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Richard E. & Emeline (Day) Buss

Their marriage, births of nine children and the deaths of Richard E. Buss and two of their children were recorded in this bible.

Bible published New York: American Bible Society, 1844





Richard Buss born March 11, 1837

Mary Ann Buss born January 4, 1842

Edward W. F. born July 16, 1843

John H. N. (Norman) Buss born January 21, 1847

Orville George Buss born November 1, 1847

Harriet Elizabeth born March 2, 1852

Mary Jane Buss born Jul 21, 1853

James Caleb Buss born August 5th ,1854

Frederick Buss born Nov 20th, 1856


Richard Buss
Emeline Day
 Married June 17, 1835


Mary Ann Buss died March 2, 1842
Richard E. Buss died Dec 11, 1875
  age 38 years and 9 months

Frederick Buss (on paper found in bible) Age 9 years (assumed to be his age at death)




The Buss family bible is now in the possession of Johnnie Marie Williams Zollinger, daughter-in-law of  Dorothy Mae Arnold (1922 - 1999),
a descendant of Revolutionary War patriot Calvin Arnold and Mayflower passenger John Howland (1591-1673)

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