First Fifty Years of Cazenovia Seminary


Catalogue Index

Madison County



Abell, Horatio, Cazenovia, N.Y. 1824. Married Aurelia Whiting. Farmer. Deceased.
Adams, Moses, Rodman, N.Y. 1825. Clergyman. Died at Racine, Wis. 
Ainsworth, John, Herkimer, N.Y. 1825. Married Emily Harvey. Farmer. Deceased.
Avery, David, Lyden, Mass. 1825. Can obtain no information concerning him.
Ainsworth, Fletcher, Herkimer, N.Y. 1826. Married Charlotte Kniffin. Retired farmer. 
  Present residence, Newport, N.Y.
Adams, Vilender, Rodman, N.Y. 1827. Married Laura A. Moody. Retired from business. 
  Present residence, Watertown, N.Y.
Arms, George W., Greenfield, Mass. 1827.
Allen, Nelson, Cazenovia, N.Y. 1827. Married Jane Willis, of Sangerfeld, N.Y. 
  Successful Physician. Present residence, Chatfield, Minn.
Adams, John, Rodman, N.Y. 1828. Married Miss Fox. Farmer. Present residence, Redfield, N.Y.
Allen, Alexander H., Pompey, N.Y. 1828. Married Sally B. Savage. Farmer. 
  Last residence, Syracuse, N.Y., where he died March 12, 1875.
Ackley, J. L., Winfield, N.Y. 1828. Married a Miss Butler.
Andrews, Frederick W., New Hartford, N.Y. 1828. Brother of Bishop and Judge 
  Charles Andrews. Married S. Cornelia Smith. Merchant. Present residence, 
  Rochester, Minn.
Allen, George W., (see Sketch, Part I,) Cazenovia, N.Y. 1828. Married Jane Savage, 
  of Cazenovia. Manufacturer. Residence, Milwaukee, Wis. 
Allen, Eliakim R., Cazenovia, N.Y. 1828. Farmer. Present residence, Broadhead, Ill.
Acers, William, Pittsford, N.Y. The only information concerning him 
  is that he was a farmer.
Allen, William, Tully, N.Y. 1850.
Armstrong, John W., (see Sketch, Part I,) York, U.C. 1830. Teacher. 
  Residence, Fredonia, N.Y.
Achinson, Fuller, Parma, N.Y. 1830.
Adams, E., Eaton, N.Y. 1830.
Agard, John W., Nichols, N.Y. 1830. Born in Chemung Co., N.Y., May 6, 1811. 
  Married Martha P. Thomas, March 6, 1834, at Kingston, Pa. Has been a minister 
  of the M. E. Church, and member of the Rock River Conference since 1845. 
  Present residence, Wyoming, Ill.
Aldrich, Asahel, Canandaigua, N.Y. 1830.
Allen, Francis D., New York city. 1830. Manufacturer. Present residence, 
  187 Marcy Avenue, Brooklyn, N.Y.
Ames, Peramus, Steuben, N.Y. 1830. No information except that he has been a 
  miner in Pennsylvania.
Allen, John, Cazenovia. 1831. First married to Luanda Welch, and after her decease to 
  Laura Aldrich, of Cazenovia. Was a mechanic. Deceased. 
Allen, Henry, Cazenovia. 1831. Married Emily Stiles, of Cazenovia. Lawyer. Deceased.
Alexander, Joseph, Lenox, N.Y. 1832. Married Jane Alexander. Lawyer. 
  Present residence, Lewistown, Pa.
Allen, Libanus, Turin, N.Y. 1833. Married Laura Hurd. Retired farmer.
Present residence, Brunswick, Ohio.
Adams, Jesse, Adams, N.Y. 1833. Unmarried. Insurance. Present residence, 
  Watertown, N.Y.
Adams, Buell, Scipio, N.Y. 1833. Farmer. Deceased.
Adams, John F., Scipio, N.Y. 1833.
Andrews, Theodore F., New York Mills, N.Y. 1833. Born in Oneida Co., N.Y., 
  May 9, 1819. Graduated at Wesleyan University, Middletown, Conn. 
  Married, April 27, 1843, to Jane A. Hopkins, of Skaneateles, N.Y. Lawyer. 
  Present residence, Syracuse, N.Y.
Adams, James E., Sullivan, N.Y. 1833. Farmer. Deceased.
