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                                  SCHOOL DISTRICT #2
                South Brookfield. One half mile east of South Brookfield
Samuel L Brown                     no dates
His wife Lois                      no dates
Their daughter Flora L Brown       1850-25 Mar 1862 ae 12y2m2d
Infant son of Samuel L and Lois Brown died 11 Jun 1848
Clara Brown                        1836-27 Jun 1860 ae 24y19d
Carlton Brown                      1827-2 Aug 1827 ae 2m
  (above two stones were leaning against the fence)
Clark Brown                        no dates
His wife Thankful                  no dates
Their two infants                  no dates
   Augustus Burdick                1775-20 Dec 1849 ae 74y
   Lucy                            1767-22 Jun 1845 ae 78y
Wife of Benjamin Ingraham
Lydia M Ingraham                   1832-11 Jul 1832 ae 5 weeks
  Daughter of Asel and Triphena Ingraham
Thankful Main                      1719-20 Mar 1812 ae 93y
Dea. Daniel Main                   1761-30 Jan 1836 ae 74y
His wife Grace                     1761-19 Sep 1851 in 91sty
Their daughter Gracy Main          1784-7 Aug 1819 ae 35y
Martha W Main                      1794-11 Aug 1819 ae 25y
George Main                        1783-19 Sep 1852 ae 69y4m11d
His wife Lydia M                   1784-12 Nov 1860 ae 76y7m8d
Daniel Main, Jr                    1780-18 Apr 1837 ae 57y
Addison Main                       1807-21 Dec 1871 ae 64y
Prentice Main                      1819-Sep 1821 ae 2y
   Son of George and Lydia M Main
Children of George and Lydia M Main:
  Lucy Main                          1819-15 May 1819 ae 9 weeks
  Lydia Main                         1806-4 Mar 1832 ae 26y
  Hannah Main                        1816- 4 Oct 1824 ae 8y
  George J Main                      no dates
His wife Mary                      no dates
Their daughter Amanda M Main       1835-28 Jun 1858 ae 20y2m28d
Their daughter Mary Melissa Main   1837-16 Nov 1856 ae 19y5m8d
Their son Horace Main              1830-11 Jun 1832 ae 1y10m
Ephraim Main                       1786-14 Jul 1857 in his 72dy
His wife Sophy                     1794-21 Jan 1857 ae 63y
Their daughter Martha Main         1819-11 Dec 1821 ae 1y8m2d
Elias Miner                        1801-20 Jun 1820 ae 19y
Jonathan Nichols                   1766-6 Nov 1841 ae 75y3m
His wife Phebe                     1765-12 Feb 1847 ae 82y
Betsey Nichols                     1807-Jul 1825 ae in her 19thy
Martha M Randall                   1824-28 Sep 1841 ae 16y10m20d
Cemetery transcripts contributed by Bill Hunter, September 1997,  from the collection included in Madison County, Town of Brookfield Cemeteries, located at the Guernsey Memorial Library, 3 Court Street, Norwich, New York 
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