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Cemeteries of Madison County, NY


Town of Cazenovia

               On East Lake Rd 400 feet N of Cheese Factory Rd
                               1835 - 1884

Lipe, Uriah, died 26 Aug 1835, aged 1 month.

Snell, Frederick, died 2 Apr 1884, aged 59 years.

Young, Johannes C., died 5 Apr 1850, ae 85 years  (or 87 years)
     , Mary Elizabeth, wife of Johannes C. Young, died 15 Jul 1850.

Mary Elizabeth Ehle is the daughter of Peter and Catherine Nellis Ehle.
Daughter of M. E. & J. C. Young, Abigail, married Charles Soper.
Daughter of A. Young and Charles Soper, married Jacob Buyea.
Daughter of B. Soper & J. Buyea, Mary Bertha Buyea.

Other unidentified stones are reported to be in a nearby wooded area.
These may been from the cemetery or be a separate burial.

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