First Fifty Years of Cazenovia Seminary


Catalogue Index

Madison County



Loomis, Silas L., Cazenovia, N.Y. 1824. Married Miss Jerome, deceased; afterward,
  Harriet Johnson, of Cazenovia. Farmer. Residence, Cazenovia.
Lord, Asa, Cazenovia. 1824. Deceased.
Lathrope, John, Smithfield, N.Y. 1824. Present residence unknown.
Loomis, Harry H., Cazenovia. 1825. Married Mary Shedd, of Homer, N.Y. Merchant. Deceased.
Lacy, Isaac, Cazenovia, N.Y. 1826. Married Rhoda Moore, deceased; afterward, 
  Nancy Moore. Paper Manufacturer. Deceased.
Lacy, Daniel W., Cazenovia. 1826. Married Tamar Quaife, of Cazenovia.
Mechanic. Deceased.
Lamond, Robert, Richfield, N.Y. 1826. Present residence unknown.
Ledyard, Lincklaen, (see Sketch, Part I,) Cazenovia. 1828. Married Helen C. Seymour, 
  of Utica, N.Y. Deceased.
Lansing, Wendell, Sullivan, N.Y. 1828. Editor. Residence, Plattsburg, N.Y.
Lawrence, Richard, Rochester, N.Y. 1828. Joined the Ohio Conference 1834. Married, 1836, 
  Lucina Fossette. Died in 1865 at Jackson, Mich. 
Litchfield, Edwin C., (see Sketch, Part I,) Delphi, N.Y. 1828. Married Grace Hubbard, of 
  Utica, N.Y. Lawyer. Residence, Brooklyn, N.Y. 
Lyman, Lester B., Hanover, N.Y. 1828. Present residence unknown.
Lyon, John E., Oswego Falls, N.Y. 1828. Married Catherine Tracy. Miller in Oswego, N.Y. 
Lewis, William R., Cazenovia. 1828, Present residence unknown.
Loomis, Thomas C., Sempronius, N.Y. 1828. Married Miss Murphy. Teacher. Deceased.
Lyman, Joseph T., Smithfield, N.Y. 1828. Lawyer. Deceased.
Leonard, Lewis F., Cazenovia. 1828. Married Cornelia Jones, deceased. Merchant. 
  Residence No. 6 Montague-street, New York city.
Lathrooe, John M., Sherburne, N.Y. 1828 Deceased.
Lexton, Joseph H., De Ruyter, N.Y. 1828. Editor. Residence, Troy, N.Y.
Lee, Charles, Penn Yan, N.Y. 1828. Married Mary Hall. Is now in Custom House office. 
  Residence, Savannah, Ga.
Lavego, John, Devonshire, Eng. 1829. Married Arvilla Wilder. Clergyman. Deceased.
Lyons, William, Presque Isle, U.C. 1829. Present residence unknown.
Loomis, Augustus W., Cazenovia, N.Y. 1830. Married Mary A. Luce, deceased; 
  afterward, Mary A. Acres. Missionary and Clergyman. Residence, San Francisco, Cal.
Lymon, E. C., Sherburne, N.Y. 1830. Married Mercy White. Physician. Residence, Sherburne, N.Y.
Laurens, Reuben, Rochester, N.Y. 1830. Present residence unknown.
Luce, Alonzo B., New Boston, N.Y. 1830. Married Penthesilia Lawrence. Landlord. 
  Residence, Savannah, Ga.
Lest, C. V. N., Le Roy, N.Y. 1830. Present residence unknown. 
Lowber, Robert, Batavia, N.Y. 1830. Present residence unknown.
Loomis, John, Jun., Cazenovia. 1831. Married Julia Frizzelle, of Woodstock, N.Y. 
  Tanner and Currier. Residence, Independence, Iowa.
Lambert, Dillaplain, Rochester, N.Y. 1831. Present residence unknown.
Latham, John, York, U.C. 1831. Present residence unknown.
Lawrence, Melatrah H., Penn Yan, N.Y. 1831. Married Margaret Togart. Farmer at Penn Yan.
Loomis, Leach S., Onondaga, N.Y. 1831. Present residence unknown.
Lum, Charles D., Braintrim, Pa. 1831. Married Miss Spafford. Clergyman. Deceased.
