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Universalist Church

Town of Lebanon

Two existing censuses for the Universalist Church were done; the first by D. A. R. in 1911, and the second by H. G. Throop in 1933.  Both are presented.
D. A. R.
Near the former site of the Universalist Church burying ground - stones down and broken 
copied by DAR 11 Sept 1911.

Baker, Solomon - d. 24 Jan 1847 in his 76th yr
Baker, Delana, wf - d. 7 Jan 1846 in her 73rd yr 
De Long, William, son Rev. M. & Martha d. 17 Aug 1838 ae 5m 

Ford, Anna, wf Joseph - d. 23 Apr 1839 ae 73yr 

Gates, Silas A. - d. 15 July 1865 ae 67yr
Gates, , wf Silas - d. 13 Jan 1846 ae 35y 2m
[stones either side of Silas are face down: Wife and twin babies buried, one on each arm] 

Grosvenor, Sidney A. - 1809 - 1854
Grosvenor, Ellen M., his wf - 1813 - 1854
Grosvenor, Sidney Bugene, son Sidney A. & Ellen N. d. 6 July 1841 ae 1y 6d
(Children Eugene adopted by Justus Grosvenor
Erastus adopted by Edward Lewis
Amelia adopted by Henry Seymour
Lizzie adopted by John Coe) 

Leonard, Betsey, dau John & Sally d. 10 May 1845 ae 6y 6m 21d
Lindsay, George - d. 14 Nov 1843 ae 49yr
Lont, S. A. - ae 4yr 

Watras/Watros, Lucinda, wf Henry V. d. 15; May 1844 ae 39y 7m 8d
[twins died & were buried in her arms as per J.B.M.] 

H. G. Throop
Mem. A.S.C.E.
2117 So. Geddes Street
Syracuse, N.Y.
Phone 5-9878

February 25th, 1933.

Mrs. Ethel N. Cook
Syracuse, N.Y.

Dear Ethel;-

	The Old Universalist Church of Lebanon located in the
North west Corner of Lot 56, the next building South of the Solomon 
Gates House which was the first house on the West side of the road
leading from Lebanon Village over to Lebanon Reservoir South of
the road turning off of this road to go down into Lebanon Center
was torn down probably 20 years ago. The Cemetery back of this
church is now practically demolished, the stones down and covered
up. When the church was still standing I copied the inscriptions
on these stones and believing that they should be preserved am send-
ing a copy for file with the Lebanon Cemetery records of which
Association you are Secretary.

Silas A. Gates, Caroline his wife.
DeLano Baker died 1846.
Solomon Baker died 1847.
George Lindsay died 1843.
Wm. Son of William De Long.
Hiram N. Watros died July 8th, 1864.
	aged 30 years. Body moved to Lebanon 1901.
Willie N. Son of H. N. & C. F. Watros died August 26 1862, aged 9 mos
	1 day, moved to Lebanon 1901.
In memory of Betsey daughter of John and Sally Leonard who died May
	16th, 1845 aged 5 years.
Wm. Wallace son of H. A. & P. Campbell died May 9th, 1839, aged 2 years.
Ruby Baker, died Jan 6th, 1864, aged 71 yrs.
H. Leroy son of Peter and Chloe Paddleford.
Anna wife of Joseph Ford died August 23rd, 1839 aged 73 yrs.
S. A. Lent, aged 4 yrs died Mar 15, 1844.
Lucinda wife of Harry V. Watros aged 39 yrs.
Sidney Eugene Son of Ellen and Sidney Grosvenor died July 6th, 1841
	Aged 1 yr. 6 days.
Lizzie A. Dau. of S. A. & E. M. Grosvenor died June 15th, 1865 aged
	26 yrs 7 mos.
Sidney A. Grosvenor 1809-1854
Ellen M. his wife 1813-1854.

There are also several graves marked only by field stones.

					Very truly yours,

From Town of Lebanon Records, Earlville, NY, August 18, 2005.
Transcribed by Anita M. Ingalls, September 29, 2005.


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