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					DISTRICT #22
		1 mile north of So. Brookfield on the east side of the valley.

Children of Samuel P and Polly Burdick:
infant son                         1823-1823
infant daughter                    1823-1823
infant son                         died 1822
Lydia Burdick                      1817-21 Sep 1828 ae 10y8m26d
Elisha Burdick                     1748-1 Aug 1823 in his 76thy
His wife Lydia                     1757-23 Sep 1839 in 83rdy
Their son Peter Burdick            1780-9 Jun 1799 ae 18y6m6d
Their daughter Polly Burdick       1792-22 Apr 1805 ae 12y9m25d
Daughters of Dr. Darius and
Hannah Chapin:
Laura Chapin                       1826-6 Jul 1828 ae 17m
Julian Chapin                      1847-31 Mar 1848 ae 10m24d
Joshua Coon                        1739-16 Sep 1826 ae 87y5m
His wife Margaret                  1744-14 Jan 1815 in 72ndy
Anna Crandall                      1790-25 Jun 1817 in 28thy
Wife of Sanders Crandall           no dates

Children of Kinyon and Mary Crandall:
Thankful Crandall                  1824-4 May 1826 ae 1y6m7d
Jared B Crandall                   1811-5 Sep 1813 ae 2y1m19d
John Gardner                       1767-18 Jun 1809 in 43rdy
Nancy Gardner                      1796-4 Dec 1820 ae 23y11m24d
Than Lamphear                      1771-30 Mar 1838 in 68thy
Rowland Stillman                   1794-31 Jul 1812 ae 18y
Nathan Stillman                    1757-6 Mar 1827 ae 70y
Hannah Stillman                    1768-25 Mar 1812 ae 44y

Cemetery transcripts contributed by Bill Hunter, September 1997, from 
the collection included in Madison County, Town of Brookfield Cemeteries, 
located at the Guernsey Memorial Library, 3 Court Street, Norwich, New York 
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