Leymes, Alexander, Salina, N.Y. 1832. Clerk. Residence, Oswego, N.Y. 
Lovell, Vincent S. Whitestown, N.Y. 1832. Died in Elgin, Ill. 
Leihy, Isaac M., Richland, N.Y. 1833. Present residence unknown. 
Lockwood, Bostwick F., Durham, S. C. 1833. Present residence unknown. 
Lane, George W., Berwick, Pa. 1833. Was a Professor in Randolph College. Decreased.
Lyon, James H., Oswego, N.Y. 1833. Book-keeper. Residence, Chicago, Illinois.
Lamberson, George, Camillus, N.Y. 1834. Present residence unknown. 
Lamberson, Nicholas, Camillus, N.Y. 1834. Present residence unknown. 
Lathrap, Elba M., Otselic, N.Y. 1834. Present residence unknown.
Losee, Samuel. A., Washington, N.Y. 1834. Present residence unknown. 
Lane, Charles A., Berwick, Pa. 1835. Married Mary S. Tracy. Merchant. Deceased.
Lewis, Sanford C., Pompey, N.Y. 1835. Married Juliett Pease. Farmer at Pompey.
Lacy, James M., Dryden, N.Y. 1835. Present residence unknown.
Lambert, Rufus S., Lowville, N.Y. 1835. Farmer. Deceased.
Landon, David, Venice, N.Y. 1835. Present residence unknown.
Lewis, Anson, Candor, N.Y. 1835. Married Lucy Gilbert. Merchant. Residence, Port Carbon, Pa.
Landon, Loftus, Syracuse, N.Y. 1835.  Present residence unknown.
Lewis, Nathan, Granby, N.Y. 1835. Present residence unknown.
Loomis, Benjamin N., Milton, N.Y. 1835. Married Sarah A. Gardner. Lawyer. Residence, Binghamton, N.Y.
Lyon, Caleb, Jun., Lyonsdale, N.Y. 1835. Married Anna Springstein. Residence, Staten Island, N.Y.
Lathrap, Levi B., Otselic, N.Y. 1836. Present residence unknown. 
Leonard, Augustus A., Cazenovia, N.Y. 1836. Married Caroline Weed, deceased; afterward, 
  Maria Fray, of Cazenovia. Farmer. Residence, Newark, N.Y.
Lawton, Daniel B., Fowler, N.Y. 1836. Born at Gouverneur, N.Y., June 5, 1814. 
  Married Oct. 15, 1837, to Miss Pamelia Carrington. Joined the Black River Conference in 1836. 
  Was transferred to Holston Conference, Tenn. Is now a farmer. Residence, Knoxville, Tenn.
Leggett, Ezra T., Covert, N.Y. 1836. Present residence unknown.
Lusk, De Witt C., Lysander, N.Y. 1836. Went to Sandwich Islands. Deceased.
Lewis, Charles N., Manlius, N.Y. 1836. Express agent. Deceased. 
Lewis, Morgan, Binghamton, N.Y. 1836. Deceased.
Lewis, Frederick, Binghamton, N.Y. 1836. Merchant. Residence, Binghamton.
Larned, Edward, Peruville, N.Y. 1836. Married Miss M. J. Smiley. Farmer. Residence, Peruville.
Lumsden, William, Ottonobee, U.C. 1836. Born in Wexford, Ireland. Continued studies at Kenyon College, Ohio, 
  and Victoria College, Coburg, Canada. Received title of M.A. from Victoria College. 
  Married Frances Hayden, of Coburg. Minister of St. John's Church, Hamilton, Ontario. Residence, Hamilton.
Lobdell, George, Nelson, N.Y. 1837. Mechanic in Michigan.
Lockwood, Charles, Cazenovia. 1837. Farmer. Residence, Coral, Ill.
Lane, R. B., Romulus, N.Y. 1837. Present residence unknown.
Lount, Charles, Guiternberg, U.C. 1837. Present residence unknown. 
Landon, George, Wilkesbarre, Pa. 1837. Graduated at Wesleyan University in 1840. Joined New England Conference. 
  Stationed at Malden, Mass., Boston, Springfield, Union-street, Springfield. In 1849 engaged in farming in 
  Herrick, Bradford Co., Pa. Preached only occasionally, on account of diseased throat, 1854 to 1858. 
