First Fifty Years of Cazenovia Seminary


Catalogue Index

Madison County


Ingersoll, Samuel C., Cazenovia. 1825. Married Laura Case, deceased; afterward Sarah 
  Crocker, deceased. Mechanic. Deceased.
Ingalls, Rosman, Binghamton, N.Y. 1850. Present residence unknown.
Ingersoll, William, Cazenovia. 1835. Married Anna Johnson. Farmer. Deceased.
Ingham, Silas A., Manlius, N.Y. 1835. Married Elizabeth M'Lean. Physician. Residence, 
  Little Falls, N.Y.
Ingham, Samuel S., Manheim, N.Y. 1836. Dentist. Residence, Utica, N.Y. 
Irvine, William, Whitney's Point, N.Y. 1837. Married Phoebe A. Belcher. Lawyer. 
  Residence, San Francisco, Cal.
Ireland, William, Owego. N.Y. 1841. Present residence unknown.
Irish, Luther, Perryville, N.Y. 1845. Married Eveline Britton. Merchant. Deceased.
Ingham, Charles D., Sullivan, N.Y. 1846. Married Ermine Reynolds. Manufacturer. 
  Residence, Vergennes, Vt.
Irish, Joseph E., Perryville, N.Y. 1848. Married Lucy E. Britton, deceased; afterward 
  Isabella H. Cobban. Clergyman. Residence, Baraboo, Wisconsin.
Ingersoll, Delos, Ilion, N.Y. 1850. Married Mary Truax. Farmer. Residence, Ilion.
Ingersoll, Horace P., North Evans, N.Y. 1851. Married Phoebe A. Smith. Farmer at 
  North Evans.
Irons, Virgil P., Cazenovia. 1852. Married Lucy Williamson, deceased; afterward Ella 
  Booth, of Syracuse, N.Y. Merchant. Residence, Syracuse, N.Y.
Ingham, Darwin S., Manheim, N.Y. 1852. Broker. Deceased.
Irons, Charles A., Cazenovia. 1853. Merchant. Residence, Syracuse, N.Y. 
Irons, Daniel, Cazenovia. 1853. Married Betsy Arnold. Artist. Residence, Norwich, N.Y.
Ingersoll, Franklin L., Evans, N.Y. 1854. Present residence unknown.
Irwin, George J. W., Greece, N.Y. 1854. Deceased.
Irish, George W. Born in Nelson, N.Y., July 4, 1828. Student in 1862. Married, 
  December 21, 1872, Miss Louisa M. Richardson, of Nelson. Postmaster at Cedar Falls, 
  Iowa, in 1866-67. Officer of New York Assembly in 1875. State Census Marshal 
  in 1875. Address, Cazenovia.
Ingersoll, Morgan, Oppenheim, N.Y. 1862. Married Miss Timmerman. Farmer. Residence, 
Ingersoll, Albert H., Bridgeport, N.Y. 1863. Farmer. Deceased. 
Ingraham, George W., Cazenovia. 1865. Graduated in Collegiate Preparatory Course, 1868. 
  Continued studies at Cornell University, and graduated there. Taught in Pennsylvania. 
  Now in Europe attending lectures. Residence, Cazenovia.
Ives, William H., Guilford Center, N.Y. 1868. Merchant. Residence, Madison, N.Y.
Irish, Charles M., Nelson, N.Y. 1869. Married Mary Webber, of Woodstock, N.Y. Farmer. 
  Residence, Nelson.
Isaac, David, Jun., Nelson, N.Y. 1872. Farmer. Residence, Nelson. 
Ingraham, G. Irving. Born in Amenia, N.Y., December 1, 1851. Student in 1872. Lawyer. 
  Residence, Amenia.
Ingalls, Willis A., Peterborough, N.Y. 1873. Farmer. Residence, Peterborough, N.Y.

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