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Faulkner (aka Faulkner East Side)*

The cemetery is on the east (not west) side of the road on a hillside; overgrown with bushes and
trees. It is some distance back from the road, south of Lou Falkner Cemetery about two miles
northeast of Hubbardsville Station or on main road between Hubbardsville Station and North
Brookfield. Verified in 1916.

(North Brookfield, NYS Rt.12 South east side, between Faulkner & Fitch Roads. Puckerville School District #25.)

						Reading 1
					At Puckerville, Town of Brookfield 
					Route 12 near Faulkner Rd 
					    October 1912 
Friend L Faulkner                  	   1776 - 1 Jun 1828 ae 52y
	His wife Azubah                    1784 - 23 Mar 1869 ae 84y
	Their daughter Olive Faulkner      1814 - 15 Jul 1831 ae 16y8m
	Sherman Faulkner
	His wife Lucy                      1806 - 12 Aug 1832 ae 25y11m
	His wife Armenia                   1807 - 28 Jul 1874 ae 67y
Mary Fisk                          	   1833 - 23 Sep 1838 ae 5y5m
	Daughter of Denison and Polly P Fisk
	Theresa Annett Fisk                1850 - 19 Sep 1850 ae 3y3m17d
	  Daughter of Denison and Polly P Fisk
Esther Hills                               1843 - 21 Sep 1847 ae 4y
	Daughter of Amasa and Eunice Hills
Benjamin Palmer                            1777 - 26 Nov 1841 ae 64y

Our Lulu Pendock
		(Daughter of Merton Pendock who lives down the road; probably 
   		died about 1890, the farmer said.)
From the collection included at the Guernsey Memorial Library, 3 Court Street, Norwich, New York.
   		 			    Reading 2
			School District #25. Near Hubbardsville.

FAULKNER, 	Friend L.		d. 1 June 1828 ae 52yr
		Azuba, wf Friend L.	d. 23 Mar 1869 ae 84yr
		Olive, dau Friend & Azuba	d. 15 July 1831 ae 16y8m
		Lucy, wf Sherman	d. 12 Aug 1832 ae 25y11m 
		Armenia, wf Sherman 	d. 29 July 1874 ae 67yr

FISK,		Lydia, wf David			d. 10 July 1838 ae 55yr
		Mary, dau Dennison & Polly 	d. 23 Sept 1838 ae 5yr
		Mary Theresa Anett, dau Dennison & Polly d. 19 Sept 1850 ae 3y3m

HILLS,		Esther, dau Amasa & Eunice	d. 21 Sept 1847 ae 4yr

From the collection at the Madison County Historical Society (p. 79). Date unknown.
*The original listings confused the descriptions of the two Faulkner cemeteries. Corrected by 
Elizabeth Stalter, 17 Apr 2015.
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