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  The Board cannot appropriate sums beyond what patrons furnish, without involving the Society in debt. They aid-1. By Permanent Scholarships, named after the Donor, unless otherwise directed, and yielding an annual income of $70 or more. 2. By Temporary Scholarships, made by churches or individuals, and secured by the pledge of a responsible person. These are named, unless otherwise directed, after the individual who becomes responsible for their payment. They extend to any time not less than a year, or sufficiently long to aid a student through his course of study. 3. By occasional appropriations as the resources of the Society allow.

  The Donor may nominate a candidate to receive the benefits of his Scholarship in accordance with the rules affecting Beneficiaries.

  The nomination shall be in writing, addressed to the Secretary, of the Board.

APPLICATION.-The candidate shall furnish a certificate from the church to which he belongs, commending him on the ground of his qualifications, of his call to the ministry and dependence on aid. He must have been at least one term a member of the University, and must be regarded by the Faculty as an exemplary Christian and successful student. He must give a written pledge to the Secretary to complete his course at this Institution, unless prevented by a sufficient cause, of which the Faculty are the judges.

  APPROPRIATION.-The Beneficiary at the close of each College term is to receive in cash the income of his Scholarship, or the money appropriated to him, to apply on his tuition and Board. If, however, he is on a temporary Scholarship, he is not entitled to draw more than is actually paid in, nor in any case is he entitled to draw for time that he may be absent from the University.

  CONDITIONS.-The Beneficiary receives money on the condition that he promptly pay it out for his tuition and board, and not for debts or any other purpose. It is on the further condition, that if he should not enter the ministry, or should at any time leave it for a secular employment, be is to refund what he has received, for which he shall give a written pledge to the Secretary. Disregard for the Rules of the Board, failure to keep a fair standing in the class, or any moral obliquity may be forfeiture of the Scholarship, or other appropriations made. The Beneficiary is looked upon as one who in all his college relations should be marked for his consistent piety, punctuality, economy, urbanity and thorough scholarship,

 ?The individual or Church that pledges aid for a student by a temporary Scholarship, or otherwise, will see the importance of prompt payments, as the Treasurer, under the rules of the Board, can pay to the student only what has been actually paid for him, and delay might occasion the student double embarrassment, and oblige him to leave his studies.

 ?Patrons who expect the money paid for students to be acknowledged in the Annual Report, should send their payments through the Treasurer of the Society, and not directly to the student.

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