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                            (AKA: Nashville)
                            School District #26
                            Town of Brookfield
        Located in pasture lot.  Stones down. Some unmarked stones.
Jason S Austin                     1831-23 May 1885 ae 54y
Sylvester Drake                    1849-28 Jul 1865 ae 37y3m10d
His wife Adalia                    1831-31 Mar 1864 ae 33y1m17d
James Maine                        1794-6 Sep 1847 ae 53y

Children of William I. Putman:
Fanny Putman
	I died 1882. You Must Die As Well as I. Fanny Putman Body Lies Hear the 
	daughter of William E. Putman.
William E. Putman (?) - Hear Lies The body of the ... Two years and 
	sevn Months Old I hav left my Paw and Gon to Heavun
 	to liv. My Work For My Boy will ... It was the twelf of 
	August. My Breat Seced and My body died. God has told 
	you that you must die as well as I. 1879. The son of
	William E. Putman. My work for my Boy ...	
Cemetery transcripts contributed by Bill Hunter, September 1997,  from the collection included in Madison County, Town of Brookfield Cemeteries, located at the Guernsey Memorial Library, 3 Court Street, Norwich, New York 
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