First Fifty Years of Cazenovia Seminary


Catalogue Index

Madison County



Clark, Mary Ann, Cazenovia. 1824. Married Francis Parsons, Farmer. Deceased.
Childe, Catharine, Cazenovia. 1924. Married A. W. Smith, LL.D., President
  of Wesleyan University. Residence, Cazenovia.
Clark, Emily P., Delphi, N.Y. 1824.
Childs, Helen, Cazenovia. 1824. Married Sidney T. Fairchild, Lawyer. Residence, Cazenovia. 
Chamberlain, Mary T., Cazenovia. 1824. Married Mr. Porter.
Chamberlain, Cornelia L., Cazenovia. 1824. Married Oreb Montague, Clergyman. Deceased.
Cook, Sophia, Pompey, N.Y. 1825. Married Leonard Lee, Farmer. Residence in Wisconsin. 
Cogswell, Sally A., Homer, N.Y. 1825. Married Orin Ball. Residence, Homer, Mich.
Cogswell, Melissa, Homer, N.Y. 1825. Married Edwin Howe, Merchant. Residence, Geneva, Wis.
Clark, Rosanna, Cazenovia. 1825. Married, April 3, 1834, Stephen D. Redfield, who was 
  a lieutenant in the Thirty-Seventh Regiment I. Volunteers, and for a long time a 
  respected member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, Cazenovia. He is probably the 
  only surviving member of its first class, organized in 1825. Residence, Vinton, Iowa.
Cady, Harriet, Sullivan, N.Y. 1826. Married Henry D. Palmer, Physician. Deceased.
Cochrane, Ellen, Peterborough, N.Y. 1826. Sister of General Cochrane. Residence, New York city.
Cook, Anna, Van Buren, N.Y. 1827. Married Amos Fellows. Deceased.
Christian, Betsey, Schuyler, N.Y. 1827. Deceased.
Christian, Roxana, Schuyler, N.Y. 1827. Married Samuel Hughes, Farmer.
  Residence, West Schuyler, N.Y. 
Clark, Eliza, Lea, N.Y. 1827. Married George S. Rowe. Residence, Canastota, N.Y.
Cook, Hannah, Camillus, N.Y. 1827. Married Harmon Meigs, Farmer. Residence, Warner's, N.Y.
Cook, Anna M., Camillus, N.Y. 1827. Married John White, Farmer. Residence, Manlius, N.Y.
Carpenter, Cornelia, Eaton, N.Y. 1827.
Cloak, Charlotte D., Lenox, N.Y. 1828. Married John Snyder. Deceased. 
Cobb, Mary, Onondaga, N.Y. 1828.
Cross, Eunice S., Utica, N.Y. 1829. Married David Wood, Mechanic. Deceased.
Castner, Susan, Milo, N.Y. 1829.
Chamberlain, M., Syracuse, N.Y. 1829. 
Clark, Mary, Utica, N.Y. 1830. Married  Alvin Torrey, Clergyman, deceased. Residence, Homer, N.Y.
Clark, Susan, Sidney, N.Y. 1831. Married William J. Wier. Deceased.
Cane, Harriet M., Unadilla, N.Y. 1831.
Case, Jane S., Geddes, N.Y. 1832. Married S. B. Howe. Residence, Camillus, N.Y.
Clark, Clarissa A., Sidney, N.Y. 1832. Married Timothy Rose. Residence, Cortland, N.Y.
Clark, Lucena E., Sidney, N.Y. 1832. Married Rev. H. M. Johnson, D.D., LL.D. Teacher. Residence, Carlisle, Pa.
Clark, Sarah, Cazenovia. 1832. Married W. H. Haight, Farmer. Teacher. Residence, Cazenovia. 
Chamberlain, Ann L., Syracuse, N.Y. 1832.
Curtis, Adaline, Sidney, N.Y. 1832. Married Hiram Schrom. Residence, Bainbridge, N.Y.
Case, Lucyette C., Mt. Republic, Pa. 1833.
Clark, Mary R., Sidney, N.Y. 1833. Married J. Sullivan, Physician. Deceased.
Cobb, Dimis L., Cazenovia. 1833. Deceased.
Can, Mehetabel T., Otego, N.Y. 1834.
Comfort, Mary, Lanesboro, Pa. 1834. Married N. Rounds, D.D., deceased. Residence, Pioneer, Washington Territory.
Chandler, Mary A., Augusta, N.Y. 1834. Married W. E. Knox, Clergyman. Deceased.
Clark, Frances A., Pompey, N.Y. 1834.
Cobb, Caroline E., Cazenovia. 1834. Married Mr. Flanders, of Coral, Ill. Deceased.
Cook, Elizabeth D., Cazenovia. 1834. Deceased.
Cole, Mary, Cazenovia. 1834. Married Rev. P. B. Wilber, D.D., the first
  President of Cincinnati Wesleyan College. Mrs. Wilber has been a teacher in the 
  College since its foundation in 1842. Her service of thirty-four years in the 
  same institution is sufficient attestation of her worth as a woman and a teacher. 
  She has been honored with the degree of M.A.
Cooper, Elvira, Cazenovia. 1834. Married Walter Jerome, Clergyman, deceased. Residence, Springfield, Mass.
Curtiss, A. Jennett, Peterboro, N.Y. 1834. Married Loring Fowler, Lawyer. Residence, Canastota, N.Y.
Carpenter, Martha A., Bainbridge, N.Y. 1834. Married Daniel A. Carpenter, Merchant. Residence, Addison, N.Y.
