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Ackley Burying Ground

Town of Hamilton

                                  District No. 10

ARMSTRONG, E. R., Co. 4, 16th N Y. H. A.

BEECHER, HORACE S., son of Samuel & Cordelia W. Beecher,
          d. May 12, 1861 ae 4 yrs. 8 mos.

CROCKER, ASA, d. May 12, 1867 ae 83 years.

         DOLLY, his wife, d. April 29, 1838 ae 49 years.

         AURELIUS, Co. A., 17th N. Y. Inf.

Transcribed from page 4 of Volume 151
    N. S, D. A. R. Records
    Hamilton Library Archives
    Hamilton, New York

    Douglas J. Ingalls
    17 July 1999
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