Adams, Henry P., Sullivan, N.Y. 1833. Was a Civil Engineer. Colonel in the 
  army under General Fremont. Later, engaged in the mining business in 
  Colorado. Married Elim Young. Died in Colorado in 1875. Was brought to 
  his home in Syracuse, N.Y., for burial.
Armstrong, William C., Scriba, N.Y. 1833.
Adkins, Loren L., Fabius, N.Y. 1833. Married Mary Francis, of Sackett's 
  Harbor, N.Y. Clergyman. Residence, Euclid, N.Y.
Atwater, Charles A., Mount Pleasant, Pa. 1833.
Atwell, John, Otselic, N.Y. 1833.
Adams, Henry, Troy, N.Y. 1834. Physician. Unmarried. Present residence, Troy.
Anthony, Darius, Onondaga, N.Y. 1834. Clergyman. Deceased.
Andrew, Josiah, Throopsville, N.Y. 1834. Physician. Present residence, Paw Paw, Mich.
Adams, Stephen J., Willett, N.Y. 1834. Farmer. Married to Violetta Marcy, 
  deceased; afterward to Sarah Newcomb. Present residence, Willett, N.Y.
Arnold, Josiah, Volney, N.Y. 1834. Physician. Married Emily Cook, 
  Van Buren, N.Y. Present residence, Syracuse, N.Y.
Andrews, Edward G., (see Sketch, Part I,) New York Mills, N.Y. 1835. 
  Clergyman. Married Susan M. Hotchkiss. Present residence, Des Moines, Iowa.
Arthur, Augustus, Martinsburg, N.Y. 1835. Present residence unknown.
Andrews, Charles. (see Sketch, Part I,) New York Mills, N.Y. 1836. 
  Married Marcia A. Shankland. Lawyer. Residence, Syracuse, N.Y.
Anson, William, Malta, N.Y. 1836. Present residence unknown.
Armington, G. V., Manchester, N.Y. 1837. Present residence unknown. 
Ayres, William B., West Schuyler, N.Y. 1837. Present residence, Buffalo, N.Y.
Atwater, Horace, Auburn, N.Y. 1837. Clergyman. Present residence unknown.
Atwater, Isaac, Groton, N.Y. 1837. Present residence unknown. 
Atwell, James F., Pharsalia, N.Y. 1837. Present residence unknown. 
Allen, A. F., Lawrence, N.Y. 1837. Merchant. Present residence, Orleans, Ind.
Abrams, Truman, Cazenovia. 1838. Present residence unknown.
Atwell, Francis F., Manlius, N.Y. 1838. Insurance Agent. Unmarried. 
  Present residence, Knoxville, Tenn.
Austin, Isaac S., Erin, N.Y. 1838. Present residence unknown. 
Adams, Joseph N., Pittsfield, N.Y. 1839. Present residence unknown. 
Ainslie, Morris D., Onondaga, N.Y. 1839. Present residence unknown. 
Andrews, Edward, Camillus, N.Y. 1839. Present residence unknown. 
Allis, Edward P., Cazenovia. 1839. Born in Cazenovia, May 12, 1824. 
  After leaving Cazenovia Seminary spent three years at Hobart College, 
  Geneva, N.Y. Graduated at Union College, Schenectady, N.Y., in 1845. 
  Married Margaret M. Watson, of Geneva, N.Y., Sept. 12, 1848. Head of the 
  large iron manufacturing firm of E. P. Allis & Co., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Andrews, William H., Venice, N.Y. 1839. Present residence, unknown.
Annas, Asahel A., Fenner, N.Y. 1839. Married Marie A. Didama, of Perryville, N.Y. Farmer. 
  Residence, Madisonville, La.
Armour, Lucian B., Smithfield, N.Y. 1839. Farmer. Post-office address, Morrisville, N.Y.
Armstrong, Henry, Camillus, N.Y. 1839. Post-office address, Belle Isle, N.Y.
Allen, Jason W., Pompey, N.Y. 1840. Married Sarah Holbrook, Chittenango, N.Y. Merchant. 
  Post-office address, Syracuse, N.Y.
Austin, Edwin F., Erin, N.Y. 1840. Present residence unknown.
Allen, William, born in Cazenovia June 2, 1825. 1840. Married Emily J. Curtis, 
  July 5, 1848. Tanner. Residence, Milwaukee, Wis.
Adams, Charles G., Frey's Bush, N.Y. 1841. Present residence unknown. 
Adams, Charles L., Lysander, N.Y. 1841. Married Miss Hollister. 