Cherry, Julia A., Jeromeville, N.Y. 1834. Married George Woodard. Residence, 
  No. 101 Shark street, Baltimore, Md.
Church, Harriet, Riga, N.Y. 1835. Residence, Riga.
Carpenter, Mercy A., Stephentown, N.Y. 1835. Married George P. Maxson, Teacher. Deceased.
Carpenter, Lucy A., Stephentown, N.Y. 1835. Married W. B. Maxson, Farmer. Deceased.
Carter, Amy Jane, Newport, N.Y. 1835. Married Stewart Perry. Deceased. 
Chandler, Eliza N., Cazenovia. 1835. Married J. O. Church, Clergyman. Residence, Summerville, Tenn.
Clark, Mary, Locke, N.Y. 1835. Married L. D. Stone, Merchant. Residence, No. 165 Mulberry street, Syracuse, N.Y.
Clark, Lucy M., Brookfield, N.Y. 1835. Married Solomon Carpenter. Went as Missionary 
  to China, where she died in 1874.
Clark, Charlotte, Locke, N.Y. 1835. Married E. L. Wadsworth, Clergyman. Deceased. 
Coleman, Betsey, Lansing, N.Y. 1835.
Corwin, Elizabeth H.. Cazenovia. 1835. Married E. M. Allen, Merchant. Residence, Syracuse, N.Y.
Clark, Myratta, Sullivan, N.Y. 1835.
Clark, Caroline, Lenox, N.Y. 1835. Married Clinton L. Colton. Deceased.
Crane, Emeline, Hamilton, N.Y. 1835. Married Isaac Andrews. Residence, Sherburne, N.Y.
Coolidge, Mary W., Cazenovia. 1835. Residence, Madison, N.Y.
Cranston, Celestia, Lenox, N.Y. 1836. Teacher. Deceased.
Case, Jane S., Camillus, N.Y. 1836. Married S. B. Rowe. Residence, Camillus.
Clark, Katharine. Austerlitz, N.Y. 1836.
Chase, Caroline M., Cazenovia. 1836.
Crandall, Mariette, Cazenovia. 1836. Married Joel Barratt, Mechanic, of Cazenovia. Deceased.
Coye, Dorcas, Homer, N.Y. 1836.
Coolidge, Jennette S., Cazenovia. 1836. Married J. W. Weatherby, Clergyman. Deceased.
Comfort, Elizabeth G., Lanesboro, Pa. 1836. Married Rev. William Reddy. Residence, Syracuse, N.Y. 
Chandler, Louisa, Cazenovia. 1837. Married. B. F. Jervis. Residence, Cazenovia.
Cole, Maria, Fairfield, N.Y. 1837. Married Lorenzo Stebbins, Clergyman. Clifton Springs, N.Y.
Case, Lucina, Onondaga, N.Y. 1837. Married Mr. Babcock. Residence, Onondaga Valley, N.Y.
Cook, Nancy, Nelson, N.Y. 1837. Residence, West Eaton, N.Y. Catlin, Forilla, Cazenovia. 1837.
Castle, Adaline, Franklinville, N.Y. 1837. Graduated at Albany (N.Y.) Female Academy 
  in 1838. Married L. M. Pratt, Physician, of Albany, N.Y. Died March 15, 1850.
Cole, Mary, Fairfield, N.Y. 1837. Married Daniel Faville, Farmer. Resides in Schuyler County, N.Y. 
Coolidge, D., Cazenovia. 1837.
Chase, Sarah A., Cazenovia. 1837
Cargill, Sarah C., Jackson. Pa. 1837. Married Rev. William Reddy. Died at Carbondale, Pa., in 1842.
Clapp, Theresa, Pompey, N.Y. 1837. Married Chester Baker, Farmer. Residence, Lafayette, N.Y. 
Clapp, Mary A., Pompey, N.Y. 1837. Married Harvey Jerome, Farmer. Deceased.
Colborn, C. A., Cazenovia. 1838. Married H. W. Smith, deceased.  Residence, Utica, N.Y.
Cadwell, Priscilla, Sullivan, N.Y. 1838. 
Carrier, Betsey E., Columbus, N.Y. 1838. Married Edward C. Drake.  Milliner. Residence, Utica, N.Y.
Carrier, Sabrina, Winfield, N.Y. 1838. Married Jackson Wood. Residence, Huntley, Ill.
Case, Malvina, Clockville, N.Y. 1838. Married Philemon Case, Farmer. Residence, Clockville.
Clark, Elizabeth R., Candor, N.Y. 1839. Deceased.
Clark, Sarah, Sidney, N.Y. 1839. Married John Eddy. Residence, Milford, N.Y. 
Coe, Mary E., Vernon Center, N.Y. 1839. Residence, New York city.
Cooper, Caroline, Cazenovia. 1839. Married. Rev. Mr. Walcott. Residence, Ripon, Wis.
Curtiss, Sophronia M., Bridgewater, N.Y. 1839.
Carr, Cornelia H., Mentz, N.Y. 1840. Deceased.
Clark, Eunice P., Barker, N.Y. 1840.
Clark, Frances E., Cazenovia. 1840. Invalid. Residence, Cazenovia. 
Comstock, Sarah A., Kent, Conn. 1840. Married N. P. Lathrop, Merchant. Residence, Wolcottville, Conn.
Clough, Hannah D., Cazenovia. 1840. Married E. S. Jackson, Farmer. Residence, Cazenovia.