  Presiding Elder Wyalusing District, Wyoming Conference, in 1859 to 1861. 1866 to 1868, member of 
  Pennsylvania Senate. From 1862 to 1865 and 1869 to 1873 in business. Married in 1842 and again in 18620. 
  Present residence, Herrick, Bradford Co., Pa.
Loomis, Anson C., Lenox, N.Y. 1837. Present residence unknown.
Lewis, Ira, Brockville, U.C. 1838. Present residence unknown.
Lusk, James, Lysander, N.Y. 1838. Deceased.
Ledyard, John D., Cazenovia. 1838. Married Elizabeth Fitzbugh, of Mount Morris, N.Y. Farmer. Deceased.
Lee, George W., Cortland, N.Y. 1838. Now a physician in the West. 
Ledyard, George S. Born in Cazenovia in 1825. Student in 1838. Continued studies at 
  Collegiate School, College Hill, Poughkeepsie, N.Y. Married Miss Fitzhugh, of Groveland, Livingston Co., N.Y. 
  Is now retired from active business. Residence, Cazenovia. 
Lanning, Albert P., Dryden, N.Y. 1839. Present residence unknown. 
Lansing, William E., (see Sketch, Part I,) Perryville, N.Y. 1839. Married Gertrude Brown. Lawyer. 
  Residence, Syracuse, N.Y.
Lansing, E. H, Perryville, N.Y. Married Delia Brooks, of Perryville. Real Estate business. Deceased.
Leonard, J. C. Born in Smyrna, N.Y., Aug. 11, 1817. Student in 1839. Continued studies at 
  Hamilton College. Married Nov. 8, 1845, Martha H. Troiss, of  Burlington, Mich. 
  State senator one term. Land Agent. Residence, Union City, Mich.
Loomis, J. N., Wampsville, N.Y. 1839. Present residence unknown.
Ladd, James A., Van Buren, N.Y. 1840. Married Jane Pane. Farmer. Residence, Van Buren.
Lasher, James D., Fulton, N.Y. 1840. Married Lucy Wells. Present residence, Fulton.  
Loomis, Erastus F., Cazenovia. 1840. Deceased.
Lamb, Daniel P., Lenox, N.Y. 1841. Married Amelia Palmer, Farmer. Residence, Clockville, N.Y.
Lamberson, Alfred, Camillus, N.Y. 1841. Married Sarah Steven. Residence, Vinton, Iowa.
Lathrop, Samuel G., New York Mills, N.Y. 1841. Married Cynthia Cleary.  Clergyman. Superintendent of 
  Women's College. Residence, Evanston, Illinois.
Lewis, John R, Vernon, N.Y. 1841. Present residence unknown.
Little, James, Lysander, N.Y. 1841. Deceased.
Lee, James O., Clay, N.Y. 1842. Merchant. Residence, Clay.
Loveless, Ransom, Jun., Butler, N.Y. 1842. Present residence unknown.
Lyman, Thomas E., Stockbridge, N.Y. 1842. Deceased. 
Larrabee, Lyman J., Cazenovia. 1843. Present residence unknown.
Lobdell, Floyd K., Cazenovia. 1844. Married Clarinda De Wolf. Farmer. Residence, Belvidere, Ill. 
Lucas, William, Cazenovia, N.Y. 1844. Married Mary A. Hyde, deceased; afterward, 
  Amelia Wickham. Farmer. Residence, Ashtabula, O.
Lee, Saybrook, Camillus, N.Y. 1844. Deceased.
Lake, Albert L., Cazenovia. N.Y. 1845. Married Sarah A. Card, of Cazenovia. Dentist. Present residence unknown.
Lake, Seneca, Cazenovia, N.Y. 1845. Married Cornelia Chubbuck, of Cazenovia. Printer. Residence, New York city.
Lamb, Frederick F., Lenox, N.Y. 1845. Farmer. Residence, Lenox.
Lamb, Oliver P., Lenox, N.Y. 1845. Married Margarette Woodworth, of Lenox. Farmer. Residence, Lenox.
Lake, Alvin M. Born in Truxton, Cortland Co., N.Y., Feb. 27, 1837. Student in 1845. Married April 13, 1858, to 
  Miss Amelia Haight, of Cazenovia. Clergyman in the Central New York Conference for sixteen years; transferred, 
  to New Jersey Conference in 1874. Now stationed at Union-street Methodist Episcopal Church, Burlington, N.J. 
