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Town of Hamilton
Hudson Farm Cemetery

1/4 mile west of East Hamilton on hill back of Hudson Farm.	Copied 5 Nov 1912

ACKLEY, Eli A.				d. 14 Nov 1843 ae 68y7m
	Eli Jr.				d. 29 Aug 1843 in 22nd yr
	Alfred C., son Eli & Dolly	d. 10 Nov 1822
	Joel, son same			d. 18 July 1821 in the "Forth" yr his age

CARRIER, Gertrude, dau A.D. & D.	d. 11 Aug 1840 ae 3y6ml3d

FOOTE,	Anna (Bixby), wf Epaphrodiuts 		d. (10) Dec 1798 (1796 ae 26yr acc. Foote Gen.)
	Sylvia (Beebe) 2nd wf Epaphroditus	d. 27 June 1798 ae 24yr
	Mahetable (Douglas) 3rd wf Epaphroditus	d. 27 Aug 1804 ae 28y4m24d 
		(Mahetable dau John Douglass of Hamilton)

From the Joyce Scott Papers at the Madison County Historical Society, Oneida, N. Y.
Transcribed by Anita M. Ingalls, September 19, 2008.
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