Comstock, Sarah A., Cazenovia. 1840 Married Samuel Root, Farmer. Residence, Cazenovia.
Colton, Eliza S., Lenox, N.Y. 1840. Married Benjamin Tuke. Residence, Cottons, N.Y.
Curtiss, Marilla, Hamilton, N.Y. 1840. Married Warner Nash. Residence. Hamilton.
Chappell, Betsey W., Hartwick, N.Y. 1841. Deceased.
Cooper, Susan, Waterville, N.Y. 1841. Married T. K. Jordan, Farmer. Residence, Kelloggsville, N.Y.
Cranson, Charlotte, Lenox, N.Y. 1841. Born at Clockville, N.Y., March 29, 1824. 
  Married E. P. Hopkins March 28, 1842. Residence, Oneida, N.Y. 
Cherry, Sophia, Camillus, N.Y. Married P. Henry Baker, deceased. Teacher. Residence, Hackensack, N. J.
Chapin, Rebecca E., Cazenovia. 1842.
Cook, M. Louisa, Homer, N.Y. 1842.
Cranson, Eliza, Clockville, N.Y. 1842. Deceased.
Cranson, Frances J., Clockville, N.Y. 1842. Married Perry Twogood, Farmer. Resides in the State of Iowa.
Caldwell, Lucinda L., Pompey, N.Y. 1843.
Clark, Lelia J., Camillus, N.Y. 1843.
Clark, Sarah, Cazenovia. 1843. Married W. H. Haight. Residence, Cazenovia, N.Y.
Cole, Emily E., Cazenovia. 1843.
Comfort, Emily, Cazenovia. 1843. Died at Kingston, Pa., in 1845.
Cone, Mary A., Sullivan, N.Y. 1843. Married Ira B. Wescott, of Buffalo, N.Y. Died in February, 1875.
Conkey, Mary A., Canton, N.Y. 1843. Married E. C. Goff Land Broker. Residence, Appleton, Wis.  
Cook, Elizabeth W., Vienna, N.Y. 1843. Married Wells S. Stoddard, State 
  Insurance Agent. Residence, Albany, N.Y.
Cooper, Mary A., Morrisville, N.Y. 1843. Married George W. Nichols, Mechanic. Deceased.
Cushing, D. Naomi, Sullivan, N.Y. 1843. Married Peter Bordwell, Blacksmith, Cazenovia.
Chandler, Mary J., Cazenovia. 1844. Married Augustus H. Rouse, Merchant, Cazenovia.
Cherry, Sarah E., Cazenovia. 1844. Married Aaron Ward. Residence, Dibbon, Neb.
Cherry, Elizabeth, Cazenovia. 1844. Residence, No. 101 Sharp street, Baltimore, Md.
Chandler, Sophie M., Cazenovia. 1844. Married George F. Dunning, Merchant. Residence, Toledo, O.
Card, Mercy B., Cazenovia. 1844.
Clapp, Esther A., Pompey, N.Y. 1844. Married Thomas Darwin. Residence, Onondaga Valley, N.Y.
Cook, Laura, Pompey, N.Y. 1844. Deceased.
Clough, Laura A., Fenner, N.Y. 1844. Married Enoch F. Barnes, Railroad Agent. Residence, Racine, Wis.
Curtis, Elvira M., Madison, N.Y. 1844. Married Butler Maynard, Lawyer. Residence, 909 Sixth Avenue, New York city.
Canfield, Martha J., Cazenovia. 1844. Married J. C. Raymon, Merchant. Residence, Cazenovia.
Chapman, Caroline F., Jamesville, N.Y. 1844. Married Jacob Van De Mark, Farmer. Residence, Manlius, N.Y.
Chester, Sophia, Erie, Pa. 1845. Married Denton Johns, of the United States Army. Residence, New York city.
Crittenden, Sarah A., Cazenovia. 1845. Married Thomas Cushing, Physician. Residence, Medina, N.Y.
Cook, Maria A., Skaneateles, N.Y. 1845. Married John C. Keynon. Residence, Baldwinsville, N.Y.
Colegrove, Elizabeth D., Lincklaen, N.Y. 1845.
Camp, Adaliza O., Bainbridge, N.Y. 1845. 
Chase, Ianthe, Bainbridge, N.Y. 1845.
Cone, Emily E., Sullivan, N.Y. 1846. Married John Gillett. Residence, Medina, N.Y.
Cone, Anna M., Sullivan, N.Y. 1846. Married Adam C. Crysler. Deceased. 
Curtis, Mary, Cazenovia. 1846.
Cranson, Caroline M., Lenox, N.Y. 1846. Residence, St. Louis, Mo.
Carman Emeline, Junius, N., Y.  1846. Married Guy Thurston, Merchant,
  of Lyons, N.Y. Residence, Junius.
Clapp, Flora, Pompey, N.Y. 1846. Married Charles Reed, Farmer. Residence, Manlius, N.Y.
Coe, Sarah M., Madison, N.Y. 1846. Married Wm. R. Burnham, Farmer, Madison, N.Y.
Coburn, Anna, Cazenovia. 11847. Married S. C. Hayden, Merchant, Syracuse, N.Y.
Coe, Orra E., Peterborough, N.Y. 1847. Married L. E. Cooke. Residence, Milwaukee, Wis.
Clark, Maria M., Pompey, N.Y. 1847. Married William White, Farmer. Residence, Pompey.
