Cemetery Index

Cemeteries of Madison County, NY

	                  Tuttle's Cemetery List 


Town of Brookfield
  Calhoun or Lamb Cemetery                	 1
  Giles Cemetery                          	 2
  Harris Cemetery                         	 4
  Hill Cemetery                           	 5
  Quaker Cemetery                         	 6

Town of Cazenovia
  Abandoned Cemeteries                    	 7
  New Woodstock Cemetery                  	 8
  Peck Hill Cemetery                      	80
  Pompey Hollow Cemetery (near)           	80
  Reynolds Farm Cemetery                 	81
  Cook Schoolhouse Cemetery               	82
  Union Cemetery                          	82

Town of DeRuyter
  DeRuyter Village Cemetery                	86
  Sheds Corners Cemetery Burial Permits	       113

Town of Eaton
  Morrisville Cemetery                         117

Town of Fenner
  Bacon Farm Cemetery                          118
  Aden Grant Farm Cemetery                     118
  Gamlin Farm Cemetery                         118
  Ballou Cemetery                              119
  Chittenango Falls Cemetery                   120
  Lyon Cemetery                                123
  Mile Strip Cemetery (Doughtery Farm)         125
  Mile Strip-Sager Cemetery (Roy Cray Farm)    126
  Mile Strip Cemetery (Hector Pickard Farm)    126
  Robertson Farm Cemetery                      126
  Needham Cemetery                             127,129a
  Ballou Cemetery                              129
  Perryville Cemetery                          130
  Wilson Cemetery                              145
  Abandoned Cemeteries - Gallup Lists          148

Town of Lebanon
  Card Family Cemetery                         151
  Universalist Church Cemetery                 153

Town of Lincoln
  Chaffee Cemetery                             154
  Clockville Cemetery                          157
  Cranson Cemetery                             173
  Calnan Farm Cemetery                         174
  Argensinger Farm Cemetery                    174
  Snell Farm Cemetery                          174
  Hoyt Farm Cemetery                           175
  Holdredge Farm Cemetery                      175
  Vedder Cemetery                              176

Town of Nelson
  Farnham Cemetery                             177

Town of Stockbridge
  West Hill Cemetery                           178

Town of Sullivan
  Old Bridgeport Cemetery                      179

Deaths in Madison County for year
  ending 1 JUNE 1850                           182

Index                                          193

From the Collection of Onondaga County Public Library: William H. Tuttle, Madison 
	County Historian, Vital records transcriptions, 1947.
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