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The Fifty-Fourth Annual Meeting of the Baptist Education Society of the State of New York was held in the Baptist Church, at Hamilton, August 1, 1871, at 3 o'clock P. M.

Society called to order by Vice-President, Rev. J. Smitzer.

Hon. A. R. Fox was chosen Moderator, and Rev. Sam'l T. Hillman, Secretary.

Prayer by Rev. A S. Patton, D.D. The following Committees were appointed:

1st. To nominate Board of Officers. Hon. A. Hubbell, Prof. P. B. Spear, E. D. Reed, A. Pierce, J. C. Ward and J. Smitzer.

2d. To make arrangements for next Anniversary. A. S. Patton, D. G. Corey and L. M. Osborn.

The Treasurer's Report was read by A. Pierce, and adopted.

The Corresponding Secretary, Rev. H. A. Smith, read the Report of the Board, and, after interesting remarks by Rev. J. D. Pope, E. B. Palmer, and L. Moss, D.D., of Pa., was adopted.

The Committee on Nominations reported. Report adopted (See List.)

The Committee on Arrangements for next Annual Meeting reported, whereupon Rev. H. A. Cordo, of N.J., was appointed to preach the next Annual Sermon, and Rev. H. M. Gallaher and Nelson Palmer were appointed to deliver short addresses, to be followed by a free conference on the work of the Education Society.

Adjourned. Prayer by Rev. Dr. Burchard, of N.Y.

SAM'L. T. HILLMAN, Sec'y.          A. R. Fox, Moderator.

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