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Town of Fenner

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TUTTLE 129                    BALLOU CEMETERY
                          (aka: Little Ballou)
                             Town of Fenner

BALLOU, Quincy A.,   d. 29 Jan 1858 ae 33y 4m l6d
     Mary J. Hill, his wife, d. 9 Jan 1858 ae 32y 26d.  Eldest
        dau, John & Isyphene Hill- Erected by M. Cammilla Ballou,
        their only surviving child.
     Quincy Jr.,      11 Sept 1850 - 30 Oct 1850   ae 1m 19d
     Arnold H.        d. 9 Jan 1865 ae 13y 4d   Their son
     Eva Lillian, their dau, 3 June 1849 - 12 Sept 1850
     Col. Arnold, b. Smithfield, R.I.  26 Mar 1772 - d. 10 Oct 1833
        (Son of Moses Ballou of R.I. He came to this town when the
        county was literally a wilderness. He was a Col. in the
        American Army and served in the late War with honor to
        himself & satisfaction to his country. He was distinguished 
        for his industry & perseverance & he died suddenly).
     Nancy Cook, his wife, b. in Town of Adams, Mass 20 Jan 1784,
         d. 31 May 1857 ae 73y 4m 11d in Fenner. Dau Judge David
     Fenner, son, and late husband of Lucy
     Montsier, twin son,       	 10 Oct 1821 - 2 Aug 1822
     Chevalier, twin son,        10 Oct 1821 - 5 Apr 1822
     Welcome, son of Ruth & William, d. 9 Mar 1826 ae 27y 6m
     Diana C., dau Welcome & Susan, d. 11 Nov 1822 ae 4y 8m 11d
     Arnold C.        d. 27 Mar 1851 ae 33y 2m

GILLETTE, Clinton Ballou, son D. Miner & Caroline B., d. 13 June 1844
          ae 5y 2m
     D. Miner            		1804 - 1872
     Caroline Ballou, his wife       	1812 - 1901

HAIGHT, David,  d. 5 Feb 1890 ae 88y
      Orilla B., his wife, dau Arnold Ballou, d. 21 Dec 1866 ae 62y 1m 26d
HAIGHT, Arlesca, d. 2 Feb 1866	ae 6y3m, daughter of A(lonzo) D. & Marian Haight+

WHIPPLE, 5amuel H,, d. 17 Sep 1845 ae 42y 1m 20d (buried Warsaw, Mo.)
      Arminda Ballou, wife, d. 30 Nov 1847 ae 39y 11m 20d

WOODWORTH, Miner G., son L. & F., d. 24 Mar 1876 ae 3y 8m

MARTIN, Inf. sister of R .K. Martin,      d. 25 Dec 1830 ae ly 3m

TUTTLE 118                  FAULKNER CEMETERY
                       (aka: Alden Grant Farm))
In field 350 W of South Road 700 ft S of Fenner Rd.
                             2 names, 4 burials.
                             1823 - 1825
                             Town of Fenner

FAULKNER, Samuel d. 1 Jan 1825 in 71st yr of his age.
     Eleanor, his wife, d. 14 Dec 1823 in her 69th yr.
DAR, Joyce Scott, 1961		
     		CHARLES PICKARD FARM(near Perryville)
COLE, Elder Nathaniel - in Memory of - d. 4 July 1828 in 48th yr


TUTTLE 118                  GAMLIN CEMETERY
Location unknown, reported to be on Bear Swamp Rd near Nelson Rd.
                            3 names
                            1839 - 1839
                            Town of Fenner

BALLOU, Ruth, wife of William, d. 21 June 1839 ae 70y 3m
    William, stone there at one time, gone in 1949
    Lillis, dau of Ruth & William, d. 11 Oct 18__ (illegible)
    ______ _______, d. ______ ______ ____ ae 25y 10m 

(TUTTLE 118)                 HAIGHT CEMETERY
                              (aka: Bacon)
In brush 300 ft S of Bingley Rd 1000 ft E of Roberts Rd.
                             4 burials 11 names.
                             1842 - 1859
                             Town of Fenner

HALL, Anna Maria, wife of Hiram, d. Jul 1855 ae

HAIGHT, Rebecca, wife James, d. 8 Sep 1859 ae 85y 3m 4d
          Amama             d. 25 Jan 1852 ae 39y 10m 19d
     ____, _____(illegible) d.   1842 ae 23y 10m 25d     
     Another Broken stone with verse. Inscription illegible.

