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Able (Apr 1779 d. unkn Madison Co, NY) the son of  MD Joseph & Hannah LIVERMORE, both of Brimfield, MA  and Able's son Adelbert (b 8 April d. 16 Feb 1919) Madison Co., NY - will share information. Contact: Edmund Dowling

Arnst, Eugene, born 17 Dec 1867, Eaton, Madison County. Seeking information on all Madison County Arnst family members. Contact: Patricia Arnst

Aylesworth, Jasper, son of Widow Jas. Aylesworth who married Reuben Eddy. Contact: Marilyn Ellsworth-Roman.

Carpenter, George W. - Additional family information: George's brother, Robert J. Carpenter was born on Sep 8 1846. (Sons of Reuben and Hannah (Pennock) Carpenter). Robert died on Apr 9 1865 in Dingle's Mills, South Carolina. Served with the 157th Infantry, Company I, New York State Volunteers, during the American Civil War. He fought in a number of battles in Maryland, Pennsylvania and South Carolina. Was killed in action at a battle at Dingle's Mills, South Carolina. A Regiment Remembered: The 157th NY Volunteers, from the Diary of Capt. William Saxton, lists Carpenter as having died at the battle of Dingle's Mill which took place on 4/9/1865. Dingle's Mill is near Sumter, S.C. The fight was also known as "Sumter". He is possibly buried at the Florence National Cemetery in South Carolina. Contact: Ken Warkentin Website: Our Madison County Families

Eddy, Semun. Seeking information on Reuben Eddy who married Widow Jas. Aylesworth. Contact: Marilyn Ellsworth-Roman.

Ingalls, Conrad - seeking information on mother of Charity Eliza Adle,  Abigail Raymond (b. Vermont circa 1805) who was married abt. 1825 to Conrad Adle of Madison County. Also, Joseph Ingalls (abt. 1745-1786), grandfather of Conrad Ingalls. Contact: Anita Ingalls

Loyster, James A. - have extensive information on descendants of Peter Loyster and Angelina Van Auken.  Contact: Leigh 

Lull - Esther Lull was the daughter of Joseph Lull,  and granddaughter of Old Capt. Timothy Lull of Hartland, Vermont, founding father of that township in 1763. Joseph Lull and his father canoed up the Connecticut River with three of his sisters, mother and father in 1763. Capt. Timothy Lull's first born son was Joseph Lull who married Deberah Beach (Priest) of  Unadilla, NY at Wattles Ferry area. Joseph Lull had two stepsons, Jerusha Priest and Joseph Priest; and three children, Esther Lull from Unadilla, NY, Marcus Scott Lull, and Rev. William Lull. Joseph Lull is my third Great Grandfather. I have the books written by Deborh Beach Lull's grandsons of her story in Otsego during Chief Brant's time and  other stories of this family. If anyone is looking for Lull connections, I have 5,000 of them. Contact: Gary Lull  See the Lull  History Project

Perkins, Edwin and Wilson L. of Madison County.  Contact: Julia Gillett Hendrick

Reed, John C. - descendants of John C. Reed of Reed's Gap, Durham, Middlesex Co., Connecticut and William Reed and his descendants in Madison County.  Contact: Carol Hubbell Boggs

Sadler, George S. - researching Sadler family members. Family History Web Site. Contact: Catherine S. Monticue

Slate, Howard - the 1937 Farm Register has my grandfather listed as Howard Slade in Oriskany Falls instead of Howard Slate. He and Joseph Slate of Madison were brothers. Contact: Kathleen Kicinski

Stringer, William - researching the descendants of William Stringer. Contact Michael Kellogg 

Tackaberry, Nathaniel J. - researching Tackaberrys & Tackaburys. Contact Stace Tackaberry, Breckenridge, Colorado.

Tondeur, Cleon H. - Cleon H. Tondeur is a cousin of my grandfather, Louis Cleon Tondeur. I am trying to determine from which part of Belgium they originated. Contact: Jonathan H. Tondeur, Coburg, Ontario, Canada.


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