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School District #27 Brookfield
in pasture by the roadside in 1916

Susannah Langworthy                1777-3 May 1844 ae 67y
	Wife of Peleg Langworthy
Their daughter Hannah Langworthy   1813-19 Sep 1819 ae 6y
Samuel Langworthy                  1838-29 Apr 1839 ae 1y2m
BEAVER HILL #18 Merrill Farm
Two miles east of Brookfield, School District #27. Stones
were flat in the pasture.
Asael Burdick                      1775-19 Sep 1825 ae 50y
Ozro P Burdick                     1834-31 Mar 1835 ae 5m13d
Ellen J Burdick                    1835-2 Nov 1837 ae 1y5m2d
Sally Burdick                      1818-12 Jan 1843 ae 25y
   Wife of Col. Perrin


 School District #27 Opposite school house in the lane.
Stones are partly down.  Verified when taken.
Russell S Randall             1802-22 Nov 1834 ae 32y
Horace Ingraham               1814-26 Mar 1816 ae 2y5m


 On high knoll in the lot.  Dist. #27. Copied
and verified October 1916
Mr. John Anthony              1764-11 Oct 1826 ae 62y

By the side of the road; no fence; unkept.

Samuel Babcock                     1739-25Dec 1817 ae 77y7m6d
Mirian Babcock                     1772-26 Apr 1850 ae 77y7m
	Daughter of Samuel and Ruth Babcock
Samuel Babcock, Jr.                1775-9 Sep 1853 ae 77y10m21d
George Rhodes Babcock              1779-3 Jan 1859 ae 80y
Nathan Clarke                      1778-28 Oct 1828 ae 50y
His wife Martha Babcock            1780-3 Mar 1863 ae 82y8m4d
Daughter of Samuel Babcock, Sr.
Their daughter Mary Ann Babcock    1820-4 Mar 1828 ae 8y
Cemetery transcripts contributed by Bill Hunter, September 1997,  from the collection included in Madison County, Town of Brookfield Cemeteries, located at the Guernsey Memorial Library, 3 Court Street, Norwich, New York 
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