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 Of the Baptist Education Society of the State of New York. 

ART. 1. The object of this Society shall be to furnish the means of instruction to such young men of the Baptist denomination as shall give to the Churches of which they are members, and to the Faculty of the Institution under the patronage of the Society, satisfactory evidence of their personal piety, and of their call to the Gospel Ministry. 

ART. 2. Any person may become a member of this Society by paying into the Treasury, annually, the sum of one dollar; or a member for life by paying twenty dollars, at any one time, or in four equal annual installments. 

ART. 3. The officers of the Society shall consist of a President, Vice-President, a Corresponding Secretary and a Treasurer. These, with thirty Directors, shall constitute a BOARD of TRUSTEES, who shall be elected at each annual meeting of the Society, seven of whom shall be a quorum. All the members of the Board, and other acting officers, as well as the immediate beneficiaries of the Society, shall be members in good standing of some regular Baptist Church. 

ART. 4. The BOARD OF TRUSTEES shall transact the business of the Society; take charge of its property, fill vacancies in their own body; appoint beneficiaries and necessary Agents; keep a faithful record of their proceedings, and make an annual report of the same to the Society. The Board shall have the especial oversight of the THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY connected with the Madison University; shall direct the course of instruction in this department; secure, as far as practicable, endowments for it; and appoint Professors and Teachers; doing all things in accordance with arrangements authorized by the University Charter and existing between the two Boards. 

ART. 5. The Treasurer shall receive all moneys and other property belonging to the Society, and make investments of the same in the name of the Society, in the safest and most productive forms, under the direction of the Board; shall make payments of money from time to time agreeably to the order of the Board; shall render to the Society, annually, a written account of all the receipts and expenditures within the year; of the amount of its funds and the manner in which they are invested; he shall give to the Board, whenever they request it, a particular account of the state of the treasury, or of any portion of its funds; he shall also give full and ample security to the Beard for the faithful discharge of the duties of his office.
   The Treasurer's accounts, before they are presented to the Society, shall be audited by a committee appointed by the Board for that purpose. 

ART. 6. The Society may appoint a discretionary number of Honorary Vice-Presidents, and any person may become an Honorary Life Director by paying into the treasury the sum of fifty dollars, and shall have a right to sit and deliberate in all meetings of the Board. 

ART. 7. The President, and in his absence, the Vice-President, shall have power, at the request of three Directors, to call special meetings of the Society, by giving due public notice thereof. 

ART. 8. The annual meetings of the Society shall be held at such time and places the Board may direct, unless the Society shall have otherwise determined. 

ART 9. Any alterations may be made in this Constitution at an annual meeting by a vote of three-fourths of the members present, provided that notice shall have been given one year previous.

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