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                                  UNADILLA FORKS WEST SIDE
                                    Verified 31 May 1916
Rev. Henry Clarke                  1757-22 Mar 1831 ae 74y 
   Pastor of the first Sabbatarian Church in Brookfield.  He left nine children 
   and fifty-seven grandchildren and twenty great grandchildren.
His wife Catherine                 1757-4 Sep 1824 in her 68thy
Ethan Clarke                       1773-18 Jun 1859 ae 86y
   Son of Rev. Henry and Catherine Clarke
His wife Phebe                     1779-16 Sep 1847 ae 68y
Their son Asa Pendleton Clarke     1818-29 Sep 1821 ae 3y
Mrs Lucy Clarke                    1790-31 Aug 1812 in her 23dy
Henry Clarke, Jr., Esq.            1777-21 Dec 1823 ae 46y5d
Mrs. Hannah Clarke                 1788-10 Jun 1820 ae 32y
   Consort of Doct. Henry Clarke (a son Morris Delancy Clarke is buried one mile southwest 
   of Unadilla Forks and from this cemetery)
Catherine Clarke                   1775-9 Dec 1851 ae 76y
   Wife of Henry Clarke, Jr., deceased, and daughter of Daniel Brown.  Formerly of Stonington, CT.
George R F Clarke                  1809-17 Aug 1834 ae 28y
   Son of Henry, Jr. and Catherine Clarke.  He died of cholera in the City of New York and his 
   remains were removed to this place at his own request.
Jane Clarke                        11 Aug 1811-23 Jul 1817
   Daughter of Henry Clarke, Jr and Catherine.
Oliver R Clarke                    1783-25 Aug 1831 ae 48y
John V Clarke                      1785-10 May 1833 ae 48y
His wife Hannah                    1792-7 Nov 1832 ae 40y
Their son Robert M Clarke          1824-10 May 1831 ae 7y
Elizabeth M Clarke                 10 Apr 1787-27 Sep 1866
Isaac Clarke                       1803-26 Feb 1847 ae 44y
Martin Valois Clarke               1840-30 Jan 1844 ae 3y7m
Mrs. Lucy                          1803-21 Aug 1839 ae 36y
   Daughter of Henry, Esq. and Catherine Clarke and wife 
   of _______[stone broken here]
James R Clarke                     1823-22 Jun 1845 ae 22y
Ethan Pendleton Clarke             1822-5 Feb 1824 ae 2y4m
   Son of Hampton and Cynthia M Clarke
Anna Maria                         1823-12 Mar 1841 ae 17y11m
   Wife of Timothy D Clarke and daughter of Sheffield and Anna Enos.
Charley Clarke                     1848-16 Sep 1851 ae 2y9m
   Son of Reuben and Sarah Clarke
Henry Williams _______ [looks      1816-15 Jan 1817 ae 8m17d
   like Wright]
Reynolds Greenman                  1775-12 Sep 1829 ae 54y
   who died in Utica
Children of Ranson and Phebe Lewis:
   Morris B Lewis                   1851-20 Apr 1857 ae 5y9m
   Alice C Lewis                    1839-10 Oct 1844 ae 4y7m
   Willie S Lewis                   1838-20 Apr 1839 ae 1y
Elizabeth Maxson                   1822-26 Jun 1830 ae 7y11m3d
   Daughter of Elder W B and Lucinda Maxson
William Barton Maxson 		   1816-19 Jun 1828
   Son of Elder W B and Lucinda Maxson
Nancy                              1758-13 Jul 1840 ae 82y51d
   Wife of Clark Maxson
Content Stillman                   1795-12 Feb 1826 ae 31y
   Wife of Abel Stillman
Norris Tarbell                     1824-11 Dec 1859 ae 35y
   Died at the Utica Lunatic Asylum
Jonah Taylor                       1772-13 Jan 1837 ae 65y5m
Eunice Witter                      1774-24 Aug 1903 ae 28y9m24d
   First wife of Jonah Taylor and daughter of Squire Josiah and Tacy Witter of Hopkinton, RI
   [Erected by her daughters  Susan and Harriet].
Hannah Taylor                      24 Aug 1771-25 Mar 1851 ae 79y
   Mother of Josiah R Taylor
Children of William and Dolly Utter :
   P R Livingston Utter            1824-22 Mar 1832 ae 8y
   Hannah Utter the 1st            1827-20 Oct 1828 ae 1y
   Hannah Utter the 2nd            1829-27 Jul 1830 ae 11m
Mary Walker                        4 May 1805-7 Jun 1835
   Wife of Charles Walker and daughter of Henry and 
Catherine Clarke
Julia Maria Weaver                 3 Mar 1807-25 Feb 1811
   Daughter of John and Elizabeth Weaver
Ann Elizabeth Weaver               1810-16 Jun 1826 ae 16y
   Daughter of John and Betsey Weaver
Henry P Weaver                     1813-26 Aug 1849 ae 36y
Jeremiah Van Weaver                1849-13 Jun 1859
   Son of Henry and Hester Weaver
Frank P Weaver                     1842-19 Jul 1859 ae 17y1m14d
   Son of Henry and Hester Weaver
Cemetery transcripts contributed by Bill Hunter, September 1997,  from the collection included in Madison County, Town of Brookfield Cemeteries, located at the Guernsey Memorial Library, 3 Court Street, Norwich, New York 
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