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Cazenovia Republican December 3, 1856
No Stones, unk. (before 1820)
The only reference to this burial is from the Cazenovia Republican of December 31 1856, in the "Reminiscences of Cazenovia" by an anonymous writer.

A little east of "Burr's Store," was at my earliest recollection, a little yellow one story house, the dwelling of Dr. Lyman. I have heard my father say, that at a very early day, a somewhat eccentric person, whose name has escaped my recollection, was buried near this house, with his head toward the east, in accordance with a request made previous to his death, and that Dr. Lyman's barn was subsequently erected directly over the place.
Lyman's house stood on the site of 47 and 49 Albany Street, now the site of the two stone stores on the north side of Albany Street, but exactly where his barn stood is not known. Lyman purchased the property covering 45 to 59 Albany Street in 1799 and it is said that he built his house in that year. The house and surrounding land were sold to Jacob Ten Eyck in 1815 and Ten Eyck lived in the house until he purchased Samuel Forman's former house "Lakeland" in 1824. The old Lyman house was removed from Albany Street some time before 1832 when the stone stores were built on the site. It now stands about 500 feet to the immediate south on the corner of South Street, overlooking the old mill pond, and is known as the "Lunky Lane House."

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