  Residence, Burlington. 
Litchfield, Everett E., Cazenovia, N.Y. 1845 Married Helen Kellogg, of Cazenovia. Merchant in New York city.
Litchfield, Egbert S. Cazenovia, N.Y. 1845. Merchant. New York city. 
Lansing, A. Augustus, Perryville, N.Y. 1846. Married Voluette Colgrove, of Perryville. Farmer. Residence, Perryville.
Lee, James H., Lysander, N.Y. 1846. Merchant. Phoenix, N.Y. 
Lyman, Jefferson, Warren, N.Y. 1846. Married Louisa Peck. Farmer at Jordanville, N.Y.
Long, Alva H., Camillus, N.Y. 1846. Married Martha White, of Paris Hill, N.Y. Teacher. Residence, Chittenango, N.Y.
Loomis, George W., Westmoreland, N.Y. 1847. Married Sarah Viel. Deceased.
Lamberson, Moser H., Camillus, N.Y. 1848. Present residence unknown.
Lane, Leander W., Potter, N.Y. 1848. Present residence unknown.
Ledyard, Lambertus W. Born in Cazenovia, N.Y., April 8, 1836. Student in 1848. Continued studies at 
  Poughkeepsie Collegiate School. Lawyer. Retired from  active business. Residence, Cazenovia.
Legg, Judson L., Speedsville, N.Y. 1848. Married Sabra E. Clark. Clergyman. Deceased. 
Loomis, Charles L., De Witt, N.Y. 1848. Engineer. Deceased.
Loomis, George, De Witt, N.Y. 1848. Married Kate Ashley. Merchant. Residence, San Francisco, Cal. 
Littlefield, Horace, Belleville, N.Y. 1849. Present residence unknown.
Loomis, James F., Cazenovia, N.Y. 1849. Married Louisa Sims, of Cazenouia. Farmer. Deceased.
Lownsbury, Benjamin F., Oxford, N.Y. 1849. Merchant. Residence, Jamestown, N.Y.
Lynch, Cornelius M., Syracuse, N.Y. 1849. Present residence unknown.
Lawrence, Josiah W., Syracuse, N.Y. 1850. Present residence unknown. 
Lawrence, George, Clockville, N.Y. 1850. Married Miss Pratt. Hop dealer. Residence, Oneida, N.Y.
Lampman, Lorenzo D., Marcy, N.Y. 1850. Present residence unknown. 
Longstreet, James 0., Onondaga, N.Y. 1850. Married Josephine Christopher. Clergyman. Deceased.
Loomis, George W., Lowell. N.Y. 1850. Merchant. Deceased.  
Losey, John H., Pompey, N.Y. 1850. Merchant. Residence, Syracuse, N.Y.
Lownsbury, George W., Sullivan, N.Y. 1850. Married Miss Avery. Merchant. Residence, San Francisco, Cal. 
Loveland, Levi A., Lenox, N.Y. 1852 Married Isabella Munson. Florist. Residence, Newark, N.Y.
La Fort, Thomas, Onondaga, N.Y. 1851. Farmer. Residence, Onondaga Castle, N.Y.
Lockhart, John, Vienna, N.Y. 1851. Present residence unknown. 
Loomis, George E., Fenner, N.Y. 1851. Married Helen O. Elmore, of Chittenango Falls, N.Y. Teacher and Farmer. Deceased.
Lyman, James M., Warren, N.Y. 1851. Married Helen A. Blair. Lumber dealer. Residence, Toledo, Ohio.
Lamberson, Stephen, Camillus, N.Y. 1852. Present residence unknown.
Lamkin, Bradley S., Vienna, N.Y. 1852. Present residence unknown. 
Langdon, A. Dow, Syracuse, N.Y. 1852. Present residence unknown.
Lewis, Alonzo H., Homer, N.Y. 1852. Present residence unknown. 
Lewis, Heber M., Madison, N.Y. 1852. Married De Etta Squires. Farmer. Deceased. 
Longstreet, Joseph B., Onondaga, N.Y. 1852. Married Margaret M. Jacott. Clergyman at Phoenix, N.Y.
Lord, Isaiah, Pharsalia, N.Y. 1852. Clergyman. Deceased. 
Loveland, Bradford C., Canastota, N.Y. 1853. Teacher. Deceased. 
