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Northwest of West Edmeston. Copied 16 June 1963 by Robert V. Moyer

PAYNE,	Mr. Oliver	d. 29 June 1806 in the 37th yr his age.

LAMPHEAR, Esther, wf Ethan & widow of Oliver Payne d. 8 Nov 1840 ae 7_ yr
	[Stone broken on age but looks like 7.	Since Oliver would have been 71 
	years had he lived to this date, I suspect that her age was 71 also. RVM]

BUTLER, Azubah	departed this live 26 Jan 1816 in the 81st year of her age.	
	Consort of Lt. Charles Butler who died in Wethersfield, Ct.

On Abram Farm #1.

SHEPPARD, Mrs. Esther, wf Jonas	d. 13 Apr 1816 ae 79yr
	Jonas			d. 9 June 1807 in 83rd yr

JOHINSON, Harriet (Hill], wf Moses	d. 23 Oct 1843 ae 32y6m

HILL,	Eunice, dau James & Ardilisa	d. 18 Mar 1832 ae 15yr
	Ardilisa, dau same		d. 12 Apr 1830 ae lyl0m
	Sophronia, dau Heman & Delilah	d. 17 Apr 1842 ae 11y3m

HAMMOND, Polly Hill, wf Bela		d. 12 Feb 1854 ae 54ylml2d
	Bela				d. 31 Aug 1860 ae 69y9d
	Mary Jane, their dau		d. 1 Aug 1850 ae 18y6m22d

HILL,	Roswell, son of Samuel & Esther	d. 1 Jan 1842 ae 28yr "In Memory Of"
	Esther			d. 15 July 1859 ae 80yr
	Samuel			d. 20 Nov 1826 ae 55yl0m5d
	Esther S., dau		d.    Mar 1821 ae 5yl7d
	Lydia, dau		d. 27 May 1845 ae 39y9m
	James			d. 14 June 1861 ae 75y5m
	Charles, son Heman & Delilah	d. 31 Dec 1841 ae 12y6m

THOMPSON, Arnold P.		d. 3 May 1856 ae 46y8m4d

Original Source:  New York DAR GRC report; s1 v229: unpublished abandened [sic] cemeteries 
of Madison County of New York State /compiled by Owangena Chapter, pp. 9-10.
Author:  New York DAR, G.R.C. 
Author:  Owangena Chapter, DAR 
Publisher:  1959-1960 
Collation:  106 leaves; Note: Typescript 

From the Joyce Scott Collection of the Madison County Historical Society, Oneida, N.Y.
Transcribed by Anita M. Ingalls, September 16, 2008

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