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                               On Abram farm
Ira Fox                       	no dates
His wife Betsey               	1815-3 Jun 1858 in her 24thy
Henry Brightman Jr            	1749-5 Sep 1835 in 86thy
His wife Hannah               	1752-16 Jun 1820 ae 67y11m5d
Dennis Wilbur Esq             	no dates
His wife Mercy Brightman      	1792-8 Nov 1847 ae 54y9m12d
   Daughter of Henry Brightman
Erastus Lamb                  	1807-10 Jan 1870 ae 63y20d
His wife Mary Hall            	1810-4 Mar 1880 ae 69y9m3d
Asa Lamb [Jr]                   1790-28 Dec 1870 ae 80y3m6d
His wife Cylinda              	1792-11 Mar 1837 ae 44y11m
Their daughter Charlotte C Lamb 1826-23 Nov 1847 ae 20y8m13d
Asa Lamb                      	1759-1 Apr 1839 in his 80thy
His wife Silence              	1766-21 Jan 1838 in her 73rdy
Chester V Vibbard             	no dates
His wife Harriet              	1803-13 Mar 1865 ae 59y6m13d
John A _______                	1817-7 May 1857 ae 40y4m20d
Cemetery transcripts contributed by Bill Hunter, September 1997,  from the collection included in Madison County, Town of Brookfield Cemeteries, located at the Guernsey Memorial Library, 3 Court Street, Norwich, New York 
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