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Doughterty Farm
(aka: Covey Farm, Mile Strip, Dwyer Farm)

Town of  Fenner

 See also TUTTLE 125 below)
 DAR 33                   
             Private Covey Cemetery
Located on the James Doherty Farm at the south west corner off
the Mile Strip Road and the road running from Nelson through Goff
Corners, Watson Hollow, to the Lenox Rural Cemetery at Quality Hill
on the Seneca Turnpike, Route 5.  In the Township of Fenner,
Madison Co., N.Y. In very bad condition. On the 1859 Madison Co.
map the farm was owned by B. G. Kinney.

Covey, Amos, died Aug 27, 1884, age 92 years, Revolutionary Settler.
          Stone broken flat on ground.
Covey, Lavina, dau of Amos and Abigal Covey, died Nov 12, 1841,
         age 18 years, 10 mo. 24 days.
Covey, Deacon Amos, died March 10, 1853, age 75 years, 7 mo, 19 days.
         Stone flat on ground.
Covey, Soloman, died Aug 9, 1854 age 35 years, 5 mo.
         Stone in 2 pieces and lying apart.
Dewitt, Lydia, wife of Cornelius Dewitt, died June 21, 1822, or 1827
         age 33 years. Stone half buried,
Dikeman, Polly, wife of Enoch Dikeman, died June 27, 1821, age 29 yr, 
         lO mo, 27 days.     Stone flat on ground,
Dikeman, Cornelius, died Feb 21, 1826, age 71 years.
         Stone half buried in ground.
Dikeman, Lucy, died Oct 20, 1815, age 63 years.
Dikeman, Cornelius, died May 9, 1813, age 22 years.
         Stone flat on ground.
Gates,   David, son of Ralph and Betsey Gates, died Aug 11, 1822,
         age 1 year, 9 mo., 21 days. Stone flat on ground.
Gates,   Mary, dau. of Z. W. and A. Gates, died June 22, 1834, age 51 years.
Gates,   ---  A broken stone inscribed, His wife died May 24, 1842,
         age 81 years.
Lounsberry, Thomas, died March, 15, 1813, age 43 years.
         Stone broken and on the ground.
Nichols, Samuel, died -- 18th, 1849, age 91 years. Stone on ground.
         Rev. soldier and service accepted by D.A.R.
Nichols, Hannah, Consort of Samuel Nichols, died Nov 21, 1827, 
         age 71 years. Stone half buried face down.
Phelps,  Samuel, died Oct 15, 1826, age 69 years.  
Van Vleck, Harmanus, died Feb 17, 1839 age 79 years.
           Stone partly buried in ground.
Van Vleck, Abigal, wife of Harmanus Van Vleck, died March 1829,
           age 66 years. Stone on ground.
Van Vleck, Mary, wife of Harmanus Van Vleck, died Sep 17, 1831,
           age 61 years. Stone on ground.
Van Vleck, Joseph, died April 13, 1826, age 15 years.

Collected  October 7, 1933 by
Mrs. C.R.Baker, Registrar,
Mrs Isabel Lewis,
Mrs. George A. Page, Ex Regent.

Skenandoah Chapter, D.A.R.
Oneida, Madison County, New York.

Scanned and corrected by Douglas J. Ingalls
26 October 1997

TUTTLE 125                   (aka: Mile Strip, Dwyer Farm)
In a field 500 ft S 0f Mile Strip Road 1000 ft E of Nelson Rd.
                             18 names, 49 burials
                             1813 - 1859
                             Town of Fenner

          Located in a clump of trees away from the road, overgrown
          and in poor condition, all stones down.

NICHOLS, Samuel         d. 18 Dec 1849 ae 91y 11m 9d
          Hannah, his wife, -In Memory of - d. 21 Nov. 1837 ae 71 or 79y

COVEY, Deac. Amos, d. 19 Mar. 1853 ae 73y 7m (or d. 1858 ae 78y 7m 10d)
          Abigail, his wife, d. 16 Mar 1859 ae 73y 10m
          Lavina, their dau., d. 12 Nov 1841 ae 16y 10m 24d
          Solomon, d. 9 Aug 185_ (broken) ae 35y 5m
          Amos,    d. 27 Aug 1844 in his 92 yr, Rev. Sold

VAN VLECK, Harmanus, d. 17 Feb 1839 ae 79 y
          Abigail, Wife of Harmanus, d. 17 Sep 1831, ae 61y
          Mary, wife of Harmanus, d. 17 Sep 1831, ae 61 y
          Mrs. Drilly (another reading had this Joseph) d. 13 Apr 1826
          ae 45y

LOWNSBURY, Thomas d. 15 Mar 1813 ae 43y

DYKEMAN, Cornelius d. 21 Feb 1826 ae 71y (rest of stone buried)
          Cornelius, Jr. d. 9 May 1813 in his 22 yr.
          Lucy, wife of Cornelius, d. 1815 (rest illegible)
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