Lyon, William W., Nelson, N.Y. 1852. Married Nettie E. Richardson, of Erieville, N.Y. Farmer. Nelson.
Lapham, Byron J., born in Marshall, N.Y., Feb. 8, 1835. Student in 1853. Married Sarah. M. Head, Oct. 21, 1868. 
  Farmer. Residence, Paris Hill, N.Y.
Larrabee, Dwight, Paris Hill, N.Y. 1853. Married Margaret Harrison. Merchant. Residence, Utica, N.Y.
Leggett, Charles R., Ledyard, N.Y. 1853. Present residence unknown.
Lindsley, Benjamin D., Vernon, N.Y. 1853. Farmer. Deceased.
Lyon, Marlin, Fenner, N.Y. 1853. Married Electa Hyatt. Farmer. Residence, Fenner.
Leland, Osmar B., Morrisville, N.Y. 1854. Married Mary Cutler. Farmer. Deceased.
Lewis, Sirah, Niles, N.Y. 1854. Drover. Residence, Texas.
Lewis, Benjamin, F., Niles, N.Y. 1854. Married Mary A. Baker. Lawyer. Residence, New Hope, N.Y.
Lewis, William H., Niles, N.Y. 1854. Married Adaline Goodrich. Farmer. Deceased.
Leaming, Thomas J., Mt. Morris, N.Y. 1854. Second Lieutenant in the late war. Died at Chancellorsville, Va.
Lawrence, Thomas S., Clockville, N.Y. 1854. Married Margaret Winchell, of Lenox, N.Y. Farmer. Residence, Clockville.
Loveland, Philander, Florence, N.Y. 1854. Teacher. Residence, Camden, N.Y.
Lawson. George W., Cazenovia, N.Y. 1854. Married Emma Freeman. Clerk. Residence, Cazenovia.
Leyden, Maurice, Collamer, N.Y. 1854. Married Maggie Garrigus. Dentist. Residence, Rochester, N.Y.
Lyon, Hiram S., Smynra, N.Y. 1854. Teacher in Wisconsin.
Lawrence, Ames, Perryville, N.Y. 1855. Farmer. Residence, Clockville, N.Y.
Lamont, John, M'Lean, N.Y. 1886. Married Nancy Tompkins. Farmer. Residence, Dryden, N.Y.
Lewis, Marquis H., Lisle, N.Y. 1856. Farmer. Residence, Center Lisle, N.Y.
Laird, John B., Elbridge, N.Y. 1856. Present residence unknown.
Lyman, Henry C., Jordansville, N.Y. 1856. Married Ellen Blair. Lumber merchant. Residence, Toledo, Ohio.
Livermore, Daniel, Jun., Sangersfield, N.Y. 1856. Present residence unknown.
Leonard, Charles N., Penfield, N.Y. 1857. Present residence unknown. 
Lusk Cornelius M., Lisle, N.Y. 1857. Farmer. Residence, Center Lisle, N.Y.
Lownsbury, James V., Onondaga, N.Y. 1858. Physician. Residence, Navarino, N.Y.
Langworthy, Hollum, Brookfield, N.Y. 1858. Married Rosanna Pope, of Edmeston, N.Y. Farmer. Residence, Edmeston.
Loomis, Orrin F., Richfield, N.Y. 1858. Present residence unknown.
Loomis, Edwin W., Richfield Springs, N.Y. 1859. Deceased. 
Loomis, Henry, Burlington, N.Y. 1859. Missionary in Japan.
Leach, William H., West Eaton, N.Y. 1859.  Married Elizabeth Leach. Farmer. Residence, West Eaton.
Loomis, B. Bloomfield, Richfield Springs, N.Y. 1859. Clergyman. Residence, Albany, N.Y.
Livermore, Irving A., Sangerfield, N.Y. 1859. Present residence unknown.
Livermore, James M., Madison, N.Y. 1860 Deceased.
Loomis, George H., Cazenovia, N.Y. 1860. Married Amelia Greenland, of Cazenovia. Merchant. Residence, Cleveland, Ohio.
Lem Judson L., Caroline, N.Y. 1860. Clergyman. Deceased.  
Locke, Otis T., Virgil, N.Y. 1860. Married Maria Porch. Editor. Residence, Tiffin, Ohio. 
