First Fifty Years of Cazenovia Seminary


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Madison County


Elmer, Libbeus E., born in Columbia, Herkimer Co., N.Y., October 28, 1811. Student 
  in 1826, from Richfield, N.Y. Married January 18, 1834, to Charlotte R. Mudge, of 
  Rome, N.Y. Merchant. Has held the offices of U. S. Deputy Marshal, Deputy Sheriff, 
  U. S. Assistant Assessor, U. S. Deputy Collector. Insurance Agent. Residence, Rome, N.Y.
Elmore, Selah P., Cazenovia, N.Y. 1826. Married Miss Wallace, of Pompey,
  N.Y. Farmer. Residence, Princeton, Ill.
Eastman, Neill, Fenner, N.Y. 1827. Married Amancy Wright. Deceased. Farmer. Residence, 
  Peterborough, N.Y.
Ehle, Henry, Sullivan, N.Y. 1827. Farmer. Residence, Chittenango, N.Y.
Earll, Elijah B., Onondaga, N.Y. 1831. Present residence unknown.
Ercanbrack, Lorenzo, Richfield, N.Y. 1873. Present residence unknown.
Eaton, William M., Vernon, N.Y. 1832. Married Miss Upham. Farmer. Deceased.
Elliott, Benjamin J., alias Nahkahnoshsheh, Grape Island, U.C. 1833. Present residence unknown.
Ellis, Albert, Onondaga, N.Y. 1833. Married Jane Wells. Farmer in Onondaga Valley.
Eaton, Albert, Nelson, N.Y. 1834. Present residence unknown.
Eddy, John, Cazenovia, N.Y. 1834. Married Elizabeth Smalldridge, of Cazenovia. Farmer. 
  Residence, Harmony, Ill.
Elliott, John, alias Omeshahkeyahsegah, River Credit, U.C. 1834. Present residence unknown.
Ellis, Lorenzo D., Adams, N.Y. 1834. Deceased.
Ellwood, Daniel D., Minden, N.Y. 1834. Married Peggy Tingue. Farmer in Starkville, N.Y. 
Ellwood, Gasheree D., Minden, N.Y. 1834. Married Jannette De Forrest.
State Senator. Deceased.
Emigh, Stephen, Half Moon, N.Y. 1835. Married Mary Mott. Retired farmer in Waterford.
Esselstyne, Richard M., Cape Vincent, N.Y. 1835. Present residence unknown.
Enos, Meigs, Hampton, N. Y, 1836. Deceased.
Eddy, Lyman A., (see Sketch, Part l,) Milford, N.Y. 1836. Married Mrs. Laura Porter. 
  Clergyman. Residence, Cazenovia.
Eddy, David, Scipio, N.Y. 1838. Farmer. Deceased.
Emerick, Adam, born in Lysander, Onondaga Co., N.Y., January 10, 1817. Student in 1837. 
  Married December 14, 1849, to Eveline Tator, of Planeville, N.Y. Farmer. Residence, 
  Fayette, Ohio.
Emerick, David W. Lysander, N.Y. 1837. Deceased.
Ehle, George, Cazenovia, N.Y. 1838. Deceased.
Enos, John M., Westmoreland, N.Y. 1839. Deceased.
Edgerton, Marvin, Delphi, N.Y. 1840. Present residence unknown.
Empey, Solomon, Canajoharie, N.Y. 1840. Miner in California.
Evits, Albert, Nelson, N.Y. 1841. Married Miss Morey. Farmer in Smithfield, N.Y.
Eales, Joseph, Canastota, N.Y. 1841. Present residence unknown.
Eames, Nathaniel W., Vienna, N.Y. 1842. Present residence unknown.
Eddy, Frederick F., born in Devonshire, England, October 24, 1834. Student
 in 1842. Married May 13, 1863, to Miss Mary A. Logan, of Freeport, Pa.
 Mason. Residence, Cazenovia.
Eliot, George; New Hartford, N.Y. 1843. Clergyman in Michigan.
Egggleston, Alvan B., Vienna, N.Y. 1844. Deceased.
Eigabroadt, David, Oneida, N.Y. 1845. Married Sarah Thrasher. Teacher in Cazenovia.
Ellis, Oscar F., Woodstock, N.Y. 1845. Mechanic. Residence, Wellsborough, Pennslyvania.
Elwood, David P., Danube, N.Y. 1846. Married Minerva Arndt, Farmer in Jackson, Mich.
Elwood, Reuben, born in Fort Plain, N.Y., February 12, 1827. Student in 1847. 
  Married September 26, 1851, to Miss Catharine Dillenback, of Danube, N.Y. Farmer. 
  Dealer in butter, cheese, and hops. Residence, Fort Plain.
Eddy, Franklin O., Scipio, N.Y. 1848. Married Alice Gray. Farmer at Scipio. 
Ellison, Henry D., Middleville, N.Y. 1848. Married E. J. Arnold. Farmer at Middleville.
