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Eaton Village Cemetery Notice

Town of  Eaton

Eaton Village Cemetery Notice of repair or removal of monuments or markers.
Published November 1, 8 and 15, 2007

Dilapidated stones:
Abbot, Mary
Bennett, Hannah
Booth, Abel A.
Brooks, Mary
Brown, Alzima
Brown, Charles
Brown, Samuel
Burchard, Ella
Burchard, Terressa
Cary, Anna M
Chamberlain, George
Chase, John
Cole, Alvah
Coleman, Ellis
Copley, George
Cormick, Eva May
Cormick, Freddie L.
Davis, Thomas
Dewitt, Oscar
Durfee, Wing
Everets, Harriet H.
Everets, Harriet M.
Frost, Hilda
Groves, Mercey
Haughton, Anna H.
Haughton, James
Knight, Henry
Miles, Alanson
Morgan, Polly
Morse, George
Morse, Henry
Nash, Jay
Nash, Lulu
Negus, Abner
Negus, Mary
Pettengill, Vurdrania
Potter, Thomas
Powell, Ira G.
Powell, Phoebe
Quail, Sarah
Sherman, Franklin
Smith, Albert
Spencer, Josephene
Storrs, Charles A.
Townsend, Philemon
Unreadable, between John P. Hall
          and Elvin J. Rich
Vashti, Richard W.
Waters, Gurdon
Willson, Mary Ann
Wootton, William, (1884-1873)
Eaton Village Cemetery
Landon Road
Eaton, New York 13334

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