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                                       On Abram farm
John Dalrymple                1781-28 Mar 1863 ae 82y
His wife Clarissa             1783-12 Jun 1851 ae 67y6d
Samuel Doolittle              no dates
His wife Chloe                1756-10 Dec 1848 ae 91y11m
John Doolittle                no dates
His wife Delia                no dates
Their son Willard Doolittle   1804-22 Mar 1812 ae 8y7d
David Doolittle               no dates
His wife Sarah Jeanett        1823-4 Jan 1844 ae 21y
   Woodard, daughter of Cyrus and Sally Woodard
Asa Woodard                   1822-25 May 1853/5 ae 32y6m
Cyrus Woodard [Jr]            1795-26 Jun 1854 in his 60thy
His wife Polly                1820-7 Jan 1841 ae 21y
His wife Betsey L             1817-20 Dec 1851 ae 34y3m10d
Their daughter Mary P Woodard 1840-25 Nov 1859 ae 18y11m
Cyrus Woodard                 no dates
His wife Sally                no dates
Their daughter Polly Woodard  1832-15 Sep 1840 ae 8y
Their daughter Lydia          1834-26 Aug 1850 ae 16y227d
Florette Woodard
Jedediah Woodard              1775-23 Jun 1857 ae 82y
His wife Chloe                1765-20 May 1837 ae 72y
Samuel Woodard                1796-2 Oct 1834 ae 38y
Andrew J Woodard              1829-10 Oct 1857 ae 27y6m22d
Prince Brewster               no dates
His wife Clarisa              1811-2 Jan 1854 ae 43y4m
Joseph Gould                  1800-18 Nov 1838 ae 37y10m
   (while backing a wagon he received a wound which caused his death)
Philip Gould                  no dates
His wife Abigail              1762-20 Oct 1834 ae 72y
George W Handy                1821-11 May 1842 ae 21y
   (killed by lightning)
Samuel Worden                 no dates
His wife Abigail              1784-7 Jun 1837 ae 55y

     The following stones are enclosed by an iron fence:
Roxana M Giles                1822-27 Feb 1846 ae 24y
   Daughter of Thomas and Roxana
Sophronia A Giles             1828-17 May 1845 ae 17y
   Daughter of Thomas and Roxana
Thomas Giles                  1754-23 Aug 1840 ae 86y21d
Aurelia Palmiter              6 Feb 1821-3 Dec 1887
   Daughter of Thomas Giles
Anna                          1747-14 Mar 1841 ae 93y6m5d
   Wife of Thomas Giles
Horatio N Giles               1830-10 Dec 1857 ae 27y
(tombstone by E & S Hamilton)
Lucius W Giles                1824-6 Jun 1856 ae 32y3m25d
   Son of Thomas and Roxana Giles
Roxana P                      1793-26 Mar 1853 ae 59y9m
   Wife of Thomas Giles

                      Monument in the Giles Cemetery:
                       Family Monument in Memory of:
                                 1st side:
          Thomas Giles Jr
          Roxana Pauline (or Paulina)
          Wife and Family
          Our Father Died June 19 1875 ae 87y5m15d
          Our Mother Died Mar 26 1853 ae 59y
                                 2nd side:
          Sophronia A Giles Died Aug 12 1845 ae 17y
          Roxana M Giles Died Feb 27 1846 ae 24y
          Lucius W Giles Died Jun 6 1856 ae 32y
          Horatio N Giles Died Dec 10 1857 ae 27y
                 Children of Thomas Jr and Roxana P Giles
                                 3rd side:
          Aurelia M Palmiter died 
          Eliza J Giles died
          Emeline V Woodard died
          Augusta A Sabine died
                                 4th side:
          This monument erected by Thomas Giles Jr May 1 1874
                     In memory of his deceased parents
                           THOMAS and ANNA GILES
          My Honored Father Died Oct 22 1840 ae 86y
          My Dear Mother Died Mar 11 1841 ae 93y
                            Outside the fence:
          Sarah A Hardy       1834-17 Apr 1840 ae 6y
          Nancy M Dalrymple   1812-18 Aug 1844 ae 32y
             Wife of Dewey Dalrymple
Cemetery transcripts contributed by Bill Hunter, September 1997,  from the collection included in Madison County, Town of Brookfield Cemeteries, located at the Guernsey Memorial Library, 3 Court Street, Norwich, New York 
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