Elinwood Truman J., N.Y. 1848. Present residence unknown.
Evans, E. Truman, South Trenton, N.Y. 1848. Present residence, Arcade, N.Y.
Eames, Henry A., Utica, N.Y. 1850. Deceased. 
Elliott, James H., Baldwinsville, N.Y. 1850. Deceased.
Eddy, R. Newton, born in Verona, N.Y., June 10, 1840. Student in 1850. Continued 
  studies in Wesleyan University, Middletown, Conn. Served three years as commissioned 
  officer in the late war. Residence, Cazenovia, N.Y.
Earl, Frederick R., Dover, Iowa. 1850. Married Martha Lawrence. Farmer. Residence, 
  Door Village, Ind.
Eddy, Theodore, Milford, N.Y. 1851. Married Hannah North. Dentist. Deceased.
Edic, Charles, Marcy, N.Y. 1851. Present residence unknown.
Egert, Lucius W., Truxton, N.Y. 1851. Merchant. Deceased.
Ely, Warren, Clinton, N.Y. 1851. Present residence unknown.
Emanbracker, Thomas J., Galatin, Miss. 1851. Present residence unknown. 
Eaton, Norman P., Onondaga, N.Y. 1852. Present residence unknown. 
Eldridge, Enoch P., Pitcher, N.Y. 1853. Married Sarah Hutchins. Clergyman in Mt. Upton, N.Y.
Eaton, Wesley Charles, born in Willet, N.Y., March 22, 1833. Student in 1853. Married 
  September 12, 1854, to Frances A. Moore, of M'Donough, N.Y. Studied law with Col. William C. 
  Wilson, of Lafayette Ind. Was a soldier in the late war for nearly four years. Residence, 
  Lafayette, Ind.
Eddy, George N., Clayton, N.Y. 1853. Residence unknown.
Eggleston, Asahel C., Oxford, N.Y. 1853. Clergyman. Residence, Bridgeport, Conn.
Edmunds, Lewis M., born in Green Corners, N.Y., February 6,1832. Student 1854. Registered 
  from Wales, N.Y. Continued studies at Albion College, Albion, Michigan. Did not gtaduate. 
  Joined the Michigan Conference in 1857. Pastor ever since Married, September 1, 1858, 
  Miss Mary E. Thorp, of Tompkins, Michigan. In 1875 was appointed Presiding Elder of 
  Pentwater District. Present residence, Pentwater, Mich.
Evans, William L., Madison, N.Y. 1854. Deceased.
Eldridge, Adelbert D., Oneida, N.Y. 1854. Lumber merchant in Coldwater, Mich.
Elmore, De Witt W., born in Cazenovia, N.Y., December 30, 1938. Student in 1855. Married 
  September 12, 1865, to Miss L. Augusta Buck of Arlington, Vt. Is interested in the 
  Arlington Car Works. President residence, Arlington, Vt. 
Eldridge, John H., Port Byron, N.Y. 1855. Commercial Agent. Residence, Port Byron.
Edgerton, Charles, born in Sullivan, N.Y. North Manlius, N.Y. 1856. Married, February 4, 1863, to 
  Amelia Barton, of North Manlius. Merchant. Residence, Shortsville, N.Y.
Elderkin, Henry S., Camillus, N.Y. 1857. Married Alice Hess. Farmer. Present residence unknown.
English, Lucius D., Nelson, N.Y. 1857. Married Louisa Hamilton, of Nelson. Merchant at that place.
Elting, Ezekiel A., Owasco, N.Y. 1858. Married Helen Tompkins, deceased. Farmer at Owasco.
Elmore, Emory, Preble, N.Y. 1858. Merchant in Le Roy, N.Y.
Eastman, Benjamin, Fenner, N.Y. 1859. Married Adelia Britt, of Fenner. Farmer. Residence, 
  Whitneyville, Iowa.
Elderkin, George D., Camillus, N.Y. Married Mary Willard. Clerk in Oak Park, Ill.
Elks, Delos M., Georgetown, N.Y. 1860. Mechanic at that place.
Ensign, Warren H., Erieville, N.Y. 1860. Married Helen O. Jackson. Physician. Residence, Cedar Falls, Iowa.
Edson, Starks, Albany, N.Y. 1861. Present residence unknown.
Eddy, Allen I., Scipio, N.Y. 1861. Married Mary White. Farmer at Scipio. 
Eaton, Ward, Manlius, N.Y. 1861. Married Harriet Hodgenan. Farmer. Residence, Hamilton Center, N.Y.
Eastman, Philo J., Peterborough, N.Y. 1861. Married Elizabeth May. Farmer. Deceased.
Eastman, T., Jefferson, N.Y. 1868. Born in Nelson, N.Y., Jan. 8, 1841. Married, May 1, 1866, to Miss 
  Julia M. Fonda, of Smithfield, N.Y. Street car Conductor. Traveling Agent. Now a farmer in Whitneyville, Iowa. 
