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Errors noted in the printing of the Biographical Review of 1894.

Bailey, Asa R. - is listed in the names index as page 667.  There are two slightly different  versions of the Asa R. Bailey biographical sketch -- one on page 229 and the one on page 667 accompanied by a portrait.

Smith, Atwell  M. - is listed in the names index as page 239.  There are two different versions of the Atwell M. Smith biographical sketch--one on page 98 and one on page 239.

Smitzer, Rev. John - death year is listed as 1876. Doug Clark states his death year is 1875 per a copy of the probate of his will in which his wife's nephew, Frank L. Everts, testified on Dec. 13, 1875 that he was familiar with the deceased as well as with his signature.

Thomas, Elias J. - is listed in the names index as page 243.  There are two versions of the Elias J. Thomas sketch --- one on page 243 and another on page 34.

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