                             INMAN CEMETERY
                             1834 - 1912
                             Town of Fenner

    No list available. Notes from unknown observer in 1992.

   I found the Inman Cemetery several years ago, and have not been able
to find a list for it. It is located on the hill above Cody Corners in the
town of Fenner and is partially on the property of Carl Schnitzler. His
house is the third on the right from the corners and the cemetery is
situated several hundred feet south of his house on a hedge row. There
are many stones, the only one I remember is that of Artemis Inman, and
that there were other Inmans also.
   There was once a road leading to the cemetery, which can still be
followed, and there was also a house nearby (see historic maps).
   There are two marble stones in the hedgerow across the field to the
west of this cemetery that may have come from this cemetery.  They are:

Whipple, Jerusha, wife of John Whipple, died July 21, 1844, age 70.
Whipple, John, died January 18, 1851, age 79 years 4 months 8 days.

                             McEVERS CEMETERY
                              (aka: Whipple)
                              2 names
                              1834 - 1912
                              Town of Fenner
Stones removed from field to fence line 750 ft S of Fenner Rd 1600 ft
E of Nelson Rd.                           

See the two names listed in the Inman Cemetery which is on the east side
of the field.


DAR 31                         MUNGER CEMETERY
             (aka: Big Ballou, North Fenner Corners)
Next to Ballou Cem. on W side of Nelson Rd (very bad shape)
BALDWIN, Palmer,  d. 6 Jan 1857 ae 57y
      Mary  Moody d. 24 Sept 1853 ae 49y
      John,       d. 11 Aug 1847 ae 75y
      Ruby King, his wife,  d. 3 Sep 1865 ae 91y
      Penelope, wife of David, d. 9 Feb 1855 ae 83y 9m

COOK, David,             d. 1 May 1849 ae 67y    Father
      Lucinda, wife      d. 31 May 1861 ae 77y   Mother
      	(monument erected by their dau rs. L. C. Ray)
      Freeman            d. 26 Apr 1843 ae 38y
      Maria              d. 5 Sept 1835 ae l8y
      Infants of David & Lucinda      (no dates)
GILLETT, Daniel M.       d. 28 Aug 1853 ae 71y
      Mary, his wife     d. 19 Aug 1808 ae 27y
      Irene Lea          d. 28 Aug 1856 ae 69y
GILLETT, J. Peck,           d. 12 Mar 1812 ae 4y

HUTCHINSON, David        d. 13 Aug 1853 in 90th yr of age  REV SOLD
      Lydia, consort of Lieut. David, d. 29 Mar 1834 ae 66y

MAIN, Helena, dau Avery & Luana, d. 7 June 1852 ae 3y 7m 25d

MAY, Anna, wife of Silas B. (or Sayles), d. 13 Dec 1836 ae 28y 9m 18d

LOUNSBERRY, Henrietta, dau James & Sally, d. 21 Dec 1844 ae l8y

MUNGER, Jonathan      1740 - 1809   REVOLUTIONARY WAR SOLDIER
      Elizabeth       d. 17 Nov 1820
      Lorenzo D., son Anna & Levi, d. 3 Apr 1863 ae 57y
      Betsey O., dau Anna & Levi,  d. 1820 ae 7y 6m
      Harman, son of Anna & Levi,   d.1817 ae ly 6m
      Ruby Jane, dau Anna & Levi,  d. 25 Sep 1826 ae 4y
      	(all Munger stones of the ground, one face down)

MILES, Daniel,           d. 11 Oct 1830 ae 83y 4m 17d

PRATT, Daniel. his wife Sally, d. Jan. 11, 1845, ae 73 yrs. (this stone leaning
	against a tree, outside the fence, at the back).

STAFFORD, Elon, son Joseph & Polly, d. 13 Sept 1822 ae 2y 3m 3d
      E. Galusha         d. 28 May 1813 ae ____
      David              d. 17 Oct 1862 ae 94y (stone broken)
      Sally, his wife,   d. 5 Oct 1850 ae 79y (stone broken)

