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                                         School District #10
                           North of Gorton Lake Rd; 1/2 mile east of Keith Rd.
Patton Fitch                       1776-3 Oct 1861 ae 85y1m3d
His wife Lois                      1779-13 May 1859 ae 80 y
Nathaniel Fitch                    1809-31 Jul 1811 ae 1y11m7d
   Son of Patton and Lois Fitch 
Lodemah Fitch                      1813-29 May 1813 ae 1m
Dau of Patton and Lois Fitch
Philamon Fitch                     1805-4 Aug 1829 ae 24y3m11d
Son of Patton and Lois Fitch
Arminda Fitch                      1800-12 Nov 1820 ae 19y7m
Dau of Patton and Lois Fitch
Lemuel Fitch                       1740-9 Mar 1813 ae 73y
His wife Phebe                     1748-12 Dec 1842 ae 93y8m27d
Their dau Sarah Fitch              1781-17 Nov 1847 ae 66y4d
Charles T Gorton                   1839-13 Nov 1844 ae 5y1m22d
   Son of Thomas B [or R] and Prudence Gorton
Eugene T Gorton                    1835-17 Aug 1838 ae 2y10m14d
Son of Thomas B [or R] and
Prudence Gorton
Hugh L Gorton                      1826-11 Oct 1855 ae 28y8m2d
Samuel Gorton                      1773-16 Jan 1861 ae 81y8m14d
His wife Lois                      1786-1 Jan 1866 ae 82y4m24d
Their dau Ruth Gorton              1813-23 Mar 1876 ae 63y
Elmira A Gorton                    1820-2 Nov 1863 ae 43y4m23d
Lelia Gorton                       1838-24 Dec 1840 ae 1y8m
   Daughter of Samuel and Sarah Gorton
Samuel Gorton, Esq.                1746-20 Mar1834 in his 89th yr
His wife Eunice Austin             1745-26 Dec 1818 in her 74th yr
NOTE: "History of Madison and Chenango Counties", pg 531, by Smith, gives: "Samuel Gorton who was connected 
       with the Commissary Department of the Army during the Revolutionary War, came from 
       Greenwich, RI in 1795.  Settled on Gorton Hill.  His wife was Eunice Austin.
          Their children were:
          A.   Varnum Gorton, born 1777; died 1857; married Hannah  Rogers.
          B.   Benjamin Gorton, married Sarah Gorton
          C.   John Gorton, married Opha Boone
          D.   Stephen Gorton, born 1767; died 1845; married Mercy Palmer.
          E.   Wanton Gorton, born 1796; died 1860; married Betsey ______.
          F.   Samuel Gorton, born 1760; died 1831; married Louisa Miner.
          G.   Thurston Gorton, married Anne Mason.
          H.   Simeon Gorton, buried Brookfield Rural Cemetery.
          I.   Mary Gorton, married Absolom Miner.
          J.   Mercy Gorton, married Dutee Gordon/Gorton.
          K.   Keziah Gorton, married Samuel Marsh.
          L.   Sally Gorton, died 1806".
Varnum Gorton                      1777-27 May 1857 ae 80y
His wife Hannah                    1782-31 Dec 1863 ae 81y13d
Their dau Cornelia Gorton          1803-14 Feb 1806 ae 3y4m19d
Their son James M Gorton           1816-20 Jan 1822 ae 5y8m6d
Wanton Gorton                      1796-28 Feb 1860 ae 63y9m2d
His wife Betsey                    1799-15 Dec 1882 ae 82y7m3d
Their dau Ann Janet Gorton         1824-11 Oct 1841 ae 16y10m9d
Their dau Amy Louisa Gorton        1833-7 Apr 1840 ae 6y7m13d
Samuel Gorton
His wife Rachel                    1769-  Sep 1849 ae 80y
Callista Gorton                    1824-28 Jun 1841 in her 18thy
Sally Gorton                       1809-21 Sep 1845 ae 36y4m9d
Amanda Gorton                      1821-24 Oct 1841 ae 19y11m
Eli G Gorton                       1844-5 Mar 1846 ae 2y4m4d
   Son of John I M(?) and Amelia or Aurelia Gorton
Eli L Gorton                       died [no date] ae 2y4m14d
John I M(?) Gorton                 1814-30 Mar 1869 ae 55y
His wife Aurelia                   1811-13 Dec 1868 ae 57y
Their dau Gertrude A Gorton        1847-24 Oct 1869 ae 22y4d
Stephen Gorton                     1767-13 Feb 1845 ae 78y
His wife Mercy                     1782-20 Feb 1832 ae 50y
Mercy M Haling                     1822-22 Feb 1888 ae 66y
Wife of Isaac W Haling
Eunice Livingston                  1804-22 Dec 1830 ae 26y
   Consort of Hugh Livingston Departed this life the XXII die Decembris Anno Domini MDCCCXXX aged XXVI yrs.
Marvin Main                        died 7 Oct 1839 ae 7m12d
  Son of Truman and Naomi Main
Truman Main
His wife Naomi                     1814-19 May 1839 ae 24y7m22d
Isaac Nash                         1806-24 Oct 1882 ae 76y3m
His wife Caroline                  1802-7 Jul 1871 ae 69y3m15d
John H Patterson                   1798-12 Sep 1832 in his 35thy
His wife Lucy A                    no dates
Their dau Mary L Patterson         1828-3 May 1830 in her 3rdy
Chester Peck                       1804-20 Apr 1888
His wife Lucie                     1807-5 Aug 1875 ae 67y6m4d
Their dau Emma Peck                1846-11 Nov 1859 ae 13y4m10d
Their dau Harriet Peck             1837-3 Oct 1879 ae 41y7m20d
Capt. Samuel Read                  1757-9 Jun 1843 in his 87thy
His wife Anne                      1754-14 Sep 1844 ae 90y
Their dau Polly Read               1784-11 Nov 1869 ae 85y
Their dau Sally Read               1786-13 Nov 1869 ae 83y
Thomas Screeder                    no dates
His wife Caroline L                1838-1 Sep 1861 ae 23y2m10d
Cemetery transcripts contributed by Bill Hunter, September 1997,  from the collection included in Madison County, Town of Brookfield Cemeteries, located at the Guernsey Memorial Library, 3 Court Street, Norwich, New York 
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