICAL THEOLOGY; Lectures and Recitations on Homiletics; Preparation of Skeletons and Sermons; Delivery of Sermons written and extempore; Analysis of Sermons of distinguished Preachers. The exercises, continued through both years, are designed to afford the student a thorough preparation for the public services of the Sanctuary.

SPECIAL Course.Students, whose age or other circumstances do not permit the completion of the regular course, are admitted to a special course, embracing Sacred History, Interpretation of the English Scriptures, Church History, Systomatic Theology, Pastoral Duties, and Preparation and Delivery of Sermons.

EXAMINATIONS.--Public Examinations are held at the close of each year, conducted in the presence of a Committee appointed by the Board of Trustees, and the favorable report of this committee is, in each case, necessary to graduation. Graduates from Colleges, who have received their first Degree, are entitled, on completing the course in the Seminary, to the degree of A. M., from the University.


ADMISSION.--Students from all Christian denominations are admitted. Candidates for admission are required to furnish letters from their respective churches, either licensing them to preach, or approving of their studying for the ministry. They are also expected to submit to the officers a statement of their Christian experience and call to the ministry.

EXPENSES.--No charge is made for tuition or room rent. Incidental expenses are $9.00 per year. Board in the Hall is $3.00 per week; in clubs it is obtained at a lower rate; and in good private families from $3 to $4.00 per week. Students of approved character and talents may receive aid, if necessary, from the Education Society; it is not intended that any such shall fail of a thorough theological course for want of means to pursue it. Two railroads, the Utica, Clinton & Binghamton, and the New York and Oswego Midland, now connect Hamilton with all points north and south, east and west, and furnish abundant facilities for Sabbath preaching without material interference with studies, by which the student may, to some extent, aid himself. Three other railroads are in process of construction, which, when completed, will still further enlarge these facilities.

CALENDAR.--The year commences on the second Thursday in September, and is divided into three terms, with a holiday recess. The Commencement occurs Tuesday, June 18th, followed by a vacation of twelve weeks.

The Trustees of Hamilton Theological Seminary are resolved that nothing shall be wanting on their part to sustain it at the highest point of thoroughness and efficiency in respect to the character and qualifications of its Professors, the course of study, and the accommodations and facilities for students.

Communications respecting admissions, should be addressed to Rev. E. Dodge, D. D. Those relating to aid may be addressed to REV. H. A. SMITH, Financial and Cor. Sec'y of the N. Y. Baptist Ed. Society.

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