John Rows and Susannah Boyer Family Bible

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Pickle/Rows Family Bible
[Note: Other spellings of the Rows family name include Rouse, Rowse. Tucked into the bible is a poem by James Rows, father of John Rows, written prior to his arrival in this country.]
Family Records
Marriages                                       Page 1
John Rows was married unto the beautifull daughter of Valentine Boyer by 
name Susannah Boyer on the 3rd day of February 1793

Elijah Rows was married unto the beautifull daughter of Joseph Clock 
by name Margaret Clock on the 17th of June 1818

John Smith was married unto the beautifull daughter of John Rows on the 17th
of Jan. 1818, by name Elizabeth Rows

Peter Pickle was married unto the daughter of John Rows by name Mary 
Rows 11th day of July 1819 

Peter Pickle was married unto the daughter of Lewis Clark by name 
Clarissa A Clark Dec. 6 1846

Births                                           Page 2
John Rows was born May the 27th 1773

Susannah Rows was born Oct. the 3rd 1775 the wife of John Rows

Elijah Rows the son of John Rows was born Jan. 18th 1794
Elizabeth Rows was born Dec. the 4th 1796
Margaret Rows was born Oct. the 6th 1798
John Rows was born Oct. the 6th 1800
Mary Rows was born June the 2nd 1802
Nancy Rows was born July the 19th 1804
Dorris Rows was born (scratched) August the 5th 1806
James Rows was born Oct. the 27th 1808
Caty Rows was born (scratched) July the 23rd 1810
Samuel C Rows was born Sept the 16th 1814

Harriet Pickle was born Feb. 27, 1831
Almira Pickle was born March 25, 1833 Middlesex
George L. Pickle was born Oct 1, 1847
Lucy Ann Pickle was born April 6th 1849 Howard
Abram H. Pickle was born Oct. 15th 1850
Infant Baby born July 9 1852

[Note: the parts identified as scratched are the words of Ethel Cooke. 
The page was divided down the middle with the Rows births on one side 
and the Pickles on the other. This last birth of the Rows (Samuel C) was 
written right at the bottom of the page.]

Births continued                                  Page 3
John Smith was born March the 20th 1798
Elizabeth Smith the wife of John Smith was born Dec. the 4th 1796
Peter Pickle was born May 4, 1799
Mary Pickle was born June 2, 1802
Benjamin Pickle was born Oct 18, 1821
Juliay Pickle was born January 17, 1823 (sic)
Lucinda Pickle was born January 26,1825
Elizabeth Pickle was born September 24, 1826
Henry H. Pickle was born March 27, 1829

Susannah Rows the wife of John Rows departed this life in Niagara 
  on January the 20th 1818
Peter Pickle died February 24th 1870

                                                         Page 4
John Pickle the husband of Magdalina Pickle departed this life 
  in March the 7th 1815
Harriet Pickle departed this life in April 9th, 1833
Mary Pickle departed this life in January 29, 1834 in Middlesex 
  Yates county
Benjamin Pickle the son of P. Pickle departed this life Oct. 6, 1836 
  Howard, Steuben County
George L. Pickle departed this life Aug. 26, 1848 Howard
Infant departed this July 9th 1852
Clarissa Pickle departed this life July the 22nd, 1852 Howard
Elmira Miller departed this life Oct. 5, 1863
Bible provenance: Peter Pickle (1799-1870) was (in his 
father's will) given whatever inheritance there was on the condition 
he care for his mother. He brought his mother from the Palatine area 
of the Mohawk River to Dutch Street, Town of Fremont, Steuben County, 
New York. They came by way of Middlesex, NY, where Peter's wife, Mary (Rows)
Pickle (1802-1836) and their daughter died and were buried in Middlesex, NY. 
The bible then passed to Peter's son, Henry (1829-1894), then Henry's eldest 
daughter, Melissa, then to Melissa's great-nephew, Lyall (1896-1957) in the early 
1930's, and currently is in the possession of Lyall's daughter, Ethel (Pickle) 
Mongiovi Cooke. 
George Pickle and his wife, Barbery, are buried in the Clockville Cemetery. 
[Note: Barbery Pickle's death on 17 Jan 1856, 72 yr is recorded in the 
Kilts Family Bible.]

                                     Ethel (Pickle) Cooke
                                     December 29, 2004

Transcribed by Vernon Rows from handwritten copy of the bible entries provided by Ethel Cooke, Angola, New York. December 16, 2004.

Verses 1-7 are missing. Following are verses 8-23:

The subtile arch combiners adopted The Brittish Court
All 3 were under signers of this obscure reporte
There is a pleasant landscape that looks far away
Beyond the wide Atlantic in America

There is a wealthy people that sojourns in that land
Their churches all with steeples most delicately stand
Their houses like the lilly are painted red and gay
They flourish very gaily in North America

Their land with milk and honey continuously doth flow
The want of food or money they seldom ever know
They heap up golden treasures, they have no debts to pay
They spend their time in pleasures in North America

On turkeys, fowls and fishes most frequently they dine
With gold and silver dishes their tables always shine
They crown their feasts with butter, they eat and rise to play
In silk the ladies flutter in North America

With gold and silver laces they dew themselves adorn
The rubies deck their faces, repulgent as the morn
Wine sparkles in their glasses, they spend each happy day
You have a right to govern this North America

Oh King you've heard the sequil of what we not proscribe
it it not just and equal to tax this wealthy tribe
The question being asked his Majesty did say
My subjects shall be taxed in North America

Invested with my warrent my myridoms shall go
the 10th of all their incomes they shurely shall pay
if they promote rebellion or raise a great bestow
i will make my cannon thunder in North America

i will rally al my forces by water and by land
my light draggons and horsemen shall fly at my command
I will be both land and city, their smoke shall cloud the day
i will show no human pitty in North America

March on my valient soldiers, let fame our bosoms thrill
to watchers on and raggers convey my soverign will
The whigs do tell greate stories but tis as plain as day
that half will turn tories in North America.

My gallant ships ar ready to waft you on the flood
Then in ranks be steddy, oh spill your dearest blood
Go ravage, steal and plunder, ah you shall be the prey
They quickly will knock under in North America

The laws i have enacted i never will revoke
Although they ar neglected my fury to provke
i will for bare to flatter but rul with mighty sway
i will take away their charter in America

Great Geore you ar distracted by sad experience finde
That laws you had enacted ar of the blackest kinde
i'll make a short digression and tell you by the way
We fear not your oppression in America

Our fathers were distressed while in their native land
By tyrants were oppressed as we dew understand
for freedom and religion they resolved to stray
and try the desert regions of North America

Heaven was the sole protector whilst on the roary tide
Kinde fortune their director and providence their guide
if i am not mistaken twas on the 1 of May
this voyage was taken for North America

If i rightly remember this country to explore
they landed in November on Plymouth's dreary shore
The savages were frightened, with fear the fled away
in peace with our fathers settled in this N.A.

We are their bold descendents, for liberty we will fight
Their claim to independence we challenge as our right
Tis what kinde heave gave us, who then can take away
Kinde heaven, too, can save us in North America.
			James Rows

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