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Near farm occupied by Danisevich in 1955

Barton Brand                  1791-7 Jan 1867 ae 76y1m9d
His wife Charlotte            1795-7 Mar 1869 ae 74y1m3d
Welcome Brand                 1805-21 Sep 1822 ae 17y
Sheffield Brand               no dates
His wife Annis                1805-8 May 1838 ae 33y

                    Inside an iron fence:
Roxana O Burdick              1831-19 Oct 1833 ae 1y10m12d
Daughter of Ira and Nancy
Children of Barton and
Charlotte Brand:
     Roxanna O Brand          1836-1 Feb 1862 ae 26y
     John A Brand             1828-27 Sep 1837 ae 9y
     Jared C Brand            1830-6 Apr 1830 ae 2m
     Charles Brand            1837-6 Apr 1838 ae 8m
Mr. Harris Chesebro           1768-26 Sep 1836 ae 67y7m22d
  (broken stone with only the age of a child left)died age 6y26d
Herman Crumb                  1835-1 Jul 1854 ae 18y11d
Daniel Crumb Jr               no dates
His wife Eliza                1810-13 Feb 1886 ae 76y3m7d
                    End of stones within the iron fence
Ira Burdick                   no dates
His wife Nancy                1787-23 Aug 1843 ae 55y10d
Harlouch Landphair            1800-5 Jul 1875 ae 74y11m
Gideon Hoxie                  1814-26 Oct 1874 ae 59y8m7d
His wife Naomi J              1816-11 Jul 1873 ae 56y11m25d
Richard Larkin                no dates
His wife Lucy                 no dates
Their son Richard B Larkin    1831-31 Jul 1860 ae 29y10d
_______(no name)              1832-7 Sep 1850 ae 17y11m9d
Sela Crumb                    1841-3 May 1844 ae 3y5m8d
   Son of Daniel and Eliza Crumb
Cemetery transcripts contributed by Bill Hunter, September 1997,  from the collection included in Madison County, Town of Brookfield Cemeteries, located at the Guernsey Memorial Library, 3 Court Street, Norwich, New York 
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