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			Opposite the school house. Overgrown with Bushes.
                	Several slate stones, no markings show now.
                        School District #3
Lucinda Allen                      1851-22 Apr 1851 ae 1m29d
   Daughter of Jonathan and Cynthia Allen
Charles W Babcock                  1833-8 Feb 1834 ae 8m24d
Hezekiah Babcock                   1804-4 Feb 1871 ae 66y5m
Hezekiah Babcock                   1784-28 Nov 1862 ae 78y4m9d
His wife Nancy                     1786-17 Jul 1858 ae 72y
Fanny                              1784-21 Sep 1842 ae 58y
   Wife of David Babcock
Sarah                              1780-18 Feb 1848 ae 68y
   2d wife of David Babcock 
Rhoda                              1804-21 Mar 1850 ae 46y2m20d
   3d wife of David Babcock and
   Daughter of Thomas and Lydia Mills
Charles Babcock                    1770-23 Feb 1834 ae 63y6m
His wife Tacy                      1773-17 Jun 1838 ae 64y11m
Charles Babcock, Jr.               1792-28 Aug 1830 ae 38y
Eliza S                            1806-23 Mar 1840 ae 33y6m
      Consort of Welcome Babcock. Mrs. Babcock professed religion in early life and for a
      number of years was a worthy member of the Second S.D. Baptist Church in Brookfield.  
      She was amiable in life, in death much lamented. 
David Herbert Babcock              1841-23 Feb 1846 ae 4y11m
   Son of David and Nancy M Babcock
Hannah                             1797-4 Jul 1830 ae 32y10m
   Wife of Samuel Babcock
Samuel S Babcock                   1826-17 May 1833 ae 6y11m20d
Julia T                            1818-13 Feb 1854 ae 36y2m15d
   Wife of Jonathan Babcock
Cornelia Babcock                   1823-12 Mar 1842 ae 18y11m19d
   [The typed cemetery inscription here refers to Cornelia as daughter of Jonathan and Julia T
    Babcock.  Probably Cornelia was a sister of Jonathan Babcock].
Sylvanus Barney                    1806-11 Aug 1846 ae 40y22d
Nancy Barney                       1810-22 May 1837 ae 27y4m2d
Lucy A                             1836-29 Jul 1844 ae 8y2m8d
  [Probably their daughter. No surname, but next to Barney].
Rhoda M Beaurhyte                  1820-12 Mar 1842 ae 22y
   Adopted daughter of Collins and Lovina Miller.
Clarence W Beebe                   1879-19 Aug 1880 ae 9m21/27d
  Son of Willis and Jennie A Beebe
Alice Beebe                        1854-7 Sep 1864 ae 10y3m11d
   Daughter of Achsee Beebe
Thomas Beebe                       1810-1882
His wife Dorcas                    1808-12 Feb 1875 ae 67y
Ethan Bliven                       no dates
His wife                           1775-24 Jul 1854 ae 78y8m14d
   Stone says she late of Westerly, Rhode Island
Hattie B Bonfoy                    1868-5 Apr 1869 ae 1y4m
  Daughter of S M and Julia E Bonfoy
Jerome R Burdick                   1837-7 Sep 1864 ae 27y
  [there is a flag on this grave]
Mary Ann Burdick                   1802-7 Nov 1825 in her 24thy
   Daughter of Clark and Abigail Burdick
John Burdick                       1814-25 Mar 1861 ae 47y
 Son of Clark and Abigail Burdick
Clark Burdick                      1779-16 May 1864 ae 85y
His wife Abigail                   1776-26 Sep 1864 in her 89thy
Stephen Chase                      1815-8 Jun 1839 ae 24y3m25d
Orilla M Crosby                    1822-16 Jun 1854 in the 33dyr of her age
  Wife of Henry Crosby              
Rogers Davis                       1765-26 Feb 1846 ae 81y2m9d
His wife Lois                      1770-2 Dec 1850 ae 80y1m1d
S C (or S G) Davis                 1814-1 Apr 1857 ae 43y
Mariett Green                      1811-16 Jan 1855 ae 44y
Wife of Horatio Green
Henry Helmer
Edith Helmer
     no dates
Infants of P and A Helmer
Ida F Hibbard                      1860-22 Oct 1861 ae 1y3m3d
Mary Langworthy                    1813-30 May 1850 ae 38y10m6d
Wife of Henry Langworthy
