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Town of Brookfield

                          #12 School District #1
                              Brookfield, NY
          The following stones had been taken up and piled by
                    the fence by the road.
Eunice Curtiss                     1810-3 Oct 1846 ae 36y
Wife of Harvey Curtiss
Joel Ives                          1771-4 May 1804 in his 34thy
Mary Penney                        1774-17 Mar 1820 in her 47thy
Wife of James R Penney
Mr Edmund Thurston                 1768-4 Aug 1811 in his 44thy
His wife Mrs Martha Thurston       1768-22 Mar 1813 in her 48thy
Capt. William Thurston             1733-26 Feb 1803 in his 71sty
His wife Ruth                      1744-20 Oct 1820 ae 76y
Mr John Ward                       1749-23 Feb 1813 ae 64y23d
His wife Catherine                 1751-18 Nov 1822 ae 71y

                       	ROADSIDE or HOWARD FARM CEMETERY #47 
                      	Town of Brookfield District #10

There is a monument of a girl killed by a runaway horse
Hannah M Howard               1852-23 Nov 1853 ae 1y1m11d
Thomas J Howard               1822-27 Feb 1894 ae 72y
His wife Catherine            1828-11 Dec 1892 ae 64y
Their children:
     Seth Howard              1860-31 Dec 1861 ae 1y5m5d
     Emeline Howard           1859-2 Jan 1862 ae 3y4m20d
Fidelia Howard                1814-20 Nov 1890 ae 76y
John M Howard                 1816-4 Nov 1865 ae 49y
(perhaps he is either her
husband or brother)
Jackson L Howard              1835-2 Nov 1884 ae 49y
His wife Mary E Ramsdell      1845-29 Sep 1880 ae 35y


                  	   School District #5 Town of Brookfield
                           	   Brookfield Hill
These Howard stones and those that follow in the Roadside or Howard Farm 
Cemetery #47 School District #10 were at one time all in the same
cemetery and since have been removed to a lot on the north side of the new 
part of Sherburne West Hill Cemetery at Sherburne.
Labin V Howard                1792-6 Dec 1852 ae 60y5m19d
   His wife Hannah               1796-3 Oct 1872 ae 74y8m28d
Their daughters:
     Mercy O Howard           1829-9 Feb 1844 ae 15y2m
     Delila A Howard          1818-21 Mar 1845 ae 26y7m10d
Cemetery transcripts contributed by Bill Hunter, September 1997,  from the collection included in Madison County, Town of Brookfield Cemeteries, located at the Guernsey Memorial Library, 3 Court Street, Norwich, New York 
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