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Butin Cemetery

Town of Cazenovia

Found in 1893 while constructing Village Reservoir at Stone Quarry Hill                           

    Butin, Jacob, died February 16, 1814, age unknown
    Butin, Jannis, died April 14, 1813, age 68
    Butin, Johanna Hearney, died September 5, 1817, age unknown
    Butin, Peter, date of death and age unknown
    There are no stones in this cemetery, and it appears that it was destroyed
    when the village reservoir was built in 1890 and 1891. A story in the Cazenovia
stated that several graves had been found during repairs to
    the reservoir, thought to be of the Butin family who once owned the
    farm where the burials were found.
 Transcribed by Douglas J. Ingalls.
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