Miss Nancy Langworthy              1804-19 Sep 1828 ae 24y
Daughter of Deacon Sanders and
Mrs. Mercy Langworthy
Susannah Langworthy                1809-31 May 1847 ae 37y7m
Mrs. Mercy Langworthy              1780-21 Jun 1829 ae 48y11m
Wife of Sanders Langworthy
Deacon Sanders Langworthy          1779-26 Aug 1837 ae 57y8m
Joseph Langworthy                  1751-6 May 1824 ae 73y
His wife Lois                      1755-14 Mar 1837 ae82y
Eunice Langworthy                  1776-11 Apr 1860 ae 84y
Harriet Langworthy                 1800-26 Mar 1865 ae 65y
Anna S Miller                      1804-12 Mar 1849 ae 45y
Wife of Joseph Miller
Cynthia F Mills                    1863-19 Mar 1871 ae 8y26d
Daughter of Asher C and S M Mills
Jessie I Mills                     1867-10 Feb 1875 ae 7y11m
Emma R Mills                       1869-8 Feb 1875 ae 5y10m
Children of Asher C and S M Mills
Thomas Mills                       1771-15 Aug 1847 ae 76y4m20d
His wife Lydia                     1777-1 Feb 1854 ae 77y5m10d
   [see Babcock for adopted daughter]
Polly Babcock                      1806-23 Feb 1879 ae 73y
Emilia Babcock                     1808-3 Mar 1879 ae 71y
   [these are two stones on one base]
Asher C Mills                      1814-1890
His wife Sarah M                   1830-1899
Jediah S Mills                     1811-1890
Thomas M Owen                      1834-19 Feb 1866 ae 31y10m                      
Levi Parsons                       1812-14 Oct 1872 ae 59y7m3d
His wife Martha                    1822-24Jun1875 ae 52y11m
Their son David B Parsons          1857-5 May 1880 ae 23y3m2d
Patience                           1801-1 Jan 1831 ae 29y7m
Wife of Charles Saunders
Luke Saunders                      1785-22 Mar 1863 ae 78y3m22d
His wife Rebecca                   1790-15 Apr 1864 ae 74y5m15d
Sylvia Saunders                    1787-6 Feb 1855 ae 68y
Tracy Saunders                     1827-2 Apr 1828 ae 1y3m17d
   Son of Luke and Rebecca Saunders
Mrs. Dorcas                        1821-28 Nov 1827 ae 66y11m16d
   wife of Luke Saunders 
Elizabeth                          1759-7 Jul 1845 in her 87thy
   Consort of Augustus Saunders
Their daughter Elizabeth           1782-15 Oct 1856 in her 75thy
William Simons                     1791-22 Feb 1872 ae 80y7m
Edward G Simons                    1861-16 Aug 1862 ae 1y4m
Job Spencer                        1775-1 May 1858 ae 83y2d
His wife Ann                       1776-21 Oct 1806 in the 31st yr of her age
His wife Mary                      1787-21 Feb 1848 in the 62nd yr of her age
Leroy Spencer                      5 Oct 1812-4 Mar 1875
Lucy Spencer                       26 Jul 1814-28 Dec 1876
Reuben D Spencer                   1830-23 Feb 1832 in the 3d yr of his age 
  Son of Silas and Harriet Spencer
Dea. Silas Spencer                 1780-22 Sep 1870 ae 90y
His wife Andra                     1777-11 Feb 1843 ae 66y
Randal Spencer                     1801-4 Oct 1832 in his 32d yr  
Pamelia B                          1803-8 Oct 1837 in her 35th yr
Rhoda                              1756-25 Oct 1846 in her 90th yr
   Wife of Randal Spencer
Clark Tew                          1834-15 Apr 1836 ae 1y11m5d
   Son of George and Anny (or Amey) Tew
Ann Eliza Tew                      1836-11 Mar 1840 ae 4y28d
   Daughter of George and Anny (or Amey) Tew
Joshua Wells                       1743-28 May 1834 in his 92dy
His wife Sylvia                    1751-15 Feb 1837 ae 86y
Ray Williams                       1807-2 Sep 1830 ae 23y
Orlando Wing                       1828-17 Mar 1883 ae 55y
   Co. G 146th Infantry NY Vols.
Cemetery transcripts contributed by Bill Hunter, September 1997,  from the collection included in Madison County, Town of Brookfield Cemeteries, located at the Guernsey Memorial Library, 3 Court Street, Norwich, New York 
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