Cleveland, Julia A., Pompey, N.Y. 1847. Married Warren Knowles, Manufacturer. Residence, Natick, Mass.
Chesebro, Ann, Fenner, N.Y. 1847. Married David Muliner, Express Agent. Residence, Cazenovia.
Carver, Flora A., Winfield, N.Y. 1847. Married S. Remington, Manufacturer. Residence, Utica, N.Y.
Curtiss, Charlotte L., Madison, N.Y. 1848. Married H. S. Richardson, Clergyman. Residence, Madison, Wis.
Case, Harriet H., Otisco, N.Y. 1848. Married Abram Fancher. Clergyman. Deceased. 
Curtiss, Mary A., Pompey, N.Y. 1848. Married Hiram Hills, Farmer, Delphi, N.Y.
Clapp, Leora S., Pompey, N.Y. 1848. Married Charles Cook, Farmer. Deceased.
Cook, Sarah M, Cazenovia. 1848.
Campbell, Celia H., Perryville, N.Y. 1848. Married James Croley, Merchant, Chittenango, N.Y. Deceased.
Carpenter, Ardelia, Woodstock, N.Y. 1849. Married, August 15, 1849, 
  Geo. A. Sholes. Residence, Hazleton, Iowa.
Cady, Mary J., Clockville, N.Y. 1849. Born in Clockville, N.Y., June 10, 1832. Married, Jan. 1, 1851, 
  to Morris D. Bailey. Residence, Coffeyville, Kansas.
Chaffer, Martha S., Peterborough, N.Y. 1849. Married Emmon Downer, Farmer. Residence, Peterborough.
Chapman, Zelette, Pompey, N.Y. 1849. Born at Pompey, N.Y., July 3, 1831. Married, Sept. 19, 1855, 
  to David H. Decker. Residence, No. 8 Burnet street, Syracuse, N.Y.
Childs, Sarah L., Cassville, N.Y. 1849. 
Cooper, Harriet A., Wampsville, N.Y. 1849. Married Charles Munson. Residence, Cleveland, Ohio.
Countryman, Alida, Herkimer, N.Y. 1849. Married Peter Richardson, Farmer. Residence, Herkimer.
Crane, Sarah E., Sauquoit, N.Y. 1849. Married Frederick M. Doolittle. Residence, Ontario, Ill.
Crass, Antoinette P., Boonville, N.Y. 1849. Married Charles Beals. Residence, Boonville.
Card, Julia A., Oswego, N.Y. 1849. Married Thomas Wentworth. Residence, Oswego, N.Y.
Clough, Cornelia H., Fenner, N.Y. 1849. Married William Nelson Farmer. Was for some time 
  a teacher. Residence, Sacramento City, Cal.
Clough, Josephine S., Fenner, N.Y. 1849. Married Frank Crary, Merchant, Lafayette, Ind. Deceased.
Cody, Cornelia D., Vernon Center, N.Y. 1849. Residence, Ripon, Wis.
Card, Deluna J., Cazenovia. 1850. Deceased.
Clark, Eliza S., Amsterdam, N.Y. 1850.
Clock, Jane, Clockville, N.Y. 1850. Married Abraham Tuttle, Farmer. Residence, Clockville.
Clock, Elizabeth, Clockville, N.Y. 1850. Residence, Elbridge, N.Y.
Coin, Mary Jane, Cazenovia. 1850. Teacher. Residence, Syracuse, N.Y. 
Cole, Mary M., Eaton, N.Y. 1850.
Cook, Phoebe A., Cazenovia. 1850.
Cowdry, Mary C., Colesville, N.Y. 1850.
Cunningham. Jennett, Kirkville. 1850. Deceased.
Carmichael, Mary, Western, N.Y. 1851. Married Edward C. Glass, Lumber dealer. Residence, Enfield, N. C.
Castle, Esther J., Greece, N.Y. 1851. Continued her studies at Lima Seminary, N.Y. 
  Married, Jan. 5, 1861, to Lewellyn Odell, Farmer. Residence, Leoni, Mich.
Chapin, Amelia A., Edmeston, N.Y. 1851. Married Charles Munson, Insur
ance Agent. Residence, Ilion, N.Y.
Childs, Jane E., Cazenovia. 1851. Married John Service, Farmer. Residence, Cazenovia.
Clarke, Mary E., Cazenovia. 1851. Continued her studies at Hamilton Female Seminary, N.Y. 
  Now Assistant Secretary and Treasurer of the Woman's Baptist Missionary Society. 
  Address, Missionary Rooms, Tremont Temple, Boston, Mass.
Clough, Luenna F., Phenix, N.Y. 1851.
Coates, Sarah J., Cazenovia. 1851.
Colegrove, Julia A., Perryville, N.Y. 1851. Married James Judge, Banker. Residence, Darlington, Wis.
Colegrove, Vetuette, Perryville, N.Y. 1851. Married Austin Lansing, Farmer. Residence, Perryville.
Coleman, Julia, Fond du Lac, Wis. 1851. Authoress. Address, 737 Broadway, New York city.
Colwell, Louisa, Cazenovia. 1851. Married Martin C. Cooley, of St. Louis, Mo. Deceased.
Comfort, Maria A., Aurora, Ill. 1851.
Cook, Abigail D., Cazenovia. 1851.
Cook, Elizabeth, Cazenovia. 1851.
Craw, Cornelia E., Earlville, N.Y. 1851. Married Devolson Wood. Deceased.
