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Morse Family Prayer Books
Eaton, NY

List: New Testament and Psalms
      - 1866 - 
      Mr. John Moss (Morse?)  writing is very faded

First page      Holy Bible
                Mary E. Moors (Morse?)
                died May 31, 1876
                aged 41 years
Second page     Presented to George (?) Morse - 12 years 1876
                by his Saboth School Superintendent
                S. J. Pierson
Funeral card inserted: 
	3 X 4, shiny, smooth card stock.--Opens like a book. 
	Cover has a double border of gray and black with a picture of an anchor in a hilly field of flowers, with a boat anchor lodged in the ground -- background 
	shows various boats in a harbor and the words 
	'In Memoriam'
Inside page this verse: A sudden change dear friends, upon me fell,
                        I had not time to bid you all farewell.
                        Think nothing strange, death happens unto all
                        My lot's today, tomorrow yours may fall.
                        God calling yet! I cannot stay.
                        My heart I yield without delay.
                        Vain world farewell! from thee I part.
                        The voice of God has reached my heart.
Next page:           In Affectionate Remembrance of
                            Wiliam Bayliss
                    who died at Stonefield June 2nd, 1896
                        In the 72nd year of his age
                          Not lost but gone forever
Back cover:  Plain, just the double border and the tiny print "M 34" in the lower right corner.
No mention of a funeral director or place of burial....... with the front design I take it that his ship (Life) has been anchored.

Additionally, 2 pieces of paper - one looks like it was torn out of a small daily reminder type book 2 1/4 X 3 1/4
	top has date printed out, Sunday, December 9, 1883
Entrys are as follows: Marey E. Moss (?) -- Died May 31 1876 - age 41 yeares
                        W Richard    Walter House - died March the 2
							Age 73 yeares 11(?)mo


New Testament Psalms and hymns   John Morse Jan 9 1911
                                 Chloe Woodard
         second page     Linn Moss
                         Eaton, NY
                         Dec. 25, 1905

Common Prayers    Mary E.  Moors
                  A present to Mary
                  from her sister
                  Elizabeth A. Mather
                  died Dec. 1 1894 age
                  65 y - 10 m - 5 d

Transcribed by Patricia Jaquay
April 21, 2008

1999- All rights reserved.