Cemetery Index

Cemeteries of Madison County, NY

                              From the Clezzie Gallup lists.

                             Peck Hill Cemetery
              Peck Hill Road District #4 - short distance from School
                          Town of Cazenovia
Hesler, Nancy, wife of Henry Hesler d. Feb. 8(2), 1842 ae 52y
_____, wife of Henry Hesler d. Dec. 2, 1852 ae 99 (stone down and broken-rest illegible)
Lovejoy, Albert H., son of Henry (Harvey) and Clarissa Lovejoy, d. Aug. 28, 1849 ae 3-8-27
Monk, Casper - d. Aug. 27, 1848, in 58th yr of his age.
Phinney, Huldah, wife of Isaac Phinney, d. July 10, 1853-4 ae 73(79)(?)y-11m-19d
Phinney, Isaac - d. Aug. 5(15), 1860 (stone down) (See Phinney or Finney Gen.)
Preston, Ephraim d. 1845 ae 78y
Preston, Mary Ann, his wife, ae 73- 1846
Rickard (Richards), John d. Aug. 5, 1855 ae 82y-28d
Rickard, Catherine, wife of John Rickard, d. Apr. 28, 1860 ae 58y
Trinback, Catherine, wife of Isaac Trimback d. Mar. 23, 1847 ae 58y
Another stone on lot - down and broken- face down
(Compiled by C. M. Gallup - 1950)

                          Andrus/Marshall Family
                      On West side of Cazenovia Lake
Andrus, Eveline d. Oct.1, 1850 age 44. Wife of Alex. Donaldson.
Andrus, William d.2-4-1835 age 77y 8 mo. wife Roselle d. 10-28-1854 age 90y.
Andrus, Lucretia wife of William d. Mar 2, 1842 age 43.
Corwin, Phebe wife of Dea. Phineas d. Sep 14, 1838 age 90.
Gillete, Gertrude dau of D. W. and N. N. d. Mar. 5, 1848 age 2y 9mo.
Marshall, Ahida d. Sept.28, 1842 age 52.
Marshall, Mary d. Jan.11, 1854 age 21
Marshall, Ahira Jr. d. May 27, 1854 age 17
Marshall, Susanna  d. June 5, 1822 age 90
Marshall, Sarah wife of Simeon d. Apr.9, 1850 age 83
Taylor, William d. Feb.12, 1845 age 72

Transcribed by Douglas J. Ingalls from the Collection of Onondaga County 
   Public Library; Clezzie Gallup lists.

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