  Residence, Parma, Mich.
Anderson, Harvey B., Cazenovia. 1842. Merchant. Residence, New York city.
Anderson, Hiram, Cazenovia. 1842. Farmer. Post-office address, Sherburne, N.Y.
Anderson, Joseph L., Cazenovia. 1842. Physician. Deceased.
Anderson, Kendrick, Cazenovia. 1842. Merchant. Residence, Macedon, Wis.
Anderson, Thomas W., Eaton, N.Y. 1842. Present residence unknown. 
Anderson, Yale L., Nelson, N.Y. 1842. Real Estate Agent. Married 
  Elizabeth Brown, Nelson, N.Y., deceased. Residence, Syracuse, N.Y. 
Avery, Charles A., Wampsville, N.Y. 1842. Teacher. Unmarried. Deceased. 
Allen, Harvey H., Syracuse, N.Y. 1843. Present residence unknown.
Allis, Augustus G. S., Cazenovia. 1843. Lawyer. Present residence, Syracuse, N.Y.
Avery, Horace C., Jamesville, N.Y. 1844. Married Miss Barry. Physician. Deceased.
Adams, Charles G., Cazenovia. 1844. Present residence unknown.
Allen, Rufus, Jun., Cazenovia. 1844. Born in Cazenovia March 6, 1835. 
  Married Harriet Whitcomb, Cazenovia, June 26, 1861. Manufacturer. Residence, Milwaukee, Wis.
Andrews, Edmund J., Frankfort, N.Y. 1844. Clergyman in Pennsylvania. 
Adams, Holland W., Cazenovia. 1844. Merchant. Unmarried. Deceased. 
Adams, Clinton, Rome, N.Y. 1844. Manufacturer. Married Mary Saverey. Residence, Valley Mills, N.Y.
Andrews, Philander K., Vernon, N.Y. 1844. Present residence unknown. 
Atkinson, James, Watervale, N.Y. 1844. Married Mary S. Peck, Cazenovia. 
  Miller and Farmer. Present residence, Cazenovia.
Abeel, John N., Rome, N.Y. 1844. Unmarried. Retired from active business. 
  Present residence, Rome, N.Y.
Abeel, William S., Rome, N.Y. 1844. Unmarried. Retired from business. 
  Present residence, Rome, N.Y.
Atkinson, Robert, Cazenovia. 1845. Unmarried. Mechanic. Deceased.
Austin, Dor, Skaneateles, N.Y. 1845. Married Marietta Hatch. Merchant. Present 
  residence, Kansas City, Mo.
Aldridge, Sylvester H., Ulysses, N.Y. 1846. Married October 22, 1858, to 
  Harriet A. Pearce; again, September 2, 1875, to Andria J. Hamblin. 
  Clergyman. Present residence, Montezuma, N.Y.
Armour, Simeon B., Smithfield, N.Y. 1846. Married Margaret E. Klock.
  Pork-packer. Present residence, Kansas City, Mo.
Armour, Volney, Smithfield, N.Y. 1846. Married Miss Clock, of Lenox, N.Y. 
  Farmer and Lawyer. Present residence, Mt. Carroll, Ill.
Austin, George, Skaneateles, N.Y. 1846. Farmer. Present residence, Skaneateles, N.Y.
Arnold, Joseph C., Tully. N.Y. 1847. Married Miss Egbertson. Merchant. 
  Present residence, Wisconsin.
Atherton, John J., Sangerfield, N.Y. 1847. Present residence unknown. 
Andrew, Warren, Schuyler, N.Y. 1847. Present residence, California. 
Avery, Nelson N., Wampsville, N.Y. 1847. Married Annette Porter. Clergyman. Deceased.
Adams, John D., Sullivan. N.Y. 149. Married Sabria Seeley. Clergyman. 
  Present residence, New Orleans, La.
Ainsworth, Lucian L., New Woodstock, N.Y. 1848. Married Margaret Hinckley. 
  Lawyer. Present residence, West Union, Iowa.
Armour, Andrew W., Stockbridge, N.Y. 1848. Married Adaline Simons, of Stockbridge, N.Y. 
  Farmer. Present residence, Stockbridge, N.Y. 
Armitage, William S., Vernon, N.Y. 1848. Married Naomi Merrick, deceased; 
  again to Emeret Lillibridge, of Taberg, N.Y. Traveling Agent. Present residence, Detroit, Mich.
