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Cazenovia, N.Y. 

Graduated Thursday, June 22, 1905


Graduate Home Town Course of Study
Samuel Martin Bernhard Cleveland Scientific
Jay Wellington Clements Cazenovia Scientific
Leveret Farwell Eggleston Cazenovia Scientific
Daniel Wells Hallock  Rocky Point, L. I. Latin Scientific
Edwin Mills Kent Cazenovia Modern Language
Charles Austin Leonard Troy, Pa Scientific
Robert Campbell Weed Brownville, R. I. Latin Scientific
Ruth Doremus Cazenovia Music
Emilie Hyatt Fenner Latin Scientific
Bertha Alice Newton Cazenovia Latin Scientific
Catherine Mead Palmer Unadilla  Latin Scientific
Sue Loretta Prime Upper Jay Music
Alice Jane Tooke West Stockholm Modern Language
Grace Evelyn Williams Cazenovia  Modern Language
Lillian Anderson Hulbert  South Onondaga Music

The list of 1905 graduates was transcribed by Julia Gillett Hendrick from the program given to guests
at the graduation ceremony of Eugene Newton Gillett's (Class of 1926) aunt, Bertha A. Newton (Class of 1905).

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