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   *ATWELL M. SMITH is a general farmer and dairyman, and is administrator for property of two hundred acres on the line of the towns of Smithfield and Eaton, which he has managed for three years very successfully. He was born in the town of Eaton, October 26, 1863, and has always lived in the town, with the exception of the time he studied at a business college, and a time in Cazenovia, N. Y.
   His grandfather, Joseph Smith, was a hardy tiller of the soil, and died in 1846, when comparatively young. His son, Judson Smith, the father of our subject, was born in the year 1838, and was for twenty years a farmer in the town of Eaton. where he lived. In 1881-82 he commenced business as a hop-dealer and commission merchant, which he has since continued. Mr. Smith is one of a large family of brothers and sisters, several of whom are yet living. His wife was Miss Josephine Wakelee, who was born in Chenango County, New York, but in early life came to Smithfield, Madison County, and here married Mr. Smith. She died November 2, 1892, aged fifty-two. She was known as a devoted wife, a loving mother, and an extremely intelligent woman. Her parents were Atwell and Ellen (Lacy) Wakelee; and both died on the farm they had improved and owned, which is now the property of their grandchildren, Atwell M., our subject, and his brother and sister, Benajah and Loretta, who live with him on the farm. The grand- father died in 1889, aged seventy-nine years, and his wife in 1890, when seventy-six years old. They were good and industrious people loved and respected in their neighborhood. Mr. Wakelee was for many years a large landowner. He was a Democrat, but, while taking a reasonable interest in politics, was not an office-seeker. They had but two children: Mrs. Judson Smith, deceased; and Miss Sarah Wakelee, who is still living, and resides in Morrisville, N. Y.
   Atwell M. Smith is the eldest of the three children born to his parents. He married Miss Lenna Tooke, in the town of Eaton, Madison County. She was born in the town of Smithfield, May 8, 1863, and was reared and educated in Madison County. She is the daughter of Joseph and Salinda (Burroughs) Tooke, who were born in Pratt's Hollow, in the town of Eaton, have always resided there, and are in comfortable circumstances. Mr. Tooke has retired from business, and he and his family live in a beautiful home in one of the handsomest locations of the town. They have: six children, Mrs. Smith, of this notice, being the second in order of birth. Mr. and Mrs. Smith are the happy parents of three children,--Harry W., C. Leslie, and Doris J.
   Although a young man, no one stands higher in the estimation of the people than Mr. Smith. He has carried on his business systematically and successfully, and is among the most prosperous and honored men in his county. He went to work early in life, commencing to farm some time before he became of age; and at the time he attained his majority took charge of the large farm he now manages, conducting its affairs with sound judgment and honesty, for the heirs as well as himself. He is a brilliant, intelligent, and prominent man, takes a keen and absorbing interest in the local affairs of his town, and in his political views is a strong Democrat.

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