Adams, George W., Weedsport, N.Y. 1849. Lumber Merchant. Present residence, New York city.
Allen, Darius, Milo Center, N.Y. 1848. Present residence unknown. 
Andrews, George H., New Hartford, N.Y. 1849. Married Carrie M'Credie. 
  Manufacturer. Deceased.
Arnold, Albert A., Freetown, N.Y. 1850. Present residence unknown. 
Avery, Truman G., Wampsville, N.Y. 1850. Graduated at Hamilton College, 
  Clinton, N.Y., and the Albany Law School. Married Delia Austin, Buffalo, N.Y., 
  February 19, 1858. Present residence, Buffalo, N.Y.
Allen, Charles E., Fenner, N.Y. 1851. Married Mary E. Hyatt, of Fenner,
N.Y. Farmer. Present residence, Fenner, N.Y.
Anderson, Joseph S., Canastota, N.Y. 1851. Clergyman. Present residence, Clinton, Iowa.
Armour, Philip D., Stockbridge, N.Y. 1851. Married Belle Ogden, of Cincinnati, O. 
  Pork-packer. Present residence, Milwaukee, Wis.
Avery, Charles H., Perryville, N.Y. 1851. Born in Perryville, December 10, 1834. 
  Married Pauline Hughson, of Sullivan County, N.Y., September 14, 1870. Graduate 
  New York University. Formerly Deputy County Clerk of Madison County, N.Y. Physician. 
  Present residence, 337 East Eighteenth-street, New York city.
Atwell, Joseph A., Pompey, N.Y. 1851. Married Louise M. Reymon, of Cazenovia. Merchant. 
  Present residence, Syracuse, N.Y.
Allen, Frederick, Salt Springsville, N.Y. 1852. Present residence unknown.
Armstrong, Orson, Baldwinsville, N.Y. 1852. Present residence unknown. 
Austin, De Witt T., Port Byron, N.Y. 1852. Married Martha Fornacrook. 
  Lumberman. Present residence, Weedsport, N.Y.
Adams, Alvinza C., Verona, N.Y. 1853. Deceased.
Adams, John B., Watertown, N.Y. 1853. Present residence, Minnesota. 
Aldrich, Chauncey, M'Donough, N.Y. 1853. Merchant. Present residence, Bloomington, Ill.
Andrews, George H., Troy, N.Y. 1853. Deceased.
Avery, Franklin, Wampsville, N.Y. 1853. Farmer. Deceased.
Adams, William, Guilford, N.Y. 1854. Clergyman. Present residence, Rushville, N.Y.
Annas, John A., Cazenovia. 1854. Married Sarah Jackson, of Cazenovia. Farmer. Present residence, 
  Smith's Valley, N.Y.
Abell, Jabez W., Cazenovia. 1856. Married Mary Jones, of Cazenovia. Farmer. Present residence, Cazenovia.
Alger, Leonard M., Syracuse, N.Y. 1857. Deceased.
Adsit, Ashley, Watervale, N.Y. 1857. Married Laura Jennings, of Pompey, N.Y. 
  Farmer. Present residence, Pompey Center, N.Y.
Andrews, C. Smith, Wabasha, Minn. 1858. Present residence unknown.
Allen, Theodore L., Delphi, N.Y. 1858. Married Mary Beebe. Clergyman. Present 
  residence, Oswego Center, N.Y.
Andrews, James F., Keeney's Settlement, N.Y. 1858. Married Jane E. Brown, of Cuyler, N.Y. Clergyman. 
  Present residence, Euclid, N.Y. 
Andrews, Harlan P., Keeney's Settlement, N.Y. 1858. Married Phoebe B. Brown.
  Farmer. Present residence, Cuyler, N.Y.
Austin, John R., Owasco, N.Y. 1858. Married Louisa Prentiss. Farmer. Present residence, Owasco, N.Y.
Annin, J. Byron, Cayuga, N.Y. 1858. Mechanic. Present residence, Rochester, N.Y.
Allen, James K. Delphi, N.Y. 1859. Deceased.
Armstrong, Orlando W., Warren, N.Y. 1859. Born in Herkimer County,
N.Y., January 25, 1839. Married in New York city, January 1, 1870, to 
  Lena F. Buckner, of Baltimore, Md. Attended Albany Medical College and Bellevue 
  Hospital Medical College; received title of M.D. Was Assistant Surgeon and Surgeon 
  of the Fifth New York Volunteer Cavalry. Present residence, 330 West Thirty-second-street; 
  New York city.