Cady, Sophia H., Waterville, N.Y. 1852. Residence, Waterville.
Carter, Jennett A., Sangerfield, N.Y. 1852.
Chaphee, Rebecca, Cazenovia. 1852. Married Oliver Maybie, Farmer, Kirkville, N.Y.
Carter, Eliza R., Brewerton, N.Y. 1852. Married Charles J. Henry. Residence, Tunkhannock, Pa.
Chittenden, Harriet O., Lansing, N.Y. 1852. Deceased.
Cleveland, Abby M., Waterville, N.Y. 1852.
Cleveland, Mary S., Waterville, N.Y. 1852.
Clough, Frances E., Fenner, N.Y. 1852. Married Wm. E. Eaton, Farmer. Residence, Onondaga, N.Y.
Coleman, Helen M., Fenner N.Y. 1852. Married, Nov. 9, 1857, Mr. J. A.
Wallace, Miller, deceased. Residence, Cazenovia, N.Y.
Colt, Charlotte H., Exeter, N.Y. 1852. Married Mr. Yates. Residence, Buffalo, N.Y.
Cook, Hester A., Stockbridge, N.Y. 1852. Married William Jones. Residence, Utica, N.Y.
Corliss, Martha A., Georgetown, N.Y. 1852. Married Richard Fairchild, Merchant. 
  Residence, Webster City, Iowa.
Crouse, Catharine A., Minden, N.Y. 1852. Married Stephen H. De Camp, Lawyer. Residence, Syracuse, N.Y.
Card, Frances M., Cazenovia. 1853. Deceased.
Cushing, Jane E., Fenner, N. Y. 1853. Married George E. Gillson, who died in the U. S. Army. 
  Residence, Cazenovia, N.Y.
Carey, Sarah E., Augusta, N.Y. 1853. Deceased.
Carver, Agnes S., Stockbridge, N.Y. 1853. Married C. C. Sheperd, Farmer. Residence, Woodworth, Wis.
Clark, Celinda, Pictou, C. W. 1853.
Clark, Mary A., Canton. N.Y. 1853. Married J. B. Ellsworth, Merchant. Residence, Canton.
Clough, Mary A., Fenner, N. Y 1853. Deceased. 
Cole, Annie M., Utica, N. Y 1853. Married Romaine Clark. Residence, Cleveland, Ohio.
Congdon, Sarah R., Cazenovia, N.Y. 1853. Married Sylvester Fargo, Farmer. Residence, Yankton, Dakotah.
Crandall, Nancy P., Cazenovia, N.Y. 1853. Married Ezra P. Matthews, of Pittsburgh, Pa. 
  Taught for a considerable time. Deceased.
Curtiss, Ellen A., Bainbridge, N.Y. 1853. Married Henry A. Clark. Residence, Bainbridge.
Corgell, Margaret M., Waterloo, N.Y. 1854. Married Coe Swarthout, Farmer. Residence, Havana, N.Y.
Corgell, Catharine, Waterloo, N.Y. 1854. Born at Lodi, N.Y., May 23, 1836. 
  Married, June 17, 1857, to John N. Greene, Merchant. Residence, Champaign, Ill.
Cook, Harriet L., Stockbridge, N.Y. 1854. Married Charles Rogers. Residence, Fishkill, N.Y.
Colson, Sarah S., Poolville, N.Y. 1854.
Clark, Minerva, Lenox, N.Y. 1854. Married H. G. Eastman. Residence, Poughkeepsie, N.Y.
Clark, Frances, Lenox, N.Y. 1854. Married C. S. Smith. Residence, Phoenix, N.Y.
Cook, Rosantha, Delphi, N.Y. 1854. Married David Barber, Farmer. Residence, Fayetteville, N.Y.
Corbin, Emma, Liverpool, N.Y. 1854. Residence, Liverpool.
Coney, Katharine, Jamesville, N.Y. 1854. Residence in Missouri.
Cole, Amanda H., Woodstock, N.Y. 1854. Married William Estes, Farmer. Residence, New Woodstock, N.Y.
Cornell, Samantha, Jamesville, N.Y. 1854. Residence, Syracuse, N.Y. 
Cleveland, Lucy D., Madison, N.Y. 1854. Married E. H. Morse, Merchant. Residence, Dubuque, Iowa.
Coleman, Libbie, Syracuse, N.Y. 1855.
Clarke, Agnes T., Sullivan, N.Y. 1855. Married Hon. Fred. C. Fiske. Residence, Canastota, N.Y.
Cleveland, Sarah A., Madison, N.Y. 1855. Married Charles M. Mott, Lumber dealer. Residence, Oneida, N.Y.
Clarke, Orinda E., Ledyard, N.Y. 1855. Married Wesley Mason. Residence, Ledyard.
Crandall, Ameba, Cazenovia, N.Y. 1855. Married Brownell Buckley, Merchant. Residence, White Water, Wis.
Curtiss, Amelia, Madison, N.Y. 1855. Married Thaddeus Troop, Mechanic. Deceased.
Curtiss, Helen E., Fabius, N.Y. 1855. Married Alvah Waters, Lawyer. Residence, Syracuse.
Card, Sarah C., Cazenovia, N.Y. 1856. Married A. L. Lake. Residence, Akron, Ohio.
Cowlin, Elizabeth D., Homer, N.Y. 1856. Teacher. Married Azariah Torry. Residence, Homer.
Cross, Susan E., Cazenovia, N.Y. 1856. Married Orlando Blackman, Professor of Music in Chicago, Ill. 