Elwood, I. Newton, Starkville, N.Y. 1861. Married Anna C. Haupt, of Newville, N.Y. Clergyman, 
  Residence, Morenci, Mich.
Eastman, E. Delavan, Peterborough, N.Y., 1861. Married Maria R. May, of Fenner. Farmer. 
  Residence, Whitneyville, Iowa.
Edgerton, Le Roy, Delphi, N.Y. 1862. Present residence unknown.
Evarts, Adelbert, born in Nelson, N.Y., February 26, 1843. Erieville, N.Y. 1863, Married Helen Perkins. 
  Farmer. Post-office address, Cazenovia. 
Ellis, Lawrence W., Georgetown, N.Y. 1863. Farmer. Residence, Otselic, N.Y.
Edmonds, Samuel, Owasco, N.Y. 1863. Married Emily E. Sharks. Physician. Residence, Alexandria, Ill.
Eddy, Arthur J., Milford, N.Y. 1863. Banker at Milford.
Elliott, George W., born in New York city, November 1,1848. Student in this Seminary in 1864. After leaving 
  this school, continued studies at Wesleyan University from 1868 to 1872. Syracuse University, from 1872 to 
  1873. Received title of A.B. Teacher of Greek and Latin in Auburn High School 1870 to 1871. Assistant Editor 
  "Northern Christian Advocate" 1873 to 1874. Night Editor of Rochester "Daily Democrat and Chronicle" since 1874. 
  Residence, Rochester, N.Y.
Eaton, Lucian A., Manlius, N.Y. 1864. Merchant in Chicago, Ill.
Elwood, Philip H., Starkville, N.Y. 1865. Apiarian. Residence, Starkville.
Elmore, James N., Woodstock, N.Y. 1865. Farmer at that place.
Elmore, Dion T., born in Clockville, N.Y., July 29, 1845. Student in 1865. Married Miss Jane E. Darrow, of 
  West Eaton, N.Y. Farmer and Editor. Residence, Franklin Falls, N. H.
Ely, William H., Ilion, N.Y. 1865. Married Margaret Lewis. Clergyman. Present residence, Marion, N.Y.
Elliott, George W., (see Sketch, Part I,) Ilion, N.Y. 1865. Married Margaret Murphy. Now Teacher 
  in Bryant and Stratton's Business College, Philadelphia, Pa.
Enos, Charles H., Skaneateles, N.Y. 1866. Farmer. Residence, Skaneateles.
Edgerton, Harrison R., Delphi, N.Y. 1866. Married Marilla Hawks. Farmer. Residence, Woodbine, Iowa.
Evans, John W., Marcellus, N.Y. Married Anna Edwards. Manufacturer. Residence, Waupacca, Wis.
Edson, Daniel M., Fleming, N.Y. 1867. Married Delia Kilbourn. Residence, Auburn, N.Y.
Ellinwood, Edson M., Rose, N.Y. 1867. Born in Utica, N.Y., December 15, 1847. Married 
  October 16, 1869, to Miss Susie Wells, of Springville, N.Y. Engineer and school teacher. Residence, Rose.
Ellis, Fillmore D., Georgetown, N.Y. 1867. Farmer. Present residence, Georgetown.
Elwood, Byron, Houseville, N.Y. 1867. Present residence unknown.
Ecker, Lester, Springfield, N.Y. 1868. Married Julia Johnston. Farmer. Present residence, Springfield.
Elden, Judson E., Camden, N.Y. 1868. Married Josephine E. Smith, of Cazenovia. Engineer in Syracuse, N.Y.
Elsom, John F., Preble, N.Y. 1868. Editor. Present residence, Chicago, Illinois.
Ensign, James E., Erieville, N.Y. 1868. Graduated in class of 1874. Is now continuing 
  studies in Syracuse University.
Edwards, Julius S., Bridgeport, N.Y. 1870. Present residence unknown.
Edgerton, Franklin A., Ava, N.Y. 1871. Lawyer in Ava.
Eaton, John D., Willet, N.Y. 1871. Now a teacher at that place. 
Eddy, Charles B., Milford, N.Y. 1872. Present residence, same place. 
Everson, Giles B., Manlius, N.Y. 1872. Present residence, same place. 
Evans, Charles, born in Newton, Wales, 1851. Marcellus, N.Y. 1872. Is now teaching 
  school in Waupacca, Waupacca County, Wis.
Ecker, John H., Camillus. 1872. Residence, Belle Isle, N.Y.
Edwards, William, Utica, N.Y. 1872. Present residence, Utica.
English, Charles D., Nelson, N.Y. 1873. Farmer at Nelson.
Ely, Arthur D., Ilion, N.Y. 1874. Residence, Ilion.
Edwards, William R., Cazenovia, N.Y. 1874. Residence, Cazenovia.

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