WILSON, Thomas,          d. 20 Jun 1822 ae 75y

WOODWORTH, Erastus    d. 7 Aug 1861 ae 8Oy 11m
      Hannah, his wife, d. 3 Dec 1843 ae 56y 7m
      Louisa, dau,      d. 6 Aug 1828 ae 18y 10m
      Miranda, dau,     d. 8 Oct 1828 ae 21y 6m
      Edmund E., son Erastus & Hannah,  d. 27 Feb 1833 ae 11m
      Lemuel            d. 15 Aug l8O4 ae 30y 22d
      Sarvivah, wife of Benj.,     d. 20 Oct 1837 ae 73y 6m 14d
      Anson,            d. 9 June 1840 ae 55y 10m
      Sally, his wife,  d. 31 Aug 1838 ae 48y
Collected by Mrs. George A. Page, Historian, Skenandoah Ch.
	Mrs. M. S. Markan, Vice Regent
	Mrs. C. R. Baker, Registrar


(TUTTLE 126)                     RANSOM CEMETERY
                        (aka: Hector Pickard, Mile Strip)
In corner of field 350 ft S of Mile Strip Rd 2000 ft W of Bellinger Rd
                             3 names
                             1834 - 1839
                             Town of Fenner

RANSOM, Polly Roslyn, dau Robert & Lucy, d. 27 Feb 1831 ae 2y1m13d
    Lois Atzly, dau Robert & Lucy, d. 16 Oct 1836 ae 25y10m
    Mary Ellen, dau Robert & Lucy, d. 13 Jan 1838 ae 3y

(TUTTLE 126)                   ROBERTS CEMETERY
                     (aka: Cary Farm, Sager, Mile Strip)
On ridge in woods just south of Rouses Rd 1300 ft W of Oxbow Rd
                             26 names, 41+ burials
                             1813 - 1906
                             Town of Fenner

ANDERS, Louisa, dau of Hiram & Ann, d. __ ___ 1810 ae 5m 1d

BUTLER, Cleantha J, dau. of G. R.& Thankful, d. 6 Oct 1817 ae 10y 1m 13d

NICHOLS, Samuel     1779-1871
      Catherine     1783-1869

FORT,  Hannah, dau. of John & Ann, d. 1 Sept 18__    ae 3y l0m
      Margaret, wife of John, d. 30 Mar 1846 in her 70th yr.

FRISBIE, Samuel     1817-1904
      Catherine     1825-1903

HARVEY, Peggy Ann, wife of J.H.., d. 2 Feb. 1851 ae 26y 6m 28d

ROBERTS, Alvory                 d. __ __ 1819 ae 58y 2m 7d
      ______  dau of Alvory & Betsey d. ____ 1032 ae 20y 10m 2d
      Lindsley, son of  "   "    "   d. 14 Oct 1835 ae l8y 9m 11d
      Luran(cy)  dau of "   "    "   d. 26 Aug 1835 ae 22y
      Permelia, dau of same, d. 1 May 1842 ae 20y 5m 1d
      Sabrina,   "   "  "    d. 23 Jan 1843 ae 28y 7m
      Seth   d. 2 Mar 1856 ae 37y
      Ella L., dau of Seth & Mary    _______

WILBER, Henry D., son of Gideon & Belinda, d. 6 Oct 1049 in 20th yr.
      Mandana, dan of same, d. 8 Oct 1849 ae ly 9m

WILBUR, Gideon, d. 5 Mar. 1864 ae 60y

YOUNG, Mariah, wife of Peter, d. 10 Aug 1857 ae 66y
      Henry, son of David & Mariah, d. 16 Oct 1832(?)
      ae 10 (rest illegible)
      William, son of same, d. 8 Feb 1811(?) ae 11m

Several broken & illegible stones


(TUTTLE 126)                  ROBERTSON FARM
In field 800 ft directly S of intersection of Larkin and Peterboro Rds.
                             9 names, 17 burials
                             1832 - 1858
                             Town of Fenner

ROBERTSON, Daniel      d. 26 Mar 1842 ae 75 y
    Margaret, wife     d. 31 Dec 1832 ae  39y
    Herbert, son Daniel & Helen, d. 26 Jul 1847 ae 18m 8d
    Eliza, dau Daniel & Helen, d. 5 Dec 1851 ae -
    Robert             d. 30 May 1857 ae 71y 4m
    Ida, dau Robert & Mary, d. 18 Sep 1858 ae 1y 3m
    Also stones marked Edward Heslin, Mother, Lydia Florence
    all Heslins, but no dates legible

              		 End of Farm Cemetery Listings
Transcribed by Douglas J. Ingalls from the Collection of Onondaga County 
   Public Library: William H. Tuttle, Madison County Historian, Vital 
   records transcriptions, 1947.
						May 26, 1998

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