  Residence, Chicago.
Combs, Jane M., Cazenovia, N.Y. 1856.
Clarke, R. Alice, Rome, N.Y. 1856.
Cook, Helen C., Vienna, N.Y. 1856. Married David Elliott, Lawyer. Residence, Greenville, Mich.
Cook, Sophia G., Vienna, N.Y. 1856. Married Charles Thatcher, Merchant. Residence, Lapeer, Mich.
Coin, Frances E., Cazenovia, N.Y. 1856. Married David C. Phinney, Merchant. Residence, Syracuse, N.Y.
Corbin, Louisa E., Fabius, N.Y. 1856. Married William Bush. Residence, Fabius.
Cary, Sarah A., Spafford, N.Y. 1856. Married Charles Brown. Residence, Brooklyn, N.Y.
Childs, .Josephine L., Cazenovia, N.Y. 1857. Residence, Cazenovia.
Caswell, Mary J., Cazenovia, N.Y. 1857. Married Charles M'Connel, Physician. Residence, Ottawa, Canada.
Caswell, Carrie M., Cazenovia, N.Y. 1857. Married Colonel John G. Todd, who served 
  for a time in the U. S. Army at present a Merchant. Residence, Philadelphia, Pa.
Combe, C. Josephine, Cazenovia, N.Y. 1857. Married George C. Smith, Editor and 
  Correspondent. Residence, Washington, D.C.
Clark, Delia M., Cazenovia,.N.Y. 1857. Married I. N. Goff, Physician. Residence, Cazenovia.
Corbin, Jane E., Fayetteville, N.Y. 1857.
Crysler, Nancy O., Marcellus, N.Y. 1857. Teacher. Married Robert Wilber. Residence, South Onondaga, N.Y.
Curtiss, Alice M., Cazenovia, N.Y. 1858. Married Albert Rosevelt, Merchant. Residence, La Crosse, Wis.
Countryman, Julia G., Herkimer, N.Y. 1858. Married Charles Bradt, Mechanic. Residence, Utica, N.Y.
Cook, M. Lizzie, Rensselaerville, N.Y. 1858. Married S. Dwight Walker,
 Clergyman, Residence, Cobleskill, N.Y.
Carver, Elmira J., Stockbridge, N.Y. 1858. Married William Kirkwood. Residence, Paw Paw, Mich.
Carver, S. Medora, Stockbridge, N.Y. 1858. Residence, Stockbridge.
Curtiss, Harriet S., Fabius, N.Y. 1858. Teacher. Residence, Syracuse, N.Y.
Colson, Sophia S., Poolville, N.Y. 1858.
Conger, Jerusha F., Waterville, N.Y. 1858.
Curtiss, Imogene M., Erieville, N.Y. 1859.  Music Teacher. Deceased.
Cadwell, Martha M., Oran, N.Y. 1859. Teacher. Residence, Oran.
Cobb, Irene E., Wampsville, N.Y. 1859. Residence, Wampsville.
Chaphee, Finette, Cazenovia, N.Y. 1859. Residence, Cazenovia.
Clow, Mary C., Athens, N.Y. 1859. Residence, Athens.
Church, Mary E., Friendship, N.Y. 1859. Teacher. Married W. H. Pitt. Residence, Buffalo, N.Y.
Crawley, Augustine, Preble, N.Y. 1860. Born, May 9, 1839, at Broome, N.Y. 
  Studied in the Normal School at Oswego, N.Y. Held the position of Assistant 
  Teacher in Senior Department of Seymour School, in Syracuse, N.Y., and has 
  taught fourteen terms in District Schools. Residence, Chemung, N.Y.
Chilson, Sarah E., Perryville, N.Y. 1860. Married Lewis Page, Farmer. Deceased.
Carpenter, Marilla E., Nelson, N.Y. 1860. Married Albert P. Shattuck, Farmer. Residence, Nelson.
Carpenter, Delia S., Nelson, N.Y. 1860. Residence. Nelson.
Campbell, Mary E., Peterborough, N.Y. 1860. Married George Curtis, Farmer. Residence, Rochester, N.Y.
Clarke, Helen J., Bouckville, N.Y. 1860. Residence, Bouckville. 
Comstock, Alcina M., Cazenovia. 1860. Residence, Cazenovia. 
Cameron, Libbie S., Delphi, N.Y. 186o. Married Giles Gilbert, Farmer. Residence, Clinton Fails, Minn.
Croker, Katie M., Cazenovia. 1860. Married William E. Clough, Farmer. Residence, Darien, Wis.
Corbin, Sarah S., Fabius, N.Y. 1860. Residence, Fabius. 
Carpenter, Susan E., Marcy, N.Y. 1860. Married Mr. Higby. Residence, Holland Patent, N.Y.
Carpenter, Josephine E., Marcy, N.Y. 1860. Married Noah B. Crysler. Residence, Marcellus, N.Y.
Canfield, Josephine E.. Chittenango Falls, N.Y. 1860. Residence, New York Mills, N.Y.
Carr, V. Adele, Waterville, N.Y. 1860.
Clement, Etta, Manlius, N.Y. 1860. Deceased.
Conkling, Henrietta E., Jamesville, N.Y. 1861. Residence, Syracuse, N.Y. 
Cushing, Clara N., Nelson, N.Y. 1861. Married James White, Merchant. Residence, Oil City, Pa.
Crawford, Emeline F., Clay, N.Y. 1861. Married D. W. Newcomb, Farmer. Residence, Baldwinsville, N.Y.