Aiken, George B., Venice, N.Y. 1859. Present residence unknown.
Allen, Alonzo B., Cazenovia. 1860. Married Gertrude A. Whitmore, of 
  Cazenovia. Clergyman. Present residence, Lowville, N.Y. 
Armour, Joseph F., Stockbridge, N.Y. 1860. Pork-packer. Present residence, Chicago, Ill.
Allen, William E., Cazenovia. 1860. Unmarried. Teacher. Deceased. 
Aylesworth, Henry M., Burlington, N.Y. 1860. Married Lucinda Bradley. 
  Lawyer. Present residence, Hartwick, N.Y.
Adams, Edmund, North Manlius, N.Y. 1860. Married Nellie A. Wild. Farmer. 
  Present residence, North Manlius, N.Y.
Ayres, Walter, Fort Plain, N.Y. 1860. Unmarried. Teacher. Present residence, Andalusia, Ill.
Alden, Edward, Cazenovia. 1861. Unmarried. Mechanic. Deceased. 
Anthony, Wilson W., Union Springs, N.Y. 1862. Married Flora Kenyon. Mechanic. 
  Present residence, Seneca Falls, N.Y.
Annas, Mason D., Fenner, N.Y. 1862. Unmarried. Farmer. Present residence, Madisonville, La.
Adams, John T., Bridgeport, N.Y. 1862. Merchant. Present residence, Austin, Texas.
Allen, Fayette H., Delphi, N.Y. 1862. Married Genevieve Gillett, of Fenner, N.Y. Manufacturer. 
  Present residence, Brewerton, N.Y.
Ackerman. Wesley E., Jamesville, N.Y. 1862. Married ---- Brown. Laborer. Present residence, Manlius, N.Y.
Anderson, Charles W., Cazenovia. 1862. Present residence, Syracuse, N.Y.
Allen, Charles, Cazenovia. 1863. Deceased.
Angell, Stephen A., North Chili, N.Y. 1864. Married S. Louise Simmons, deceased. Deceased.
Anguish, A. Marvin, Chittenango, N.Y. 1864. Unmarried. Merchant. Present residence, Clinton, Iowa.
Anguish, Benjamin D., Chittenango, N.Y. 1864. Merchant. Present residence, Clinton, Iowa.
Alexander, George N., Newfield, N.Y. 1864. Born in Newfield, Tompkins County, N.Y., Nov. 10, 1847. 
  Married October 19, 1870, to Helen A. Anderson, of Newfield, N.Y. Farmer. Post-office address, 
  Newfield, N.Y.
Alexander, Isaac H., Newfield, N.Y. 1864. Farmer. Present residence, Newfield, N.Y.
Alexander, Jerome, Newfield, N.Y. 1854. Unmarried. Present residence, Newfield, N.Y.
Allen, Sheldon J., Bridgeport, N.Y. 1864. Married Ellen Dennis. Transportation business. 
  Present residence, Bridgeport.
Andrews, Milford, Cuyler, N.Y. 1864. Married Josie Atwell. Merchant. Present residence, Syracuse, N.Y.
Avery, David C., Ledyard, N.Y. 1864. Born at Ledyard, Cayuga County, N.Y. After leaving Cazenovia 
  Seminary attended school at Cayuga Lake Academy, Aurora, N.Y. Married August 20, 1867, in 
  Dryden, Tompkins County, N.Y., to Hattie E. Mineat. Has been at various times telegraph operator, 
  express agent, and school teacher. Now of the firm of Tuthill & Avery, hardware and foundry, Easton, Md.
Avery, Spenser, Wampsville, N.Y. 1865. Married Mary Lucas. Railroad business. Present residence, 
  Peoria, Ill.
Ames, Frederick R., Cazenovia. 1865. Married Mollie Gaylord, of New York. Manufacturer. 
  Present residence, Whitehall, N.Y.
Andrews, Harlan B., Cazenovia. 1866. Married Satie Streever, of Syracuse N.Y. Commercial Traveler. 
  Post-office address, Syracuse, N Y. 
Adams, Avery C., Woodstock, N.Y. 1866. Unmarried. Farmer. Post-office address, Jamesville, N.Y.
Allen, Charles W., Syracuse, N.Y. 1865. Married Louisa Cogswell. Merchant. 
  Present residence, Syracuse, N.Y.
Alvord, George H., Cazenovia. 1865. Married Julia Abbott, of New Woodstock, N.Y. Farmer. 
