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(It is intended to publish obituaries yearly under a similar heading. The following was mainly prepared by Rev. B. F. Bronson, D. D., of Southbridge, Mass.)


DR. DAVIS was born in Charlton, Saratoga Co., N. Y., April 23d, 1800. He was reared as an Episcopalian; but when converted, at the age of eighteen, he joined the Baptist Church, in Ogden. In 1823, after a severe struggle on the subject of the ministry, he relinquished flattering business prospects in New York, and came to Hamilton, where he graduated in 1827. He was ordained, and first settled in Bridgewater, N. Y., where he had gathered a Church and preached during his senior year. He married Miss Eliza Healey, of Sennett, Cayuga Co. Subsequently, as missionary of the New York Baptist State Convention, he went to Detroit, Mich., planted the church there, and secured the lots on which the first Baptist Church is built. Returning to New York State, on account of his wife's health, he was pastor in Palmyra, Brockport, Jordan, Cannon St., New York, and Second Rochester. He afterwards settled successively at Columbus, O., New Corydon, Ind., and Rock Island, Ill. Into these Churches he baptized over seven hundred persons. At different times he served the Home Mission Society as Agent and as Dis. Secretary, also the Missionary Union in Ohio. He was several years president of the Board of the Rochester Theological Seminary, also an active member of the Board of Denison University, Ohio. He received from the latter the degree of D. D. He died at Danville, Ill., Aug. 21st, 1870, of bilious intermittent fever, after an illness of seventeen days.


BROTHER Fox was born in Ballston, Saratoga Co., N. Y., Nov. 5th, 1808. He spent two years at Hamilton, in the Partial Course, leaving the Institution from impaired health in 1833. He was ordained at Lacyville, (Braintrim,) Wyoming Co., Pa., in the same year. His other pastorates were Deposit, Gilbertsville, second Guilford, Smithsboro, Spencer, Binghamton and Middletown, N. Y., besides Abington, Pa., where he remained about twelve years. In the spring of 1870, he became pastor at Wilksbarre, Pa., where he died on the 11th of February, 1871, of congestion of the brain. He was a man of large native endowment, a Christian of ripe experience, and a minister of more than ordinary power. He received the honorary A. M. from Lewisburg, in 1858. He married, in 1833, Julia A. Benedict, of Deposit. He baptized over nine hundred, among them all his own children.



BROThER SACKETT was born in Fabius, Onon CO., N. Y., Jan. 8th, 1812. He was converted in 1831, under the labors of Justus Vinton, and entered Hamilton in 1838. On account of bronchitis he left in 1841, and ww, ordained as pastor in Kingsville, Ashtabula Co., Ohio. He was pastor there nine years, one year Fin. Agent of the Ohio Baptist State Convention, three years pastor at Mount Vernon, six years at Lancaster, and at Fredrickton two or three years. In 1862 he became Secretary of the Convention, and Superintendent of Missions, which position, excepting one year's pastorate at Oberlin, he held until his death. While at Clyde, on his mission work, he fell on the sidewalk in an apoplectic spasm, from which he never recovered. He died Dec. 24th, 1870. Among those converted, while he was at Kingsville, were Bros. Knapp and Ward, and Mrs. Hubbel of our Foreign Mission corps.


BROTHER VAN METER was born in Philadelphia, Pa., Sept. 21st, 1824. He graduated at the University of Pennsylvania, and from the Hamilton Theological Seminary, in 1848. He was ordained in Philadelphia, and sailed from Boston, as missionary to Burmah, October 21st, 1848. He was at first connected with the Sandoway Mission, with Messrs. Beecher and Abbott. The mission being removed to Bassein, he and Mr. Abbott went there in 1852. In 1860, his health being impaired, he visited this country. Returning anew to the mission field, he labored with great fidelity and success. His strength again failed, after some years of labor, and he sought its restoration once more in America. Soon after reaching home, and seeing his children once more, he was called to his reward. He died at Mottville, near Skaneateles Lake, at the house of a relative, Mr. H. T. Hooker, Aug. 18th, 1870, aged forty-six.


BROTHER CONYERS was born March 4th, 1812, in Bath Co., Ky. He graduated at Transylvania University, Lexington, Ky., and received the degree of M. D. In 1810, he married Miss Nancy R. McCullough, in Miami Co., Ohio. He practised medicine seven years in Quincy, Ill. In childhood he united with the Methodist Church. In 1843 he united with the Baptist Church, in Quincy, Ill. He felt it his duty to become a preacher, but for a time continued in the medical profession. He was ordained at St. Mary's, Ohio. He was afterwards pastor at Delphos and Zanesville. In 1859 he entered the Hamilton Theological Seminary, and graduated in 1861. He then spent a year in Princeton Theological Seminary. He became pastor in Oneida, Ill., in 1863, and was at the same time pastor in Ontario, four miles distant; afterwards in Berwick, Ill. He then retired to his farm in Oneida, and supplied feeble churches without remuneration. While visiting in Labo, Lafayette Co., Mo., he was taken with typhoid pneumonia and erysipelas, and died Aug. 8th, 1870. He was a man of more than ordinary strength of character.


BROTHER BURDICK was born August 18th, 1835, at Owego, N. Y. Entered the Freshman Class in February, 1857. Graduated with class of 1860, and from Theological Seminary in 1862. Ordained in Watertown, Wis., June, 1863. Entered the army as chaplain to sixty-first regiment N. Y. S. V. At the close of the active campaign of 1864, entered the service of the Christian Commission. Since the war, served as pastor at Camillus and Cooperstown, N. Y., and Millville, N. J. Married in Syracuse, N. Y., April, 1868, Miss S. A. Corey. Failing health compelling him to relinquish his duties, he died in Ithaca, N. Y., May 30th, 1871. In his family and social relations, he was singularly selfforgetting and devoted, and in his ministry was instructive, conscientious and earnest.



BROTHER TUCKER was born in Royalton, Vt., January 30th, 1835. Graduated from the Scientific Course in 1860. Married at Rome, N. Y., August 22d, 1860, Miss Laura Huntington. Settled as pastor at North Bennington, Vermont, in October, 1860, Ordained December 5th. Resigned October, 1865, and settled at Newton Corner, Mass., January, 1866. In October, 1870, his health failed, and he soon after went to Upper Alton, Ill., in hope of relief from change of climate. This expectation proved groundless, and he died April 24th, 1871. He was a man of unassuming manners, of good mind, and of genuine earnestness. He had the universal and unvarying respect of the communities in which he labored, and was a devoted and useful pastor.

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