Larmoth, James T., Boyleston, N.Y. 1860. Residence, Titusville, Pa. 
Litchfield, J. Ten Eyck, Cazenovia, N.Y. 1860. Married Jennie S. Howe, of Brooklyn, N.Y. Lumber Merchant. 
  Residence, New York city. 
Loveland, J. Dwight, Canastota, N.Y. 1860. Married Caroline Cooper. Teacher. Deceased.
Lamond, Robert D., Jun., Flint, Mich. 1860 Physician.
Lindsley, Martin F., Livonia, N.Y. 1862. Married Francina Pariao. Farmer at Livonia.
Lasell, Henry A., Lebanon, N.Y. 1861. Merchant. Residence, Beatrice, Nebraska.
Lewis, Benjamin V., Pompey, N.Y. 1861. Teacher and Farmer. Residency, Pompey.
Lamb, William R., Jackson, Penn. 1862. Present residence unknown.
Lipe, John M., Fort Plain, N.Y. 1862. Married Kittie Snell. Residence, Columbia Center, N.Y.
Loomis, Tracy W., Richfield, N.Y. 1862. Deceased.
Litchfield. Frederick, Cazenovia. 1862. Deceased.
Leland, Uriah A., Sangerfield, N.Y. 1862. Present residence unknown. 
Lownsbury, Henry, Fenner, N.Y. 1863. Deceased.
Lunt, Horace G., Chicago, Ill. 1863. Married Caroline K. Isaac. Lawyer.
Residence, Chicago.
Lunt, George, Chicago, Ill. 1863. Clerk. Residence, Chicago.
La Barr, Augustus, Newfield, N.Y. 1863. Farmer. Residence, Newfield. 
Lamb, James, Callicoon, N.Y. 1863. Present residence unknown. 
Leach, Timothy D., Pike, N.Y. 1863. Present residence unknown.
Lyon, William H., Cazenovia. 1863. Married Lorna Hall. Photographer. Residence, Cazenovia.
Lewis, Charles H., Cherry Valley, N.Y. 1864. Married Miss M'Earn. Farmer. Residence, Cherry Valley.
Landon, George, Venice, N.Y. 1864. Present residence unknown. 
Livermore, Leslie S., Deansville, N.Y. 1864. Present residence unknown. 
Lee, Bradley, Unadilla, N.Y. 1864. Present residence unknown.
Leland, Darwin E., Morrisville, N.Y. 1864. Traveling agent. Residence, Utica, N.Y.
Ldhbridge, Willard M.  Born in Taberg, Oneida County, N.Y., April 26,1846. Student in 1864. 
  Continued studies at Hamilton College, Clinton, N.Y. Received title of A.M. Has occupied 
  position of Superintendent of Schools at Plattsburgh, N.Y. Member of Board of 
  Education in Detroit, Mich. Is now a practicing Lawyer. Residence, Detroit.
Lasher, Herman, Spraker's Basin, N.Y. 1865. Farmer. Residence, Little Falls, N.Y.
Lyon, Charles A., Shelburne, Vt. 1865. Farmer. Residence, Shelburne, Vermont.
Locke, Herbert G., Sangerfield, N.Y. 1865. Present residence unknown. 
Loope, Lucien M., Solon, N.Y. 1865. Merchant. Residence, Cortland, N.Y.
Lacy, Cephas S., Cazenovia. 1865. Merchant. Residence, Erie, Pa. 
Longyear, J. Monroe. Born in Lansing, Mich., April 15, 1850. Student in
1865. Notary Public and Real Estate Agent Residence, Marquette, Mich. 
Lanning, George A., Jacksonville, N.Y. 1865. Married Anna M. Maynard.
Merchant Residence, Geneva, N.Y. 
Loomis, Thomas R., Cazenovia. 1866. Mechanic. Residence, Cleveland, O. 
Lewis, William D. Born in West Turin, Lewis County, N.Y., April 16, 1847. 
  Student in 1866. Continued studies at Lowville Academy.  Principal of Constableville Graded School 
  for some time. Now School Commissioner for the first district of Lewis County. Residence, Constableville, N.Y. 
Lewis, Albert, Cherry Valley, N.Y. 1866. Farmer. Residence, New Jersey. 
LaMunion, Howard, Stockbridge, N.Y. 1866. Farmer. Present residence unknown.