Crawford, Laura J., Clay, N.Y. 1861. Teacher. Residence, Round Hill, Connecticut.
Clow, Emeline, Athens, N.Y. 1861. Residence, Athens.
Clark, Delia, Clockville, N.Y. 1861. Deceased.
Carpenter, Velonia L., Earlville, N.Y. 1861. Married Zinah Dutton, Merchant. Residence, Georgetown, N.Y. 
Curtiss, Sarah A., Cazenovia. 1861. Artist. Residence, La Crosse, Wis.
Carpenter, Elizabeth, Cazenovia. 1861.
Curtiss, Mary A., Cazenovia. 1861. Residence, Syracuse, N.Y.
Caswell, Ida A., Herkimer, N.Y. 1861. Married William H. Fisk, Merchant. Deceased.
Caswell, Florence M., Ilion, N.Y. 1861. Married J. R. Pelton, Mechanic. Residence, Ilion.
Cornell, Cleantha A., Jamesville, N.Y. 1861. Residence, Lysander. 
Crandall, Laura P., Cazenovia. 1862. Married, August 31, 1876, to Mr. Nichols, 
  Merchant of Cazenovia. Residence, Cazenovia.
Cooper, Mary R., Wampsville, N.Y. 1862. Married James Sergeant. Residence, Oneida, N.Y. 
Card, Addie D., Paw Paw, Mich. 1862.
Chaphee, Ellen, Cazenovia. 1862. Married Irwin A. Forte, Editor. Residence, Clyde, N.Y.
Cadwell, Elsie A., Fabius, N.Y. 1862. Residence, Fabius.
Curtis, Louisa, Cazenovia. 1862.
Chappell, Esther L., Cazenovia. 1862. Married E. Eugene Davis, Farmer. 
  Residence, Fenner, N.Y.
Cook, Mary A., Nelson, N.Y. 1863. Married Marshall Gallup, Farmer. 
  Residence, Fenner, N.Y.
Curtis, Theresa L., Cazenovia. 1863. Married William E. Brown. Music. 
  Residence, Syracuse, N.Y.
Collier, Frances K., Chittenango, N.Y. 1863. Married H. H. Smith, 
  Railroad Agent. Residence, Waterloo, Ill.
Collier, Nellie M., Chittenango, N.Y. 1863. Residence, Chittenango.
Case, Elizabeth S., Otisco, N.Y. 1863. Married Erastus Miller, Farmer. 
  Residence, Otisco.
Coope, Mary E., Cazenovia. 1863. Born in Scott, N.Y., September 11, 1848. 
  Married, November 8, 1870, to Edson Rhodes, Farmer. Residence, Marcellus, N..Y. 
Cross, Jennie, Cazenovia. 1863. Married Henry S. Maynard, Merchant. 
  Residence, Chicago, Ill.
Chubbuck, Frank A., West Eaton, N.Y. 1863. Married Burt Watson. Deceased.
Conley, Jennie P., Canastota, N.Y. 1864. Teacher. Residence, Canastota.
Conover, Helen L., Canajoharie, N.Y. 1864. Married Charles H. Scudder.
  Residence, St. Johnsville, N.Y. 
Carhart, Kittie L., Collamer, N.Y. 1864. Married in June, 1866, to George 
  R. Cook, Lawyer. Residence, No. 145 Lodi street, Syracuse, N.Y.
Corbin, Cornelia E., Fabius, N.Y. 1864, Residence, Fabius.
Coddington, Fannie R., New York city. 1864.
Case, Helen A., Vernon, N.Y. 1865. Married William Fish, Jun., Clergyman. 
  Residence, London, England.
Cushman, Jennie E., West Burlington, N.Y. 1865. Married Adelbert Payne, 
  Mechanic. Residence, Edmeston, N.Y.
Chase, Mira R., Cazenovia. 1865.
Covill, Clara A., Woodstock, N.Y. 1865. Residence, Syracuse, N.Y.
Cook, Mary F., Vienna, N.Y. 1865. Deceased.
Chapman, Mattie M., Clockville, N.Y. 1865. Married Charles E. Renwick. Merchant. 
  Residence, New York city.
Cobb, Alice S., Kankakee, Ill. 1865. Married Wesley Bonfield, Merchant. 
  Residence, Kankakee.
Cobb, Flora S., Norwich, N.Y. 1865. Married Albert P. Palmer, Clergyman. Deceased.
Cook, Eva D., Onondaga, N.Y. 1866.
Coe, Carrie A., Lima, N.Y. 1866. 
Cox, Caroline M., Newfield, N.Y. 1866. Teacher. Residence, Newfield. 
Caswell, Mary H., Ilion, N.Y. 1866. Married Frank P. Tupper, Merchant. 
  Residence, Chicago, Ill.
Combs, Lucinda L., Syracuse, N.Y. 1866. Missionary in China.
Carter, Ritie D., Greece, N.Y. 1866. Married Frank E. Gray. Residence, Greece.
Clinton, Eloise E., Newark Valley, N.Y. 1866. Residence, Newark Valley. 
Cross, Elizabeth D., Apulia, N.Y. 1866. Married Leroy Morgan, Farmer. Residence, Lafayette, N.Y.
Conklin, Mary J., Amenia, N.Y. 1866. Born at Amenia, November 5, 1848. Married, July 30, 1873, 
  to Benjamin S. Clark. Residence, No. 102 West Fifty-sixth-street, New York city.
