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				   #29 School District #4
                             	 	Brookfield, NY
                        	1 Mile west of So. Brookfield
Gideon Babcock                     1744-14 Sep 1826 ae 82y
His wife Mary                      1755-5 Feb 1843 ae 88y
   [she was Mary Chesebrough, daughter of Amos and Mary Chesebrough]
Their daughter Nancy Babcock       1788-28 Sep 1825 ae 37y
Albert M Crandall                  no dates
His wife Lois                      1775-14 Dec 1837 ae 62y
Archibald Crandall                 1769-Feb 1809 in his 41sty
John Maxson                        1756-25 Jun 1815 in his 60thy
Elon Maxson                        1789-16 Mar 1856 ae 67y
William Maxson                     1713-5 Jul 1798 ae 85y
His wife Lucy                      1745-29 Jul 1821 in her 77thy
Dea. David Dickey                  no dates
His wife Peggy                     1773-15 Jan 1840 in 67thy
   Their children:
infant Dickey                      1795-19 May 1795
H D Dickey                         1796-19 Jan 1797 ae 3m27d
B Dan Dickey                       25 Jul 1799-16 Feb 1800
D S Dickey                         3 Jun 1800-9 Apr 1803
a daughter Dickey                  20 Jul 1802-2 Dec 1802
A S Dickey                         20 Jul 1802-2 Dec 1802
P Dickey, a daughter               17 Apr 1805-19 Aug 1808
E H S Dickey                       6 Feb 1808-14 May 1808
M Dickey, a daughter               27 May 1809-20 Jun 1809
D S Dickey                         26 Dec 1810-26 Feb 1811
N Dickey, a daughter               30 May 1812-13 Apr 1812
William McQuesto Dickey            17 Feb 1815-6 Oct 1819
     "From our fold our babes are fled
     And left us here to mourn
     Snatch'd to the mansions of the dead
     From whence there's no return
     We would not murmur tho we mourn
     God gives & takes away
     Our comforts fled shall yet return
     At the grate rising day."
Cemetery transcripts contributed by Bill Hunter, September 1997,  from the collection included in Madison County, Town of Brookfield Cemeteries, located at the Guernsey Memorial Library, 3 Court Street, Norwich, New York 
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