  Post-office address, De Ruyter, N Y.
Adams, Lorenzo G., Cazenovia. 1867. Married Addie Benedict, of Lebanon, N.Y. Farmer. 
  Post-office address, Beaver Meadow, N.Y. 
Andrews, Frank A., Fabius, N.Y. 1867. Present residence, Utica, N.Y.
Andrews, Morton, Venice, N.Y. 1867. Present residence, unknown.
Abbott, Chauncey O., Niles, N.Y. 1868. Married Nettie Crossman. Lawyer. Present residence, 
  Auburn, N.Y.
Adams, Francis D., Stockbridge, N.Y. 1868. Married Martha Hall, of Munnsville, N.Y. Farmer. 
  Post-office address, Munnsville, N.Y.
Alvord, Charles G., Liverpool, N.Y. 1868. Born November 21,1852, in Liverpool, N.Y. 
  Married September 19, 1873, to Blanche B. Bachelder. Attended Bryant & Stratton's 
  Business College, Syracuse, N.Y. Cigar Manufacturer. Present residence, Liverpool, N.Y.
Anderson, William C., Newfield, N.Y. 1868. Unmarried. Railroad Contractor in Iowa.
Adams, Horace, Camden, N.Y. 1868. Unmarried. Clerk. Present residence, Thorndale, Pa.
Allen, De Witt E., Mohawk, N.Y. 1868. Unmarried. Merchant. Present residence, Mohawk, N.Y.
Anderson, William H., Syracuse, N.Y. 1868. Unmarried. Clerk. Present residence, Joliet, Ill.
Antes, George W., Cicero, N.Y. 1868. Married Rosa Jackson. Farmer. Present residence, Cicero, N.Y.
Austin, Olin, Ilion, N.Y. 1868. Unmarried. Farmer. Present residence, Greeley, Col.
Avery, Frank C., Ledyard, N.Y. 1868. Unmarried. Engineer. Residence, Fort Collins, Col.
Avery, George P., Ledyard, N.Y. 1868. Student, Syracuse University. 
Avery, Wendell L., Perryville, N.Y. 1868. Farmer. Residence, Perryville.
Arnold, Wesley, A., Syracuse, N.Y. 1869. Student, Syracuse University. 
Adams, Lucius C. H., Whitehall, N.Y. 1869. Student at Union College and 
  Drew Theological Seminary. Member New York Conference. Post-office address, Rhinebeck, N.Y.
Amidon, Cheney, Marcellus, N.Y. 1870. Farmer. Residence, South Onondaga, N.Y.
Avery, William H., Ledyard, N.Y. 1871.
Ackley, William, Cazenovia, N.Y. 1871. Present residence, New Woodstock, N. Y.
Andrews, Marion, Euclid, N.Y. 1871. Married Georgia Dounce. Merchant at Cuyler, N.Y.
Annas, William J., De Ruyter, N.Y. 1871. Married Ida Johnson. Lawyer. 
Adams, John S., Syracuse, N.Y. 1872. Present residence, New Orleans, La.
Andrews, Irving R., Cicero, N.Y. 1872.
Avery, Allen H., Manlius, N.Y. 1872.
Avery, S. Egbert, Manlius, N.Y. 1872. Residence, Manlius.
Ayer, Frederick H., born in De Ruyter, N.Y., Nov. 21, 1855. 1872 to 1876. Farmer. 
Residence, Cazenovia, N.Y.
Ayer, William K., Cazenovia. 1872. Farmer. Residence. Cazenovia. 
Andrews, Henry C., Logan, N.Y. 1873 to 1876. Married Lydia L. Oltz. 
  Clergyman of the M. E. Church. Residence, Cazenovia.
Allen, Melvin J., Richford, Vt. 1873.
Aldridge, Elmer V., Montezuma, N.Y. 1873 to 1876.
Arthur, Frank E., Lowville, N.Y. 1873. Student.
Avery, Charles A., Perryville, N.Y. 1873. Farmer.
Andrews, Burton B., Cicero, N.Y. 1873. Student.
Atwater, Allen E., Throopsville, N.Y. 1873. Student.
Adams, Frank S., Cazenovia. 1873. Student.
Avery, George W., Oswego, N.Y. 1873. Student.
Ackler, Julian, Ilion, N.Y. 1874. Student.
Armour, Charles W., Valley Mills, N.Y. 1874 to 1876. Student.

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