Caldwell, Fanny A., New Haven, Conn. 1867.
Clark, Sarah M., Eaton, N.Y. 1867.
Connar, Hannah F., Cazenovia. 1867. Residence, Cazenovia.
Cunningham, Eliza A., Greene, N.Y. 1867. Married L. J. Roberts. Residence, Greene.
Caswell, Clara E., Herkimer, N.Y. 1868. Residence, Herkimer.
Curtiss, Effie L., Syracuse, N.Y. 1868. Married George Hurd, Physician. Residence, Rochester, N.Y.
Case, Mary, Fenner, N.Y. 1869. Married Buel Richardson. Residence, Erieviile, N.Y.
Cobb, Sarah A., Ledyard, N.Y. 1869. Residence, Ledyard.
Covell, Ellen M., Woodstock, N.Y. 1869. Married Everette Kinney, Farmer. Residence, Cuyler, N.Y.
Cannon, Lizzie B., Cannonsville, N.Y. 1869. Born at Oxford, N.Y., May 29, 1850. 
  Married, January 21, 1875, to R. W. Archbold, Lawyer. Residence, Scranton, Pa. 
Cuykendall, Carrie L., Cazenovia. 1869. Residence, Cazenovia.
Clarke, Maggie, Pompey, N.Y. 1869. Married Devane Brown, Clergyman. Residence, Farmington, Me.
Conden, Dora C., Cazenovia. 1869.
Cotton, Libbie L., Canastota, N.Y. 1870. Residence, Canastota.
Cotton, Mary L., Canastota, N.Y. 1870. Residence, Lenox, N.Y.
Church, Josie L., Nelson, N.Y. 1870. Residence, Cazenovia.
Crawford, Emma J., Cazenovia. 1870. Residence, Cazenovia.
Cloke, Rosalie, Cazenovia. 1870. Residence, Cazenovia.
Clemens, Ella C., Vernon, N.Y. 1870. Teacher. Residence, Vernon.
Carter, Adelaide M., Bridgeport, N.Y. 1870.
Crowell, Minnie E., Ware, Mass. 1870. Teacher. Residence, Brooklyn, N.Y.
Clarke, Lilli, Weedsport. N.Y. 1870. Residence, Weedsport.
Cannon, Carrie E., Venice Center, N.Y. 1871. Residence, Venice Center.
Case, Jessie L., Cazenovia, N.Y. 1871. Residence, Fulton, N.Y.
Campbell, Mattie, Central Square, N.Y. 1871. Married Olin M. Webster, 
  Clergyman. Residence, Oneida Lake, N.Y.
Chandler, Jennie, Cazenovia, 1871. Married Alfred G. Fay, Mechanic. 
  Residence, Cazenovia.
Clark, Mary, Cazenovia. 1871. Residence, Cazenovia.
Clark, Kittie M., Cazenovia. 1871. Residence, Cazenovia.
Callanan, Sarah, Albany, N.Y. 1871. Married Francis Creeble, Merchant. 
  Residence, Callanan's Corners, N.Y.
Corbin, Etta S., Woodstock, N.Y. 1877. Residence, Woodstock.
Cushing, Esther J., Hingham, Mass. 1872. Married A. G. Jennings, Clergyman. 
  Residence, South Hingham.
Curtiss, Emma L., Cazenovia. 1872. Residence, Cazenovia.
Combs, Clara E., Phelps, N.Y. 1872. Residence, Syracuse, N.Y.
Covell, Laura J., Vienna, N.Y. 1872. Residence, Vienna.
Case, Flora M., Nelson, N.Y. 1872. Residence, Nelson.
Case, Ella M., Nelson, N.Y. 1872. Residence, Nelson.
Chappell, Emma L., Cazenovia. 1872. Residence, Cazenovia.
Clark, Ella E., Johnstown, N.Y. 1872. Graduated in 1873. Now 
  teaching music in Fort Edward Institute, N.Y.
Cramer, Atlanta W., Peterborough, N.Y. 1872. Residence, Peterborough. 
Crosby, Carrie Belle, Perryville, N.Y. 1873. Music teacher. Residence, Perryville.
Crane, Maria M., Jordan, N.Y. 1873. Residence, Jordan.
Cummins, Emma E., Ludlowville, N.Y. 1873.
Case, Mary, Erieville, N.Y. 1873. Residence, Erieville.
Chappell, Nellie J., Cazenovia. 1873. Residence, Cazenovia.
Chappell, Eunice L., Cazenovia. 1873. Residence, Cazenovia.
Clark, Vina J., Union Valley. 1873. Married, July 4, 1874, to Orman J. Brooks.  
  Teacher. Residence, Union Valley.
Clark, Hattie E., Union Valley, N.Y. 1873. Teacher. Residence, Union Valley.
Clements, Abbie S., Cazenovia, N.Y. 1873. Married Isaac N. Clements, Professor of 
  Latin and Greek Languages in Cazenovia Seminary. Residence, Cazenovia.
Crouse, Maggie, Warren, N.Y. 1873. Continued her studies at Fort Plain 
  Seminary. Residence, Warren, N.Y.
Carrier, Flora A., Cazenovia. 1873. Residence, Cazenovia.
Churchill, Minnie T., Boonville, N.Y. 1874. Residence, Boonville.
Crofoot, Addie R., Turin, N.Y. 1874. Residence, Turin.
Coe, Lottie A., Wampsville, N.Y. 1874. Residence, Wampsville.


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