Lamb, Joseph H., Jun., Camden, N.Y. 1866. Present residence, Newark, N.J.
Lewis, Samuel, Canajoharie, N.Y. 1866. Present residence unknown.
Lewis, Ceylon H., Fabius, N.Y. 1866. Lawyer. Residence, Syracuse, N.Y. 
Lyon, John J., King's Ferry, N.Y. 1866. Agencies. Residence, King's Ferry.
Lanning, Benjamin M., born in New Hartford, N.Y., January 5. 1848. Student in 1867. Agencies. Residence, Columbus, Ohio.
Lowell, Delmer R., born in Seward, N.Y., November 29, 1844. Student in
  1866-69. 1864-65, served in One Hundred and Twenty-first New York Volunteers. Lost right arm 
  in the battle of Sailor's Creek, Va. 1869-73, student at Wesleyan University; 1874, 
  joined the Troy M. E. Conference 1874-75, stationed at Central Avenue Church, Albany, N.Y. 1876, 
  traveling for health. Married Irene Maynard, of Stanford, N.Y. Residence, West Richmondville, N.Y.
Lepper, John R., Amsterdam, N.Y. 1867. Present residence unknown. 
Lansing, Ernest F., Canastota, N.Y. 1867. Married Emma Clow. Agent. Residence, Canastota.
Lawrence, James, Vernon, N.Y. 1868. Married Josephine Crego. Farmer at Vernon.
Lombard, Rufus W., Nelson, N.Y.  1868. Married Mary E. Towne, of Clockville, N.Y. Farmer. Residence, Clockville. 
Loomis, Arthur B., Richfield, N.Y. 1868. Present residence unknown.
Lowell, Luzerne D., West Richmondville, N.Y. 1868. Married, 1875, Miss Clara Dickinson, of Jefferson, Ill. 
  Merchant. Residence, Jefferson. 
Landon, George, Poplar Ridge, N.Y. 1869. Deceased.
Lewis, Bayard T., Oneida. N.Y. 1869. Married Libbie Brown. Farmer at Wampsville, N.Y.
Lewis, Clarence L., East Branch, N.Y. 1869. Resides in Nebraska.
Lyon, Elbridge M., Bridgeport, N.Y. 1869. Married Julia Edwards. Clergyman. Residence, Lake View, Cazenovia.
Leonard, Raymond, Hannibal, N.Y. 1870. Residence, Hannibal.
Lane, Charles W., Euclid, N.Y. 1870. Married Libbie Dakin. Clergyman. Residence, Belgium, N.Y.
Lyboult, Harvey, Camillus, N.Y. 1870. Lawyer. Residence, Syracuse, N.Y. 
Leggett, Henry, Madison, N.Y. 1870. Physician. Residence, Madison County.
Lewis, John F., Pompey, N.Y. 1870. Farmer at Pompey.
Lee, Charles W., New York Mills, N.Y. 1871. Merchant. Residence, New
York Mills.
Lester, Elliott T., New York Mills, N.Y. 1872. Merchant. Residence, New York Mills.
Lake, James E., Jordansville, N.Y. 1872. Farmer. Residence, Jordansville. 
Lee, Charles F., Skaneateles, N.Y. 1873. Born in Glastonbury, Somersetshire, England. Continued 
  studies at Bryant & Stratton's Business College, Syracuse, N.Y. Merchant. Residence, Skaneateles.
Lewis, George A., Clay, N.Y. 1873. Still a student. Residence, Clay.
Loomis, Augustus W., Cazenovia. 1873. Student. Residence, Cazenovia.
Lansing, Carroll D., Perryville, N.Y. 1873. Student. Residence same place.
La Grange, George, Sharon, N.Y. 1874. Student. Residence same place.
La Du, Sears, Warner's, N.Y. 1874. Student. Residence, Warner's.
Lamkin, John, Ledyard, N.Y. 1874. Student. Residence, Ledyard.
Laird, Charles W., Memphis, N.Y. 1874. Student. Residence, Memphis.
Lindsley, Wesley C., Cazenovia. 1874. Student. Residence, Cazenovia.
Lester, Eugene, Whitestown, N.Y. 1874. Clerk. Residence, Ilion, N.Y.
Loucks, Albert C., Lowville, N.Y. 1874. Graduates in 1876.
Loomis, Edwin, Cicero, N.Y. 1874. Present residence same place.

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