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               Located one mile southwest of Unadilla Forks
           West side of the hillside; neglected; 29 inscriptions
                          Oldest inscription 1817
                           Verified 31 May 1916
Loring Barker                      29 Jul 1809-6Mar 1882
His wife Susan C Crumb             29 Mar 1810-5 Feb 1888
Zipporah Bassett                   12 Jan 1817-21 Oct 1855
   Wife of Samuel C Bassett and Daughter of Dr. John and Lovina Cowan
Samuel Bassett                     1810-25 Aug 1879 ae 68y7m16e
Lewis Bassett                      1777-18 Jan 1871 ae 94y4m18d
His wife Dorcas                    1782-15 Dec 1832 ae 50y
Dea. Nathan Brown                  1779-16 Apr 1871 ae 92y
His wife Lydia                     1772-15 Feb 1852 ae 80y
Their daughter Caroline Brown      1820-15 Sep 1846 ae 26y
Mercy Brown                        1806-2 Jul 1854 ae 48y
Mary Brown                         1813-14 May 1846 ae 32y6m
Pendleton Clarke                   1836-27 Jul 1840 ae 3y6m22d
  Son of Alvit and Sarah Clarke
Morris Delancy Clarke              no dates
Joseph Clarke                      1776-17 Nov 1822 ae 46y2m
His wife Hannah                    1782-9 Jan 1850 ae 68y3m29d
Stephen Clarke                     13 May 1753-10 May 1810 ae 57y
His wife Susan                     1757-Mar 1832 ae 75y
His wife Judith                    1782-30 Nov 1836 ae 53y
Joseph O Crumb                     1830-1895
His wife Charlotte A Brown         1835-
Hellen Crumb                       1837-1 Aug 1840 ae 2y9m17d
   Daughter of R E and F J Crumb
Eliza M Crumb                      1836-15 May 1837 ae 1y1m20d
   Daughter of Orivilla W and Eliza Crumb
Joseph Crumb                       1767-3 May 1827
His wife Susan                     1777-12 Feb 1839 ae 62y
   (Erected by their daughter, Mrs. Julia A Brand)
Their son William S Crumb          1818-1 Apr 1821 ae 3y23d
Franklin W Crumb                   1816-8 Feb 1877 ae 61y
Miriam                             1812-11 Jun 1887 ae 75y
Wife of ______ Crumb
[Possibly Franklin W's wife]
Stephen Crumb
His wife Eunice                    1799-10 Nov 1823 ae 23y9m20d
   Next are two children with small stones of the same material as the above Monument 
   of Joseph O Crumb. These stones are quite a ways away from that monument:
Arden Crumb                        1903-1904
C Louisa Crumb                     1897-1901
Eliza Dye                          1809-1 Mar 1875 ae 65y10m11d
Wife of Job Dye
Cemetery transcripts contributed by Bill Hunter, September 1997,  from the collection included in Madison County, Town of Brookfield Cemeteries, located at the Guernsey Memorial Library, 3 Court Street, Norwich, New York 
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