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Cemeteries of Madison County, NY


Town of Hamilton

                                      (aka: Green)
                                  (School District #14)
                                    Town of Brookfield (sic)
Parkes, Ephraim                			d. 1 Jul 1864 ae 98y
Riddle, Polly, wife of David Riddle		d. 4 Oct. 1854 ae 50
Parks, Mary, wife of Smith Parks		d. 20 Feb 1845 ae 91
Parks, Orrin, son of Ephraim & Ruth Parks	d 12 Nov 1829 ae 24
Parks, Smith                   			d. 23 Dec 1842 ae 93y
Parks, Ruth, wife of Ephraim Parks		d. 23 June 1849 ae 77

A small cemetery across the field from the Harris Cemetery
Beecher, Horace A.		d. 12 May 1861 ae 4y8m
   Son of Samuel and Cordelia Beecher

Armstrong, E. R. 					Co A NY Heavy Artillery (flag)

Crocker, Asa            	d. 12 May 1867 ae 83y
	Dolly, his wife     	d. 29 Apr 1838 ae 49y
Crocker, Aurelius    					Co A NY Infantry (flag)

Crane, Abraham             		d. 7 Sep 1841 ae 72y
	Nancy, his wife        		d. 19 Mar 1834 ae 60y
	Armenia, d/o Abraham & Nancy  	d. 26 Jun 1823 ae 21y

Contributed by Elizabeth Stalter, Brookfield Historical Society.
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	Madison County Historical Society, Oneida, N.Y.
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