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Joseph Avery                       1798-1876
His wife Eliza Livermore           1802-1867
Frank G Babcock                    1854-2 Jun 1863 ae 8y11m12d
   Son of Amos and Clarinda 
Emma R Babcock                     1846-18 Mar 1852 ae 6y1m
   Daughter of Amos and Clarinda Babcock  
Julian F Bartlett                  1856-3 Nov 1862 ae 5y10m2d
Lucina Beebe                       1846-7 Feb 1863 ae 16y10m19d
Asahel P Treat                     1804-2 Nov 1866 ae 61y9m3d
His wife Mercy                     1807-20 Mar 1884 ae 77y
John L Treat                       1839-12 Jan 1883 ae 44y
Franklin Blanding                  1801-1 May 1859 ae 58y
His wife Nancy                     1795-12 Feb 1867 ae 72y
Ephraim Conger                     1830-23 Aug 1893 ae 63y
His wife Minerva M                 1835-14 Mar 1876 ae 40y6m16d
Their son Freddie Conger           1862-27 Oct 1862 ae 2m20d
Their dau Cora M Conger            1859-29 Dec 1860 ae 1y3m12d
L S Fitch
His wife Alice M Fitch             1847-4 Feb 1886 ae 38y8m
   Daughter of L M and W A Gorton
(on Gorton monument)
L Marsena Gorton                   1822-31 May 1869 ae 47y3m11d
His wife Wealtha A                 1823-1908
Solomon Gorton                     1780-4 Jan 1855 ae 62y11m26d
His wife Sarah                     1788-20 Jan 1863 ae 74y10m17d
Milo Johnson                       1859-29 Jun 1862 ae 3y3m21d
   Son of Charles and Mary J Johnson
David C Loomis                     1830-6 Apr 1869 ae 38y6m
My Husband 
Neta Loomis                        1857-20 Jul 1862 ae 4y10m27d
   Daughter of David C and Martha M Loomis
Enoch Lord                         1836-14 Jan 1865 ae 28y7m8d
   Son of Alexander S and Eunice Lord
Harry Morgan                       1797-23 Apr 1872 ae 85y9m8d
His wife Wealtha                   1792-3 May 1867 ae 74y8m21d
Laben Olby                         1794-18 Dec 1866 ae 71y22m23d
Addie M Sanford                    1858-25 Dec 1862 ae 6y7m1d
   Daughter of Thomas and Mary A Sanford
Cemetery transcripts contributed by Bill Hunter, September 1997,  from the collection included in Madison County, Town of Brookfield Cemeteries, located at the Guernsey Memorial Library, 3 Court Street, Norwich, New York 
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