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Babcock or Whipple Clarke Farm Cemetery

Town of Lebanon

Avery, 	Abraham			d 30 Nov 1844 ae 90y 6m 10d	REV. SOLDIER
	March (Packer), wf	d. 20 June 1843 ae 82y 1m 10d
	Abigail, dau		d 18 Mar 1843 ae 48y 1m
Backus, Bethiah A. O., dau Levi S. & Anna R.	d. 13 Sept 1830 ae 8wk
	Levi Nathaniel, son same		d. 16 Dec 1848 ae 14y 5m 6d
Clark, 	Major			d. 27 Feb 1858 ae 53y 4m
	Ruth Orilla, daug Major & Rhoda	d. 11 Apr 1835 ae 1y 11m 7d
	James Murton, son same	d. 19 Mar 1835 ae 5yr
Clarke, Silas		d. 9 June 1859 ae 80y 4m 13d
	Elizabeth, wf	d. 14 May 1862 ae 71y 5m 11d
	James, son	d. 5 July 1823 ae 7y 11m 2d

Dennison, Margaret, wf Ezekiel	d. 23 Jan 1846 ae 69y 3m 6d

Harvey, Glenn		d. 14 Apr 1995 ae 77y WW II

Kinney, Helen M.	d. 24 Feb 1868 ae 26y 4m 18d

Lord, 	Mariah J., dau H. B. & J.	d. 12 Aug 1843 ae 1y 4m

Wilcox, Daniel	d 10 Mar 1838 ae 41yr
		Phoebe E., wf	d. 26 Nov 1871 ae 81y 6m 10d
Younglove, John			d. 13 July 1840 ae 83y 7,m 2d	REV. SOLDIER
	   Thankful (Cooper)	d. 26 Aug 1839 ae 79y 4m 9d
This cemetery is 2 miles from Earlville.

Note: Col. William Smith plaque on monument by 12-B entry road to cemetery.

Copied by Mary Meyer & Joyce Scott 1961.			
From the collection of the Madison County Historical Society.
June 20, 2008

Recent Burials at W.Clarke Farm in Town of Lebanon  recorded July 28, 2008 

Harvey,  Glenn M     4 Mar 1918 - 14 Apr 1996
	 Alice S.   19 Jan 1921   9 Mar 1992

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