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Town of Eaton

				       (aka Tayntor)

1-1/2 miles west of West Eaton. School District #3. This is a very old cemetery
in an orchard on the hill above West Eaton, toward the old Jessie & Rob Jones place.

OMANS, George Riley             d. 9 Apr 1849 ae 21yr 

The following stones have all fallen- 
FOSTER, Samuel d. 30 Jan 1848 ae 60yr
HOPKINS, Cornelia, dau Parley & Sally d. 11 Nov 1827 
	Elizabeth dau same d. 9 Apr 1823 ae 1y1m19d 
	Sally, dau same d. 1 Fob 1821 ae mn21d

Stone broken - Mr. RLHY KINS (probably Parley Hopkins)

TAYNTOR, Margaret E., dau Lomzo & Louisa d. 10 Apr 1852 ae 2y7m8d

PARKER, Adolphus, son Win. L. Y Hannah d. 2 July 1843(8) ae 13yr 

WESTCOTT, Salem, son Paul & Elizabeth d. 12 Oct 1848 ae 18y6m 
	Paul d. 17 Aug 1847 ae 57yr 
	Jeremiah J., son Jeremiah & Julia A. d. 1 July 1824 ae 16(?) 
	Jeremiah d. 18 Mar 1852 ae 56yr

Following on two halves of broken stone:
TAYNTOR, Joseph J. Dec 22, 1846 - H. Tayntor (Rufus H.?) aged 75yr died
	Abigail, his wife 1847 d. June 18, 1838 aged 57yr
	Rufus H., son John (Joseph) & Abigail d. 21 Aug 1841(7) ae 21yr. This
		stone beside the broken one above.

HATCH, Ira L. (B) d. 21 May 1849 ae 38yr [b. Egremont, Mass. 1790. Son of Benj.]

BENNETT, David d. 11 Nov 1852 ae 78yr 
	Amy, his wife d. 30 Mm- 1852 ae 78yr

BUCKLEY, Joseph F. son Dwight & Orpha (stone broken before date) Another
		son, matching design of above, as follows: 
	Albert E. (must be Buckley) 3 May 1848 (no age)

HUTCHINS, Asa V. son Horace & Lucretia d. 22 July 1841 ae 4yr

HOPKINS, G. Addiner (?) son Isaac & Jerusha d. 28 Feb 1840 ae 6yr

Emmarett, dau Daniel & Mary Jane d. 27 Aug 1852 ae 3y4m21d 
	William d. 26 July 1855 ae 90yr 
	Patience, wf d. 6 Sept 1839 ae 63yr

This cemetery has grown up to apple trees, and there is no fence, thus the
farmer's cattle roam through it at will.

Transcribed by Douglas J. Ingalls
Thursday, December 24, 1998
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