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Cemeteries of Madison County, NY

Cemeteries of Madison County, NY 

Index 2

Skenandoah Chapter, DAR, Oneida, NY

Cemetery                           Location
=========                          =========   
  1.   Anguish, Old                Cheese Factory Rd., Chittenango, NY
  2.   Ballou                      Chittenango Rd. South of Perryville, NY
  3.   Bettinger Private           Chittenango, NY
  4.   Cemetery 17                 Bingley Rd.   Fenner, NY
  5.   Bolivar                     Canal Bridge  Bolivar, NY
  6.   Bridgeport, Old             North Rd. Bridgeport, NY  
  7.   Bridgeport , New            Collamer Rd. Bridgeport, NY
  8.   Brown, Old                  Seneca Turnpike Chittenango, NY
  9.   Bushnell                    Lake Rd. South Shore Messengers Bay, NY
 10.   Clockville                  Clockville, N.Y.     
 11.   Cranson                     Bosworth Rd. Fenner, NY.
 12.   Dockstader private          Tuscarora St. Chittenango, NY
 13.   East Boston                 Sullivan, NY
 14.   East Settlement             Road No. 31   Bridgeport, N.Y.    
 15.   Echel                       Route 49 Vienna, NY
 18.   Fyler Settlement            Chittenango Station,  NY  
 17.   Gates                       Manlius Rd. Chittenango, N.Y.   
 I8.   Gifford                     State Rd. #31  Lakeport, N.Y.. 
 19    Higginsville                Verona, NY                  
 20.   Kirkland                    Crescent Hollow, NY
 2l.   Lyons District              Fenner, NY  
 22.   Messinger's Bay             Oneida Lake Rd.  NY       
 23.   Mycena, Old                 Seneca Turnpike, Mycenae, NY  
 24.   North Manlius               Bridgeport-Kirkville Rd.,  Manlius, NY 
 25.   Oneida, Old                 Oneida, NY                       
 26.   Old Lake St.                Chittenango, N.Y.    
 27.   Oakwood                     Lake St. Chittenango, NY
 28.   Oneida Valley               Oneida Valley, NY                    
 29.   Owen                        Shallow Bridge, NY
 30.   Perryville                  Perryville, NY
 31.   Perryville Abandoned        Chittenango to Nelson Rd. Perryville, NY
 32.   Peterboro (Old Stone Rd)    Ox-Bow Peterboro, NY
 33.   Covey Private               Fenner, NY
 34.   Rightmyre Private           Seneca Turnpike Chittenago, NY      
 35.   Sand Hill Abandoned         Verona Station Rd. Verona Station, NY 
 36.   Schuyler Private            Dyke Rd. Chittenango, NY         
 37.   Shaver Private              Mycenae, NY        
 38.   Siloam                      Siloam, NY
 39.   Skaden                      Stockbridge West Hill   Oneida, NY
 40.   Smith's Ridge               Lakeport, NY
 41.   Swallow Bridge              Oneida Valley Rd. NY
 42.   Walker's Corners            Lenox, NY
 43.   Walnut Grove                Dyke Rd. Chittenango, NY          
 44.   West Quality Hill           Seneca Turnpike, NY
 45.   Whitelaw                    Main St. Whitelaw, N.Y.
 46.   Whitman                     Lincoln, NY                      
 47.   Wood                        Oneida, NY

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