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                  	 Giles Corners, Town of Brookfield, NY
                            	School District #21
                	There were some unmarked stones or graves.
Polly Hill Hammond                 1790-12 Feb 1854 ae 64y1m12d
Wife of Bela Hill [ Hammond?]          
Bela Hammond                       1791-31 Aug 1860 ae 60y9d
Their daughter Mary Jane Hammond   1831-1 Aug 1850 ae 18y6m22d
Sophronia Hill                     1831-17 Apr 1842 ae 11y3m
   Daughter of Heman and Delilah Hill
Charles Hill                       1829-31 Dec 1841 ae 12y6m
James Hill                         1786-14 Jun 1861 ae 75y5m
His wife Ardilisa                  no dates
Their daughter Ardilisa Hill       1829-12 Apr 1830 ae 1y10m
Their daughter Eunice Hill         1817-18 Mar 1832 ae 15y
Samuel Hill                        1770-20 Nov 1826 ae 55y10m5d
Esther Hill [probably his wife]    1776-15 Jul 1857 ae 81y3m10d
Their son Roswell Hill             1814-1 Jan 1842 ae 28y
Their daughter Lydia Hill          1805-27 Nov 1845 ae 39y9m
Their daughter Esther S Hill       1816-7 Mar 1821 ae 5y17d
Harriet Johnson                    1840-23 Oct 1843 ae 2y6m
Wife of Moses Johnson              no dates
Jonas Sheppard                     1725-9 Jun 1807 in his 83rdy
His wife Esther                    1738-13 Apr 1816 in her 79thy
Arnold P Thompson                  1809-3 May 1856 ae 46y8m4d

                               District #31
Frances L Bates               1850-28 Sep 1853 ae 3y3m21d
   Daughter of Benjamin L and Esther D Bates
Isaac Cheesebro               1795-31 Dec 1846 ae 51y
John F Colegrove              1814-18 Jan 1861 ae 46y6m5d
His wife Mary D               1816-30 Nov 1892 ae 75y10m
Hezekiah Collins              1765-2nd month 1813 ae 48y
Probably his wife Mary D      died 27th of 9th month ae 62y9m (no year)                      
Probably their children:
     Mary Collins             1811-3rd month 21, 1883 ae 71y9m
     Davis Collins            1802-1818 ae 17y
     Bathsheba Collins        1794-8th month 1815 ae 20y7m
     Infant child             no dates
     of Hezekiah & Mary
     Ann Eliza Crumb          1840-24 May 1872 ae 32y1m20d
Wife of Truman D Crumb        no dates
Their daughter Betsey J Crumb  1870-20 Feb 1871 ae 8m
Flora A Crumb                 1858-25 Feb 1859 ae 3m22d
   Daughter of Joseph and Cornelia Crumb
Charlie D Denison             1860-29 Feb 1864 ae 3y7m22d
Son of G W and Mariah
George Denison                1798-23 Feb 1869 ae 61y21d
His wife Prudence             1797-7 Dec 1863 ae 65y8m21d
   (the following two are next to George and Prudence)
Nelson D Denison              1833-5 Mar 1861 ae 27y6m
DeWitt G Denison              1825-20 Mar 1863 ae 38y1m
William R Denison             no dates
His wife Sarah                1824-5 Aug 1852 ae 28y
Their children:
     George Denison           1849-Aug 1862 ae 13y
     Olivia Denison           1853-Aug 1862 ae 9y
Thomas B Hibbard              1806-25 Dec 1883 ae 77y3m
His wife Ruth                 1804-9 Oct 1847 in 44thy
Their children: 
     Lois B Hibbard           1825-6 May 1826 ae 1y2m
     Harriet E Hibbard        1830-16 Dec 1847 ae 16y10m11d
     Catherine R Hibbard      1846-22 Dec 1847 ae 4m11d
Louisa M Hill                 1839-8 Mar 1865 ae 25y7m15d
   Wife of Ira R Hill and daughter of John and Mary Colegrove
Daniel Hyde                   no dates
His wife Almeda               1794-17 Sep 1871 ae 77y5m3d
Aaron Landsfair               1764-21 Feb 1830 ae 66y
William D York                no dates
His wife Mary Ann             1823-14 Jun 1867 ae 44y1m21d
Their son David T York        1848-1 Aug 1850 ae 1y10m12d
Yeomans O York                1770-23 May 1861 ae 91y2m19d
His wife Catherine            1788-7 Aug 1877 ae 88y6m12d
Probably their son Lewis G    1816-9 Mar 1883 ae 66y9m
Cemetery transcripts contributed by Bill Hunter, September 1997,  from the collection included in Madison County, Town of Brookfield Cemeteries, located at the Guernsey Memorial Library, 3 Court Street, Norwich, New York 
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